5 Common Challenges College Students Face and Solutions 

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024


College is often one of the most memorable times for any individual. You meet new people and have many new experiences in your college years. However, student life also comes with challenges that you’ll have to deal with at some point. Learning these possible hurdles can help you better prepare to face them. Here are the main ones and some workable solutions. 

1. Homesickness

When students start college, there is a lot of excitement during the transition and the early days of adapting to the new life. Fast forward to some days or weeks, and they start to feel like they miss home. A person might start missing the people back home, some of the meals they used to enjoy and even the activities they used to do with them. 

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Homesickness can invite anxiety, obsessive thoughts, depression, and even physical illnesses. It can hit at different times. Some might feel it during the first few weeks, while others experience it further down the line, especially during the holidays. The best way to deal with homesickness is to stay in touch with your people back home. Also, try and make new friends in college to help manage any feelings of loneliness. 


2. Sleeping Problems 

Everyone needs a healthy sleep pattern, including collegians. However, few manage to get the recommended 6-8 hours of sleep each night. There are different reasons why individuals have trouble sleeping, and that’s why there isn’t an easy cure for all. The following tips will encourage a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping Problems 
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  • Establish a fixed sleep schedule
  • Avoid using your mobile, computer, and televisions screens at night before bed 
  • Exercise 
  • Avoid impromptu naps as they can alter your body’s sleep clock
  • Make your sleep environment more relaxing, e.g., reduce lighting and noise 
  • Avoid overeating before bed 
  • See a doctor if the problem persists 

If you realize you are having trouble sleeping because of stress, try to fix or eliminate some of the stressors through correct stress management approaches. 

3. Overworking Yourself

Due to the various expenses involved in college, some students decide to get part-time employment to earn some extra money. The issue with working part-time is juggling your academics with your job, social life, and even extracurricular activities. Without proper planning, most students realize the only way to fit these activities in a day is to sacrifice some sleep. This lack of balance can cause one’s grades to suffer because they will have less time to study. 

Overworking Yourself
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The solution is planning your time well and prioritizing all your activities. Also, find a job that properly fits into your schedule or one that leaves you with enough time for your education.

4. Time Management and Overwhelming Workloads 

College is quite challenging. Each course requires you to put in more effort than in your high school years.  Furthermore, universities often compress multiple years of content to fit one year. 

Time Management and Overwhelming Workloads 
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Sometimes being overwhelmed is the result of one’s choices. Most students take about 15 credits in a semester, but others try to fit up to 21 credits within that time. It causes a student to be overwhelmed with coursework, such that it becomes stressful. These are the individuals who might require assistance in the form of Essay Help – Educibly.

The best advice we can offer here is to understand your limits in college and stay within them. Don’t push yourself too hard; otherwise, you might burn out or even compromise your physical or mental health. When making your timetable, schedule breaks to give your body some rest. 

5. Depression and Anxiety

Each of the above issues can raise a person’s stress levels and eventually make them start feeling low. Some people find temporary stress release through partying. But in the long run, emotional lows can develop into depression.  

Depression and Anxiety
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Anxiety is the natural response to a stressful situation, but some individuals experience it throughout the day, which is a problem. Students struggling with anxiety or feeling depressed are advised to seek professional assistance. Most campuses offer free counseling where professionals listen to students’ issues and help them deal with what’s troubling them. 

Closing Remarks 

The above are just some of the many problems students face. Remember, just because they are listed above does not mean you’ll face them. But, if you encounter some, we hope our tips will have better prepared you to handle them. College might seem less desirable after going through our list of challenges. However, keep in mind that there are always the good times to outweigh the bad.

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