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Clothing Styles: The Secrets Of What You Wear

Your clothes and accessories say a lot about your lifestyle. What you wear affects how you present yourself. And considering that you live in a society that values fashion and clothing, wearing your best dress can take you an extra mile.

Your fashion style can speak a thousand things about you before you can even open your mouth. The kind of style you have can affect your image, the impressions that you convey to others and the way people behave towards you.

By understanding the whole aspect of fashion clothing, you’ll be able to significantly raise your self-esteem, confidence, and outlook on life. Moreover, it can help you be more successful at work.


Let’s dig a little deeper.

Motivated More Than Ever

Several studies show a significant connection between one’s mood and the clothes he wears. Thus, your style intertwines with your lifestyle.

Being able to focus on a task is hard, especially if you are not motivated enough to do it.  But, believe it or not, just wearing the right type of clothes at work can change that.

In one study, people who wore smart and corporate attire were able to focus more and longer than those who didn’t.

Wearing a coat and tie at work or an elegant corporate attire can make you more rigorous, cautious and good at paying attention. It feels like you are trying to live up to the expectation of your outfit.

Sweat on It

clothing gym style

What you wear can affect your urge to do a rigorous training or workout. For example, wearing sneakers or running shoes first thing in the morning can motivate you to take a jog in the park. Seeing yourself in athletic apparels can significantly motivate you to go to the gym, too.

Wearing athletic apparels can make you feel more active and energized to do a workout or go to the gym.

A Quick Mood Changer

What you wear can reflect your mood for the day. It can also be a great way to alter how you’re feeling. You can dress according to how you like to feel or how you want others to think you are feeling.

You can wear a bright shirt along with a happy smile even if you are feeling sad. This way, you can turn your sadness the other way around. You can also wear clothes that have gotten you a lot of compliments before to help boost your mood.

Smart Thinking Equals Dressing Smart

Wearing business or formal attires can help you figure out things more quickly. Moreover, it makes your creative juices pumping.

Some studies show that what you wear can change your perception of people, events and things around you. So, start creating new ideas by wearing a unique style of clothing.

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The Power Within

Wearing formal business attire appeals to many. It makes you think more broadly and holistically.

The sense of authority and power you feel when wearing it comes from the kind of association or significance such attire is connected. When you dress up, you’ll feel more confident, powerful, passionate and in control.


Your clothing styles can affect the way you see yourself. Your clothes help you exude your personality and social status. You can think of them as a way of expressing your ideas and feelings. Your style is a subtle way of telling a story about yourself.

You cannot deny the fact that clothes matter. Way before, the critical purpose of wearing clothes was to keep people warm and dry. Nowadays, clothes have a high impact on people’s personality. Due to technological advancements, fashion styles become significant.

What you wear says a lot about your cultural influences, self-concept, family traditions, financial status and body perception. Thus, your clothes are a reflection of what’s happening inside you.

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