5 Best Therapists in Dubai 2024

By Dumb Little Man

May 2, 2024

Dubai isn’t just about high-rises and luxury malls; it’s also a great place to find some top-notch therapists. Whether you’re looking to untangle your thoughts or need some strategies to handle stress, there’s a therapist here for everyone.

Let’s dive into our list of the best in the city, and find someone who can really help you feel like yourself again.

How do I know if I need therapy?

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Making the decision to seek treatment may sometimes feel like a major step. In general, it’s something to think about if you’re dealing with chronic stress, worry, or depression that you find difficult to control on your own. It may be time to consult a professional if these emotions are affecting your day-to-day activities, such as your relationships, employment, or general level of satisfaction. Counseling might also be helpful if you’re experiencing a significant life transition that you’re finding difficult to handle, including moving, changing jobs, or losing a loved one.

Talking to a therapist might offer some helpful techniques and perspectives if you realize that you’re struggling with things that used to be simple for you, like regulating your emotions or making decisions. Recall that going to therapy is about taking care of your mental health and making sure you have the support you need to live a happy and meaningful life, not about having something ‘wrong’ with you.

Do counselors, therapists, psychotherapists, and psychologists do the same thing?

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Although their goals are similar, counselors, therapists, psychotherapists, and psychologists have different backgrounds, specializations, and methods.

Counselors often concentrate on particular concerns or short-term issues. They might offer guidance on careers, stress management, or handling conflicts. Although their educational background varies, they frequently hold a master’s degree in counseling or a closely related discipline.

Anybody with training in therapy can be referred to as a therapist; this includes social workers, psychologists, counselors, and psychotherapists. They provide a wide spectrum of emotional and psychological support, frequently utilizing a combination of therapeutic approaches.

Specialized therapists known as psychotherapists handle mental health concerns with deeper, frequently longer-term psychotherapy. They may be social workers, psychologists, or psychiatrists with additional training in particular treatment modalities.

Doctorates in psychology (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) are given to psychologists, who are qualified to diagnose and treat more complicated mental health issues through psychological testing and diagnosis. Depending on their education and the need of their customers, they employ a range of methods for therapy.

Depending on your requirements, any kind of professional can be beneficial; the best option will frequently rely on the kind of problems you’re having and the extent of therapy needed.

Top 5 Best Therapists in Dubai

  1. Cambridge Medical Centre
  2. Camali Clinic
  3. Wise Mind Center
  4. Be Psychology Center
  5. Therapy Global

5 Best Therapists in Dubai

#1 Cambridge Medical Centre

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The Cambridge Medical Centre treats a broad spectrum of mental health issues in children, adolescents, and adults by providing comprehensive mental health care in a non-hospital environment. Together with psychiatric services, therapies for drug use disorders, and psychological and neurological evaluations, their evidence-based treatments include individual, group, couples, and family therapy. The center was established to address the community’s need for in-depth mental health care, and it is staffed by a knowledgeable, interdisciplinary team committed to provide specialized care and assistance.

Cambridge Medical Center’s basic principles include empathy, decency, comprehension, and moral behavior. The center welcomes people from all backgrounds and is dedicated to providing clients with empathy and honesty. Their goal is to become a major resource for mental wellness in the United Arab Emirates and the larger GCC areas by providing state-of-the-art mental health treatments via creative approaches. The facility guarantees a nurturing atmosphere that completely supports each step taken in the direction of improved mental health.

#2 Camali Clinic

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With more than ten years of expertise offering specialized mental health treatments to adults and children, Camali Clinic has established itself as a pioneer in comprehensive mental health care in Dubai. Clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, ABA therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and counselors make up their multidisciplinary team.

The members of their team work closely together to address a wide range of mental health diseases, including behavioral problems, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and stress. The goal of Camali Clinic’s approach is to deliver the best possible treatment by integrating different disciplines to make sure that every part of a patient’s requirements is met.

Compassion, honesty, respect, reflection, care, and integrity are the clinic’s six guiding principles; these values inform all of their interactions and treatment strategies. Personalized programs at Camali Clinic are designed to address each patient’s unique concerns, assisting patients in identifying the underlying causes of their problems and creating workable solutions.

With a focus on whole physiological well-being as well as psychological health, their holistic approach guarantees that every patient is treated as an individual with particular requirements. Whether you’re looking for assistance for a loved one or yourself, Camali Clinic provides a safe and encouraging atmosphere that promotes healing and wellness.

#3 Wise Mind Center

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Dedicated to providing children, adolescents, and adults with a wide spectrum of mental health treatments, Wise Mind Psychotherapy Center LLC was founded in Dubai in 2018. The center uses evidence-based approaches and clinical excellence as a commitment to provide the best possible treatment.

Individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, support groups, and psychoeducational exams are just a few of the treatments available to patients. treatments can be provided in Arabic, English, or Dutch. The facility fosters a welcoming community environment where nobody feels alienated because to its culture of professionalism and compassion.

Wise Mind Center prioritizes high-quality treatment and keeps its operations small so that it can pay close attention to each patient’s requirements. Personalized interactions with therapists are made possible by this method, which guarantees adaptable and successful treatment regimens. The center provides a nonjudgmental environment to promote substantial personal growth, supporting people with common problems including anxiety, sadness, and poor self-esteem.

Wise Mind Center is well-equipped to pair each patient with a psychologist whose knowledge best suits their requirements thanks to its staff of highly qualified and experienced professionals. The center’s strong reputation in Dubai, which it has enjoyed since its founding, supports its dedication to providing individualized treatment.

#4 Be Psychology Center

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For those looking for mental health treatments in Dubai, the BE Psychology Center for Emotional Wellbeing provides a discreet and exclusive environment. The facility uses an all-encompassing strategy for therapy that is based on research-proven methods to provide efficient and private care. The staff at BE employs tried-and-true therapeutic methods to assist clients in creating strong coping strategies that will empower them to face obstacles in life with courage and resiliency.

The center is committed to maintaining a set of fundamental principles that place a strong emphasis on each person’s wellness. Because their psychologists are skilled in the most recent evidence-based methods, therapy is tailored to each client’s unique needs. Because of the setting’s secure, encouraging design, clients may feel listened to, cared for, and supported without feeling judged. In an effort to promote their client’s mental health and welfare with the highest integrity and compassion, BE Psychology Center is dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards, which include stringent confidentiality and professional behavior.

#5 Therapy Global

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Therapy Global is a collective of highly trained psychotherapists and counselors with an impressive background, hailing from various parts of the world. With a combined experience of between 10 and 25 years, and with each therapist holding up to three master’s degrees, the staff is well qualified.

They came together to take advantage of telehealth despite each having a flourishing practice that has received many five-star ratings. The goal of this partnership is to provide everyone with access to the internet with high-quality, easily accessible mental health treatment while maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

The effort had its start after COVID-19, realizing that mental health care is a worldwide need that goes beyond national borders. Therapy Global was founded with the goal of reuniting people who feel alone in the world and in themselves, as well as the growing need for online services. The group distinguishes itself in the industry by emphasizing individualized service, making sure that every customer gets attention that is catered to their specific needs.

In addition to standard counseling, RTT, breathing exercises, meditation, EMDR, life coaching, energy coaching, and psychotherapy, they also provide hypnotherapy and other complete treatments.

Furthermore, Therapy Global is devoted to social responsibility, allocating funds to lower the cost of mental health services and assisting in the mitigation of climate change by reforesting and lowering their carbon footprint. This all-encompassing method helps customers not only reach their goals of personal development and well-being but also makes a beneficial impact on larger societal and environmental issues.

How can counseling/therapy help me?

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In many respects, therapy and counseling may be quite helpful in enhancing your mental and emotional health. These services can be helpful in the following important ways:

  1. Improved Emotional Management: Counseling and therapy offers a safe space for discussing and expressing emotions such as grief, worry, or rage. Instead of allowing these feelings to rule your life, it helps you better understand and regulate them.
  2. Enhanced Self-awareness: Consistent sessions help you become more self-aware and understanding by encouraging you to consider your ideas and actions. This realization may be quite helpful in ending bad habits while making positive adjustments.
  3. Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Coping mechanisms are taught by therapists to help you react to difficult events more composedly and skillfully.
  4. Conflict Resolution Skills: Counseling can help you communicate more effectively and convey your ideas and feelings in harmonious relationships. Healthy interpersonal and professional connections may result from this.
  5. Support Through Major Life Changes: Counseling and therapy may offer techniques and assistance to help people go through big life transitions like divorce, job changes, or city relocation.
  6. Boosted Self-esteem and Confidence: Therapy may help you feel better about yourself by addressing the underlying causes of your problems, which will increase your sense of self-worth and confidence in general.

How long do I see a counselor/therapist for, and how many sessions will I need?

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The length of counseling or therapy and the number of sessions required might vary greatly depending on a variety of things, such as your particular needs, the type of issues you’re addressing, and your specific objectives for therapy.

  1. Nature of the Issue: Short-term, focused concerns can be resolved in a few sessions over a few weeks, such as controlling anxiety during a certain time or coping with a stressful event. Therapy for more complicated or rooted problems, including chronic depression, trauma, or personality disorders, may need to be provided over several months or even years.
  2. Therapeutic Goals: The objectives you and your therapist establish at the beginning will also affect how long it takes. Therapy sessions may be shorter if your objective is to create certain coping mechanisms. This usually takes longer if you are hoping for major behavioral or thought pattern changes, or for profound personal growth.
  3. Therapy Model: The timetable may also be determined by the various therapy modalities. For instance, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is usually more regimented and may be intended as a short-term (5–20 session) treatment. Psychoanalytic treatment, on the other hand, might take years because it entails transforming personality patterns and examining ingrained problems.
  4. Personal Progress: The length of therapy may also depend on how quickly you progress. While some people may experience noticeable improvements very fast, others may find that their progress happens more gradually and slowly.

Will my information be confidential and what are the limits to confidentiality?

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A fundamental component of therapy is confidentiality, which guarantees that the things you discuss with your therapist or counselor stay private. Establishing confidence and promoting an honest, open therapy relationship depends heavily on this privacy. Here are the parameters and methods of confidentiality:

  1. General Confidentiality: During treatment, everything you talk about is kept private. This implies that without your express permission, your therapist will not disclose your personal information or the specifics of your sessions to third parties.
  2. Limits to Confidentiality: In some cases, a therapist may be forced by law to violate confidentiality. These are the particular exceptions:
    • Risk of Harm: A therapist has a duty to disclose any credible threat to their safety or the safety of others, such as threats of abuse, homicide, or suicide.
    • Abuse or Neglect: Therapists are required to report situations in which they suspect abuse or neglect of minors, the elderly, or those with disabilities.
    • Legal Requirements: Due to court orders or subpoenas, therapists may occasionally be forced to provide material as a result of legal processes.
  3. Professional Consultation: As part of their work, therapists may discuss issues with colleagues to obtain a second opinion or further insight. Usually, they do this without disclosing any personally identifying information. To safeguard your privacy, confidentiality agreements also apply to these conversations.


You’re in luck if you’re considering therapy while in Dubai. There are a ton of qualified therapists in the city that can assist you with everything from routine stress to more complicated mental health problems. The appropriate therapist may truly make a difference in your life by providing you with individualized guidance and support. It all comes down to receiving the direction you require in order to deal with life’s ups and downs more skillfully.

Obtaining that assistance is now simpler than ever thanks to telehealth. You may collaborate online with excellent pros no matter where you are. Because of this flexibility, you may begin changing your life for the better from the comfort of your own home. It’s a practical approach to get the help you require to get well and start on the path to a happier, healthier version of yourself.

Best Therapists in Dubai FAQs

How much does a therapist cost in Dubai?

The price of seeing a therapist in Dubai can differ significantly based on a number of variables, including the therapist’s training, experience, and the kind of treatment offered. Sessions typically cost between AED 300 and AED 800. While some therapists take insurance, which may pay for part of the session, others may provide sliding scale costs based on your income. It is preferable to ask the therapist or clinic directly about their costs, as well as any possibilities for payment plans or insurance coverage.

Are there therapists in Dubai?

Yes, there are many different types of therapists in Dubai that provide different services including family therapy, marriage therapy, psychoanalysis, and cognitive behavioral therapy. These experts can manage a wide range of mental health difficulties and have a diversity of backgrounds. In addition to being bilingual and culturally aware, many therapists in Dubai are also able to serve the varied population of the city.

How do I choose the right therapist in Dubai?

Selecting the best therapist requires taking into account a number of criteria. Seek a professional whose areas of expertise align with your requirements and whose mannerisms resonate with you. Make sure they are licensed and have the appropriate degrees and certificates; credentials are crucial. Many also take the therapist’s language skills and cultural awareness into account. To gain an idea of other people’s experiences, you can start by contacting your healthcare practitioner for recommendations, looking through internet listings of therapists, or reading client testimonials.

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