5 Best Taxi Services in Singapore 2024

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April 17, 2024

As a major international center for trade and tourism, Singapore emphasizes the importance of effective transportation. Both residents and visitors to the city-state benefit greatly from the transportation services provided by taxis. These services provide a dependable and practical means of getting around the busy streets and guarantee on-time arrival at your destination. In a densely crowded area like Singapore, the ability to move freely is facilitated by the presence of taxis.

The taxi sector in Singapore offers a wide range of services, from classic taxis to cutting-edge ride-hailing applications. From straightforward point-to-point rides to premium services with luxury cars, each service offers distinctive features catered to a range of user needs.

Securing a ride is now easier than ever because of the modern booking systems and real-time tracking technology that improve the functionality of these services. Furthermore, there is a taxi choice that is appropriate for any budget and desire thanks to low pricing and a range of service levels, highlighting the industry’s flexibility and customer-focused philosophy.

How do taxi companies make lives easier?

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Easily Getting Around the City

It’s critical to have easy access to the city when exploring new locations. Singapore is fortunate to have an excellent public transportation system, with taxis ranking among the top modes of transportation. You may hail a cab in a nearby town or search for one nearby with the app. In Singapore, the majority of cab drivers speak English, thus communication is easy. If you’re in the market for luxury, consider renting a limousine.

Providing Comfort and Safety

Priorities one and two for Singaporean taxi services are safety and comfort. Traveling in a van or a seven-seat Maxicab gives you the assurance that the driver will attend to your demands. The smoothest and most pleasurable ride is what you will get if the car has been well maintained. In the end, Singapore’s taxi services encompass much more than just the actual journey.

Easy accessibility

Taxis aremore convenient mode of transportation in cities, compared to private cars. Taxis can be found at authorized stands or can be hailed straight from your position using an app, in contrast to public transportation, which has set routes and schedules. This is especially useful when going from places that are not well-served by public transportation, when carrying large luggage, or when there is no need to walk to a bus stop or train station.

5 Best Taxi Services in Singapore 2024

#1 Comfortdelgro taxi


In 2003, following the merger of two best taxi companies, Comfort Group and Delgro Corporation, Comfort Transportation and CityCab became integral parts of the ComfortDelGro Group. Comfort Transportation traces its roots back to 1970 when it started as the NTUC Workers’ Co-operative Commonwealth for Transport with just 1,000 Morris Oxford taxis. On the other hand, CityCab was formed in 1995 through the merger of three entities: Singapore Airport Bus Service Ltd (SABS), Singapore Bus Service Taxi Pte Ltd (SBS Taxi Pte Ltd), and Singapore Commuter Pte Ltd.

Today, the combined fleet boasts over 10,000 environmentally friendly taxis, underscoring the group’s commitment to sustainable transportation. This dedication to excellence and sustainability has not gone unrecognized, as evidenced by several prestigious awards, including the ComfortDelGro Transport Gold 2016 Award, the ComfortDelGro Singapore Health Award, and The Singapore HR Awards 2015. These accolades reflect the group’s ongoing efforts to maintain high standards in its operations and human resource practices.

#2 Transcab


Trans-cab Services Pte Ltd (TCS) was established on April 28, 2003, and has grown from an initial fleet of 50 taxis to become Singapore’s largest private taxi operator with 2,500 vehicles. The company has expanded its operations over the years, adapting to new business opportunities and diversifying its services. TCS ensures high-quality service by maintaining an in-house depot workshop for taxi repairs and maintenance, guaranteeing that all vehicles are safe and road-worthy.

In response to increased competition from private hire cars in 2018, TCS launched subsidiaries such as Trans Credit Pte Ltd, Trans Leasing Pte Ltd, and Trans-cab Recovery Services Pte Ltd to stay competitive. This taxi company leverages advanced satellite technology in its call centers and offers flexible payment options, including cashless terminals for a variety of cards. Committed to continuous improvement, TCS adheres to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, meets statutory and regulatory requirements, and strives to enhance customer satisfaction and the welfare of its employees and taxi drivers.

#3 Strides Premier


With over 30 years of experience in point-to-point (P2P) transport services, STRIDES Premier stands as Singapore’s second-largest taxi operator. The company boasts a substantial fleet of approximately 4,000 vehicles, which includes taxis, private hire vehicles (PHVs), and limousines, featuring 300 electric vehicles. Beyond transport, STRIDES Premier also operates an automotive arm that services more than 7,000 vehicles, including those owned by key national entities such as the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defence, and Changi Airport Group. This branch of the company ensures high-quality, convenient transportation services and offers competitive rental schemes and benefits for driver partners.

Formed in May 2023, STRIDES Premier emerged from the merger of Strides Taxi and Strides Automotive Services—both previously owned by SMRT Corporation Ltd—and Premier Taxis and Premier Automotive Services, following their acquisition by BS Capital Group. This strategic consolidation has enhanced the company’s capabilities, providing an expanded fleet and a greater variety of transport and rental options for passengers. Additionally, it has bolstered driver support and community ties, increased the number of workshop locations for the benefit of driver partners, and deepened the expertise in servicing both general and specialized vehicles.

#4 Prime Car Rental & Taxi


Prime Car Rental & Taxi Services Pte Ltd, wholly owned by Prime Motor & Leasing Pte Ltd—a Prime Group company—has been a significant player in Singapore’s motor industry for over 40 years. Since receiving its taxi operator license from the Land Transport Authority in August 2007, Prime Taxi has been committed to providing environmentally friendly and safe taxi services with a high-quality fleet of hybrid taxis. The company’s dedication to excellence is evident in its rigorous vehicle maintenance and renewal strategies, ensuring the taxis are always at the forefront in terms of efficiency, safety, and aesthetics.

In a pioneering move in 2007, Prime Taxi introduced an innovative fleet of green taxis that utilized Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), marking a departure from the conventional diesel-powered taxis. This shift not only set a new standard in the industry but also aligned with global sustainability efforts by significantly reducing vehicular emissions, which are a major contributor to urban pollution. Over the years, Prime has transitioned its fleet to all-hybrid vehicles, further enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing environmental impact. As a leader in public transportation, Prime Taxi continues to advocate for eco-friendly travel solutions, underscoring its role as a catalyst for positive environmental change and innovation in the transport sector.

#5 SMRT Corporation

  • Website: https://www.smrt.com.sg/
  • Phone: +65 6331 1000
  • Address: 2 Tanjong Katong Road #08-01, Paya Lebar Quarter 3 Singapore 437161


SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT) is a public transport service provider primarily managing and operating train services along several lines including the North-South Line, East-West Line, Circle Line, Thomson-East Coast Line, and the Bukit Panjang Light Rail Transit. Their services extend to bus, taxi, and private hire vehicle operations, striving to offer safe, reliable, and comfortable transit. With a vision of “Moving People, Enhancing Lifestyles” and a mission centered around delivering a commuter-focused transport service, SMRT is dedicated to upholding high standards of safety and reliability.

The core values of SMRT emphasize respect, integrity, safety, service, and excellence. Employees are nurtured in an environment that fosters respect and care, ensuring accountability and fairness in operations. The SMRT logo, a distinctive red roundel with a dynamic “SMRT” typeface angled to the right, symbolizes the company’s progressive and energetic approach towards achieving excellence in public transport. Originally designed by Lawrence Wong in 1983, the logo’s roundel reflects the integration of the system’s at-grade, viaduct, and underground rail lines, with the gold band highlighting the organization’s continuous commitment to excellence. The logo, chosen from 90 entries in a design competition, has grown to represent SMRT’s extensive operations across Singapore’s public transport network.

When is the right time to call a taxi service?

Taxi services are very helpful in Singapore in a number of situations, guaranteeing efficiency and convenience for locals as well as visitors:

  • Airport Transfers: Taxis offer a convenient and direct means of transportation to hotels and other lodging establishments in the city from Changi Airport.
  • Traveling During Rush Hours: Taxis provide a dependable substitute for congested public transportation during periods of high traffic.
  • Tourist Excursions: When visiting several locations comfortably, especially when they are dispersed throughout the city, tourists choose cabs.
  • Late-night Transportation: Taxis are a reliable and accessible choice for late-night travel when public transportation is less frequent.
  • Company Travel: Taxis are a must for professionals with hectic schedules who want to arrive on time for meetings and company functions.
  • Unpredictable Weather: Taxis are the recommended mode of transportation to avoid delays and stay dry during sudden downpours, which are frequent in Singapore.
  • Transferring Bulky products: Taxis provide the space and convenience needed for shopping or transferring products that are too big for standard public transportation.

Important Things to Take Into Account in Singapore When Selecting a Taxi Service

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Weighing these important factors will greatly improve your commute in Singapore’s dynamic urban setting when selecting the best taxi service. The following are some things to be aware of:

The ease of use and user interface (if they have websites or apps)

The user interface of a taxi service’s website or app is an important consideration when choosing one in Singapore. A well-designed interface should be simple to use and enable rapid and simple ride booking. The user experience is improved by features like real-time tracking, anticipated time of arrival, and map integration. Customer preference and satisfaction are directly impacted by how simple it is to navigate these platforms.

Accessibility of Transportation and Regional Reach

Geographic coverage and ride availability are important factors. A trustworthy taxi service should be highly available with short wait periods, particularly in rural or busy locations. Wide geographic coverage makes the service convenient and accessible to a larger audience by guaranteeing seamless travel from any place A to any point B within Singapore.

Cost Schedule and Methods of Payment

Another important factor is pricing structure, since consumers want fairness and transparency in their travel arrangements. Competitive pricing and unambiguous information on how to calculate fares can affect a customer’s decision. A hassle-free trip is further enhanced by having a variety of payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, and mobile payments. Budget control is further aided by services that provide fare estimations prior to booking.

User Reviews and Safety Features

Features that ensure safety are critical. In addition to having taxi operators who have been qualified and screened, well-maintained cars, and app features like GPS monitoring and emergency buttons, reputable taxi services also make safety an investment. The reliability and caliber of the service are also greatly influenced by user feedback. These reviews are frequently relied upon by potential clients to gain firsthand knowledge of the safety, dependability, and caliber of customer care provided by the taxi service.

In summary

In conclusion, using taxi services is a better option for transportation in a busy city like Singapore because it comes with a number of advantages. For individuals who cherish their comfort and time, taxis are an excellent choice because of their straight route capability and ease of use, which allows you to hail one right from your position. Furthermore, the seclusion offered by a cab ride makes for a peaceful and comfortable journey, allowing customers to unwind or take care of personal business in peace.

Singapore’s taxi businesses improve this experience by including essential aspects in their offerings, like easy-to-use taxi booking app, extensive geographic coverage, and open pricing. Taxis are positioned as more than just a mode of transportation because to these attributes as well as their dedication to safety through routine vehicle maintenance and driver education. They are also a dependable, safe, and effective service that can be used for a range of purposes. Taxi services in Singapore are a great option for anyone wishing to get around the city with ease because they provide a strong combination of comfort, convenience, and dependability, whether they are being used for regular commuting, airport transfers, or special occasions.

Top 5 Taxi Services in Singapore in 2024 FAQs

How can I locate the city’s most affordable taxi service?

Proper research can help you if you’re looking for convenient and reasonably priced taxi services in Singapore. Articles like this is meant to guide you find the best option out there.

How can travelers in Singapore make sure they’re safe when utilizing taxi apps and services?

Passengers should use taxi apps with features like emergency contact, real-time ride tracking, and clearly displaying verified driver profiles if they want to be safe while using them. Selecting apps from businesses that perform routine car inspections and abide by regional safety laws is also crucial.

When selecting a taxi app or service for daily commute, what factors should users take into account?

When choosing an app for everyday commuting, users should consider the taxi company’s geographic coverage, their ability to reliably find taxi rides during peak hours, and the transparency of the fare pricing. For people who regularly utilize taxi services for their daily travel needs, searching for apps that provide loyalty programs or discounts might also be helpful.

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