How to Give Someone A Gift They’ll Love

By Dumb Little Man

January 31, 2019

choosing the right gift

There is no better way to show that you love and care for your loved one than by sending them gifts. A well-thought-out present will cement your relationship with a loved one, friend or any other person you are gifting.

However, there is an art to gifting than simply sending the most expensive item you can afford. Thoughtful, handmade gifts could be more meaningful than random, expensive ones.

Below are some tips for choosing the right gift for a loved one.

Gifting is a Choice, Not a Requirement

Do not feel pressured to gift people just because it’s the holidays or a special day. Gifting is all about cementing the relationship you have with a person. You may know a person but that does not mean you should gift him or her during the holidays or a special occasion.

For example, if you know the members of the local softball team, you are not obligated to gift every one of them. In such a case, sending a simple heartfelt holiday card for the whole team would serve the same purpose as a gift.

Before spending money on a present, think of the relationship you have with the person you want to gift. Is the person a relative, friend or workmate and are you close to him or her?

Just knowing someone is not a good enough reason to buy him or her a gift.

Think of the Recipient

One of the common mistakes most people make when gifting is sending items that they feel the recipient should have. Choosing a gift for someone based on your needs or what you’d prefer is not the right way to go. Instead, think of the recipient to find out what kind of gift would be best for him or her.

For example, if your workmates love reading novels, you can gift them a subscription to a book exchange club. In this case, gifting your workmates a Netflix subscription just because you feel they need to relax and enjoy movies like you do would not be thoughtful.

Your loved ones can provide telltale signs of the kind of gifts that would be best for them. Simply think about what they love doing or consider what they’ve been conversing about recently. For instance, if your children have been wanting to go camping, you can gift them a sleeping bag or a tent.

The best gifts to give are those that would complement the recipients’ lifestyle or help them to achieve their goals.

It’s Not a Gifting Competition

Gifting should not be a tit-for-tat contest. You should not gift a person simply because they sent you a gift. On the same note, you should not try to get a present that is similar in form or value to the one you have received.

Gifting is all about appreciating a person. This doesn’t mean going for the most expensive present you can afford. Sometimes, a handmade gift would mean much more to a person than an expensive gift that does not align with their values.

For example, imagine buying a vegetarian friend a $200 fur jacket! While the gift may be fashionable and expensive, the fact that the person is against killing animals for their products would make the present useless and inconsiderate.

Do not feel pressured to give a gift that you cannot afford simply because you were given an expensive one.

Make it Easy to Exchange Gifts

Sometimes, you may have a great gift but it may not perfectly match what your loved one needs. For example, you may buy a sweater that is a little bit too large for your loved one. Should the person stay with the sweater, even if it doesn’t fit them, just because you bought it?

The best gifts to buy are those which the person you are gifting can start using or enjoying right away. If you have bought a gift at a store, make it easier for your loved one to return it for exchanges.

To do this, simply include the gift receipt in the package. Just make sure that the store where you bought the gift allows exchanges.

Choose the Perfect Gift for Your Loved One

Regardless of why you’ve bought a gift, be thoughtful with what you offer. The best gifts to offer are those that would cement the bond of friendship between you and the person you are gifting.

Before choosing a gift, think of the person that you would be gifting. What does the person like? Would the gift add value to his or her life?

Finally, remember that the best gifts are those that make a person know and feel that you care for them. For more gift ideas, check out this article on shopping for gifts in any budget!

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