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Startups That Help Build Your Dream Home Without The Stress

Setting up your own space from scratch is much like staring at an empty canvas. It represents endless possibilities. You can choose from different mediums, strokes, colors, and emotions to illustrate on your canvas. This makes the task of creating a home atmosphere extremely daunting, particularly for those who are just starting up.

If you are someone who is looking to move into a new space and are not sure where to start, here are a few startups in the industry that can help build your dream home.



BuzzBuzzHome is an online real estate database for new residential developments. It is North America’s largest search portal for new homes. Their focus is on providing a tool for buyers to connect directly and collaborate with industry experts.

Through their online portal, you can communicate directly with developers to inquire about new developments. You can also follow people and see how their projects are coming along.

Their site is a wiki-powered collaboration which allows users to update projects and for anyone to post questions or give answers. If you’re looking to see new or future developments in your area or somewhere you’re moving to, BuzzBuzzhome is a great place to start.


Furnishr is a startup that can make creating your dream space a lot easier and cheaper. Their business allows them to create a design based on questions formulated for their designers to meet your aesthetic needs.

You will receive a few custom furniture packages which you can choose from. Once you are done selecting, they will deliver and set up your space with the pieces of furniture you picked.

This can save you a lot of time and money. They estimate that they can save you up to 20% in total when you factor in the potential costs of delivery and setup services. Buying your furniture as a package and not as individual items greatly cuts the cost, too.

If you find the task of getting your dream home turning into a nightmare, check out Furnishr.


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AptDeco is an online service which helps you buy and sell used furniture. If you’re looking for that perfect piece but can’t find anything new and within your budget, it is definitely worth checking out.

You can browse from thousands of furniture pieces based on category, brand, room or collection and choose the ones you like. After you’ve made your pick, they will deliver those items to you on a date that works for you.

They have all the best brands available at a significantly lower cost. If you want a designer chair without the expensive price tag, this used furniture marketplace might be the place for you. You can also sell your used furniture for a pretty penny as well!


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Apart from choosing a furniture, you also have to worry about moving it. This is where Handy fits in.

It’s an app that brings you handyman services from pre-screened independent service professionals. They can help you with home cleaning or furniture assembly. They really take the backache out of just about any and all household work. All you have to do is book a service professional and they will come to your home and perform the required services.

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