Can you handle SMM or better hire a manager?

By Melissa Burns

November 9, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Branding for small business allows it to achieve serious, impressive and professional reputation. It is not just advertising on national TV or in popular magazine. Nowadays branding is a lot more. Therefore such excuse as “we cannot afford it” is not appropriate. If you want to develop your business and stay in the market for many years, you cannot afford to miss branding!
If you don’t tell your potential customers what your business stands for, what is your mission, be sure that it will be done for you, but by your competitors. The only problem is that in this case the association related to your brand can be rather negative.

1.Show your satisfied customers recommendations

When you tell about how wonderful your offer is – it is one thing. But when your customers talk about your product or service, that helped them solve their issues – it is another story. You probably know, that people trust others’ opinion more than any advertising campaign. Try to make maximum use of recommendations to improve the customers’ attitude and the reputation of your brand. Show cases, take interviews with satisfied clients, and use positive feedbacks in your articles and posts to social media services. Moreover, you can find about benefits of guest blogging on Luckyposting guest posting service blog. Do not miss a single opportunity to create promotional material from each of the positive feedback that you get.
Everyone knows how valuable and even necessary social media can be for branding. Creating a network that would be of real value requires both intelligence and common knowledge and hard work.

2.Trusting business image to social media manager

If you hold a small or medium-sized business online, you probably have enough worries in your mind. The belief that you can cope both business running and managing social networking suggests that you are either a superman, or have no idea about the amount of SMM tasks. Consider that a valuable SMM should:

3.Be able to think strategically

One should know how to define the potential customers’ categories and research their interests. It is better to chose websites for target audience communication. Then develop a promotion strategy for chosen social networks and predict the effectiveness of SMM promotion.

4.Have marketing skills

A good SMM creates the perfect image, manages targeting and contextual advertising, works with regional platforms. One also must understand the algorithms of the top alignment on the social networks.

5.Be a moderator

SM manager prevents scolding, tracks dialogs and comments, provokes discussions, answers every question related to the sphere, encourages users to like and share posts.

6.Be a content manager

Develop a plan for posting on social networks, adapt posts to various kinds of social networks (for example microblogs), prepare high quality material for guest blogging. With all that an SMM must have excellent writing skills and great imagination.
Every social network is a huge database of people with multiple interests, where they voluntary share their tastes, needs and impressions. Social media marketing works for loyalty and recognition, helps spreading your product or service to the world and manages brand reputation. It is a strategy that should not be missed.

Melissa Burns

My name is Melissa Burns. I graduated from the faculty of Journalism of Iowa State University in 2008. Nowadays I am an entrepreneur and independent journalist.

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