Best Student Loan Refinance of 2024

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best student loan refinance

There is no exaggeration that student loan refinancing companies provide the most exclusive interest rates and origination fees for different qualified buyers.

The companies also include helpful resources on websites with the ability to apply for student loan refinancing. If you get private or federal student loans, the refinancing carries no fee.

No student loan options are perfect for each borrower, and the lenders offer exclusive services to most people. You have to find the best lenders for better convenience.

We have compiled top-notch refinancing companies to help you find the best one that suits you perfectly. Let’s get right into the details!

Overview: Best Student Loan Refinance

LenderFixed APRVariable APRLoan TermLoan Amount
SoFi2.99% – 10.9%0.95% – 11.29%5 – 15 years$5,000 – 100% total cost of attendance
EarnestStarting at 2.94%Starting at 0.99%Not Specified$1,000 to 100% total cost of attendance
CommonBond3.74% – 10.74%3.39% – 9.34%5 – 20 years$2,000 – 100% total cost of attendance
Laurel Road2.5% - 6%1.89% - 5.9%5 - 20 years$5,000 – 100% total cost of attendance
LendKeyStarting at 2.49%Starting at 1.90%5 - 20 years$5,000 to $300,000
Splash FinancialStarting at 2.30%Starting at 1.87%5 - 25 years$5,000 to 100% total cost of attendance
Citizens Bank3.74% – 10.74%3.78% – 9.34%5 - 20 years$2,000 to 100% total cost of attendance
College Ave2.94% – 12.99%0.99% – 11.98%5 - 20 years$1,000 to 100% total cost of attendance

Best Refinance Student Loans: Detailed Insight

SoFi: Best Over All Student Loan Refinance

Fixed APRVariable APRLoan AmountMore Details
2.99% – 10.9%0.95% – 11.29%$5,000 – 100% total cost of attendanceClick Here

Sofi’s is one of the best student loans refinance lenders that offer student loan refinancing with an effective interest rates. It is competitive with other borrowers with outstanding credit. Other than low rates, the lenders don’t have to pay charges as well as qualified borrowers are granted loans of around 100,000 dollars.

While the minimum score required is 680, while the applicants who are high-qualified may be able to score big loan amounts as well as the lowest interest rates. You can use these loans for household, family, or personal uses; borrowers can receive funds in some days after they are approved.

The loan rates start from 4.99 percent. Like all the other lenders, only a few applicants will succeed for the lowest rate. For the qualification for the lowest rate, it is required to show liable financial history, sufficient income, years of experience, as well as a few other conditions.

It is very affordable as it doesn’t charge any late fees or any other charges. Just like this, if you qualified by any other place with the same APR, nevertheless the lender charges fees; in that case, sofi is a better choice.

↳ Best Feature?

The borrowers can change the date for payment once a year. This can be very helpful if the employer possesses a special payment schedule and if your preference is cluster bill payment about particular dates.

Under such a self-control program, it is necessary that borrowers prove that they receive unemployment reimbursement as well as are in search of a job actively. It is a must for borrowers to work with the career strategy service of Sofi. The borrowers who receive approval can stop their payment about three months and up to twelve months, though, and interest increases over the loan balance.

↳ Who is it Best For?

Sofi is one of the highest choices for a personal loan for potential borrowers, having excellent or good credit as well as having a free flow of money; this means that excess of income at the end of every month. It is a great option if you need a huge loan that is around 100,000 dollars.

It doesn’t provide student loans, although the lender may discourage a few clients. Personal loans are not available for education-related costs through this lender, which may deter some customers.

Click Here to Know More About SoFi Student Loan Refinancing.


Earnest: Best To Offer Repayment Terms

Fixed APRVariable APRLoan AmountMore Details
Starting at 2.94%Starting at 0.99%$1,000 to 100% total cost of attendanceClick Here

Earnest offers exclusive student loan debt and began offering private student loans. Earnest used 300 hours of user research with students, co-signers, and financial aid departments to create their loan procedure in order to make it as creative as feasible.

As a result, there are more flexible in-school repayment options, a wider selection of loan maturities, and a three-month grace period than the industry standard. Students who are having financial difficulties have a number of alternatives for making changes to their automated payments.

Earnest provides both eligibility and a rate check. To quickly verify your eligibility, enter some basic personal information, school information, and an estimated credit score to determine whether you qualify and if having a co-signer might be beneficial.

Earnest provides a student loan refinancing referral program that will pay you $200 if you refinance your student loan using your unique referral link or code. The corporation also sponsors a $5,000 scholarship program for 50 undergraduate students each year.

↳ Best Feature?

Earnest will do a soft credit inquiry from Experian before filling out a complete application to display projected rates without harming your credit score. Borrowers can obtain a one-month forbearance once every 12 months without submitting an application. Earnest’s loan categories all include a nine-month grace period, which is three months longer than the industry’s usual.

Earnest does not impose any lending costs, including late fees. Earnest student loans can be obtained by full-time undergraduate students on their own or with the help of a cosigner. Students studying full-time in a qualifying graduate, MBA, medical, or law school program can apply for Earnest’s graduate student loans.

↳ Who is it Best For?

Earnest is an online lender that provides personal loans, as well as student loan refinancing and private student loans. Its refinancing loan is ideal for borrowers who wish to tailor their repayment plan in order to pay off debt quickly. Borrowers who seek flexible payback can use its private student loan rates.

Earnest offers a number of choices for borrowers who are experiencing financial difficulties and need financial aid. The most basic is the ability to skip a payment once every 12 months without having to apply for forbearance. Earnest’s student loan application is mobile-friendly and available online. It considers a borrower’s earning potential as well as whether or not the application is complete.

Click Here to Know More About Earnest Student Loan Refinancing.


CommonBond: Best Student Loan Refinancing Lenders

Fixed APRVariable APRLoan AmountMore Details
3.74% – 10.74%3.39% – 9.34%$2,000 – 100% total cost of attendanceClick Here

CommonBond is the right landing choice for you, no doubt. If you choose from multiple repayment term cycles for the best student loan refinance. It refinances are loans for borrowers who hold a bachelor’s degree at least. This prepayment fees loan stands out from the others because it provides a 24-month maximum forbearance term.

It is a more extended period compared to the other lenders. That’s because it offers the same type of loan with any prepayment fees. That is why refinancing with this option is great for borrowers looking for some extra time to repay the loan without prepayment penalties. For instance, it is easy to funnel your monthly savings in an account that has savings. That’s because it uses the CommonBonds SmartSave program.

Refinancing with CommonBond will be an ideal choice for you, seriously. If you are looking for more than just a simple loan and the best student loan payments refinance, it is fantastic. You can also compare lenders for getting multiple loans to get the best student loan.

After refinancing with the student loan forgiveness programs, the company itself donates to the educational nonprofit organization called Pencils of Promise. CommonBond is also offering student loans for different degree types, including undergraduate, graduate, and medical. Moreover, it offers the best student loan refinance, and more with automatic payments.

↳ Best Feature?

When you have someone to co-sign with you, it is excellent for those who value customer support for the best student loan refinances. This loan option provides every borrower with a free money mentor. It is not a robot with a natural person who will help out on different topics, including budgeting and internships, through text messaging.

The best part about this loan option is that the rates are affordable. The interest rate is between 3.7 to 10.7 percent depending on your credit history. But it also depends upon the loan type and the credit score of the borrower. CommonBond is also offering forbearance options which can help those who need to pause payments due to monetary hardship.

↳ Who is it Best For?

The lender offers a defined hardship program that provides flexibility for those who need to pause the payments due to problems down the road. When borrowing, you can also request hardship forbearance, which will require up to 24 months throughout the loan.

It is the perfect option for you if you want your lender to have a decisive charitable goal from a student loan refinance company.

Click Here to Know More About CommonBond Student Loan Refinancing.


Laurel Road: Best Refinance Loans Offering Healthcare Options

Fixed APRVariable APRLoan AmountMore Details
Starting at 2.50%Starting at 1.89%$5,000 – 100% total cost of attendanceClick Here

Laurel Road is originating Graduate Level student loans and is also giving an option for refinancing for undergraduate and other associate degree programs. It became a part of the critical Bank back in 2019. It offers Corporate Banking and community services which are helpful for individuals looking for a loan. Overall it is a digital banking program and also a brand of KeyBank.

If you are deserving and eligible borrowers and you can quickly refinance by Laurel Road. It is important to note that the lenders only offer health professionals and offer this special pricing to physicians and other related professionals. This federal loans financing option is among the few lenders offering doctors and dentists refinance immediately when they match a fellowship.

There also provide refinancing options on undergraduate and graduate student loans holding a debt of at least $5000 or higher. But there is no maximum capacity for this fixed interest rate loan if you are coming under certain criteria meeting a specific condition set by the lender. This platform is refinancing private student loans but also federal ones from any student loan refinancing company.

However, an exception is available for loans you qualify for an associate degree and are eligible for the healthcare industry. The maximum capacity for this money is $50,000. It is possible to get a discount of 0.5 % on your interest rate if you pay your refinance federal student loans using the electronic fund’s transfer from the bank option.

↳ Best Feature?

Laurel Road is currently offering constant and variable annual percentage rates along with APRs for federal loans. If you are holding a loan with a low variable APR, it means that there can be more down payments. The variable APR can keep constant during a loan period, which means higher prices can be considered. Therefore, the interest will be higher if the APR increases in the future with a fixed interest rate loan.

Laurel Road has a maximum capacity of 9% when you are approved for a long-term fixed interest rate loan of up to 5 to 10 years. Most of the loans have hidden fees or application fees, but this loan option does not charge a loan origination fee.

↳ Who is it Best For?

You can make a full payment and pay the interest-only while in school. But wait! It is also possible to pay a flat fee or deferred payments for your federal loans. This entire application process happens online, and there is no application fee. It is ideal for graduate students attending a program that is qualified for Laurel Road.

Students who are looking for an option to make full payment when they are in school will find it helpful. Besides this, it is best for the borrowers looking forward to refinancing their loans by having a low-interest rate. Laurel Road requires you to have a minimum credit score of 60 and maximum debt to income ratio of 43% if they are looking for a bachelor’s degree to refinance federal student loans.

Click Here to Know More About Laurel Road Student Loan Refinancing.


Citizens Bank: Best Variable Rate Loans

Fixed APRVariable APRLoan AmountMore Details
3.74% – 10.74%3.78% – 9.34%$2,000 to 100% total cost of attendanceClick Here

It is the only online division for Citizens bank; it also provides FDIC-insured refinance loans and accounts without interest rates and fees across the board. You can be accessible to many channels for customer support; this includes help by live phone all week long or other help and messaging support through Twitter.

At present, Citizens access doesn’t possess any mobile app, but the mobile-optimized website provides check deposit features and an excellent interface for users. However, it does not provide checking accounts; therefore, it isn’t available for you to keep your accounts simultaneously.

Citizen’s bank includes two different refinancing options particularly one for loans regarding student name and one with parents name. The lender also offers a net percentage of 0.25 interest rate discount to different students who qualified for the loans. YES! That’s how refinancing works to provide customers exclusive benefits.

Among all the terms available, it also provides you with an easy way to make a student loan with the Citizen accounts. This enables the user to make various options while applying for student loans.

↳ Best Feature?

Before you decide to plan a student loan refinance lender, it’s essential to compare different options to qualify through the Citizen’s access. The Citizen bank includes multiyear approval with the student loans. Moreover, you can request loans without the co-signer going through hard credit check that ultimately affects the credit score.

The features of Citizens access accounts’ are big interest rates. The international students cannot get multiyear options and will not cost monthly charges. Therefore users’ savings can grow uninterrupted. The bank account compounds interests every day as well as pays every month. That’s how the origination fees and student loan forgiveness program works.

↳ Who is it Best For?

If you want to refinance through Citizens bank, it’s an excellent option for financially stable students who aren’t graduated. Moreover, the non-US citizens can also qualify for the loan with a co-signer. It’s not beneficial for parent loans and the process is much complex than lenders. That’s because parent will refinance with co-signer helping you to apply refinance effectively.

The features of Citizens access accounts’ are big interest rates. The loans don’t cost a monthly fee. Therefore users’ savings can grow uninterrupted. The bank account compounds interests every day as well as pays every month.

Click Here to Know More About Citizens Bank Student Loan Refinancing.


LendKey: Student Loan Refinance Companies For Multiple Lenders

Fixed APRVariable APRLoan AmountMore Details
Starting at 2.49%Starting at 1.90%$5,000 to $300,000Click Here

LendKey is a one-stop shopping experience solution for all potential lenders and to make loan payments. It is easy to apply for a student loan refinance through this platform. It will match you with the appropriate bank or credit union to easily get federal loan benefits from this company.

The typical credit score has to be 757 but if you have an income of at least $24,000, an average income of $63,000 per year to get federal student loan benefits, then it is possible for you to apply for a loan by using this platform. The maximum debt to income ratio for this platform is 43%. The student loan refinancing rates depend on the type of income-driven repayment plans.

It is an excellent option for professional buyers who do not have the time to do comprehensive research and can receive a 0.25% of interest rate discount when they sign up for the automatic monthly payments or a savings account to get existing student loans as federal student loan borrowers. They are also given a choice to work with the community Bank or a Credit Union.

It is crucial for some borrowers when they do not want to work with a big bank. The average refinance borrower can earn at least $65,000 in a year. This is the reason why the company becomes a solid option for those who are not earning six figures per annum and they can get private loans. If you want to reduce the cost of your existing loan, then you can apply with a trustworthy co-signer.

↳ Best Feature?

The fee terms and conditions of the refinance private student loans depends upon the type of refinance loan chosen. All the applicants need to be United States citizens or at least permanent residents. Another important condition is that they must gained the age of majority where they reside at the moment.

The company is currently advertising private student loans having a fixed APR between 4% and 1.4% and competitive interest rates. However, this will be the rate for you if you choose the option of autopay. You can also borrow up to 100% of your school-certified cost of attendance. It will also include all other aspects like tuition, books, and other related expenses of the school.

↳ Who is it Best For?

LendKey is an online marketplace that is currently connecting the private student loans and borrowers. Moreover, it offers refund funds on student federal direct consolidation loan loans with a Credit Union or any community Bank. This loan option is perfect for those workers were looking forward to working with these institutions.

It works ideally for a borrower looking forward to a digital application process. Besides this, Students want to use a co-signer to qualify for a loan. The Consumers who want to check rates for students loan refinancing opt to use this as one of the most accessible student loans refinance companies. It offers excellent refinance federal loans, no doubt.

Click Here to Know More About LendKey Student Loan Refinancing.


Splash Financial: Student Loan Refinance Company For Low Rates

Fixed APRVariable APRLoan AmountMore Details
Starting at 2.30%Starting at 1.87%$5,000 to 100% total cost of attendanceClick Here

Splash Financial is an online marketplace that currently offers student loan refinance by multiple credit unions and banks. You can quickly get offers from these lenders by going through a single application on their website. It is a straightforward process if you have a large loan balance and struggle to find a lender that is not giving you a borrowing capacity.

The best part is that it doesn’t have a loan maximum, and they are also offering low-interest rates for students and lawn prequalification tools. This feature will help you check your eligibility without undergoing a credit check, which is an excellent tool if your credit score is already low. It is an online platform that will connect you to multiple lenders, which can be feasible if they are a perfect match for you.

It is also working with the lending partners and offering refinancing loan options with fixed interest rates and variable interest rates for the students. In the case of married people, they can refinance their loans, and their spouse, or one partner can also repay the debts of the other. It is easier for you to streamline your payments by using this option.

Using Splash financials prequalification tool is easy, and a potential borrower is looking forward to checking their rates in less than 3 minutes. In case a borrower has a large loan balance, and then they can connect with multiple lenders. That way, there will be no loan maximum, and you will easily be able to find a lender that is suitable for you.

↳ Best Feature?

Splash Financial is a company that enables couples to refinance their loans together. It is not only simplifying the repayment process but also helping out the couples if only one of them is a wage earner. The lender will be looking at the combined income of the couple. It is an excellent feature because many other lenders are not offering this option for refinancing.

The best feature is that you can rate a quote from Splash financial. They give comparative interest rates with variable rates, which start from 1.8 percent and can be as low as 2.3 %. It is among the companies which are offering refinancing loans jointly for couples.

↳ Who is it Best For?

It is ideal for Married couples who are looking forward to refinancing student loans combined. Furthermore, the Borrowers who want to have access to the marketplace and Dentists and doctors who were looking for flexible refinance terms will find this refinance student loans option amazing.

It is possible to check your rate and also take a look at the offers for which you are qualifying on the website. You can also apply for your rate online on the website, but you will have to upload your documents for that. It will include proof of membership in a credit union or any other financial institution.

Click Here to Know More About Splash Financial Student Loan Refinancing.


College Ave: Best Student Loan Consolidation With No Fees

Fixed APRVariable APRLoan AmountMore Details
2.94% – 12.99%0.99% – 11.98%$1,000 to 100% total cost of attendanceClick Here

College Ave is an online lending platform that is available for refinancing and private student loans. This also includes undergraduate and graduate loans along with career and parents loans. Overall they have a wide range of repayment options and terms that are flexible according to your budget and conditions.

It was built so that private students can get loans without any complications and hassle in the long run. There is also offering a free pre-qualification tool which makes it very easy to find out the eligibility criteria and rates of the student loans. The undergraduate loans will cover up to 100% of fees, books, and all other expenses related to your academic year.

After that, you do not have to worry about your credit score because they provide many repayment options and loan options. There is no need to worry because it is not like other private student loan lenders because they do not require you to be enrolled full-time or even half-time. All you need to do is just be enrolled in the degree program.

The best feature is that you can make payments when you are in school and principal payments up to six months after graduating. After finishing your degree, you can upload a copy of your transcript, and then you will get a 150 dollar credit statement on your loan. They are giving a 0.25% interest rate deduction whenever you sign up.

↳ Best Feature?

You can complete your loan application online, and after that, you will get a decision on whether you are approved for a loan or not within a few minutes. It is also possible to make the payment online by connecting with the customer service representative on the chat online on their website. It is a convenient feature for students, and then they can get approval for the loan if their credit score is in the middle of 600.

However, it is essential to note that this platform does not take any applications over the phone. It is because you will have to call the customer service for help, and then they will help you fill out the online form, which is a very convenient option for students who are complete beginners.

↳ Who is it Best For?

College Ave is an online learning platform that was established back in 2014. It is offering private student loans but also student loan refinancing. It is a perfect option for those students who want to make payments when they are in school.

It is a loan for those who are Borrowers looking forward to flexible payment options when they are in school. Moreover, students who want to use a co-signer when they wish to qualify for a loan will find it helpful.

Click Here to Know More About College Ave Student Loan Refinancing.



What is student loan refinancing?

Let’s consider what student loan refinancing is! It means when a private lender pays off existing loans and provides new loans with new loan terms. It will cost you nothing and help you save maximum time while lowering the interest rate.

Student loan refinancing means significant savings within the right situations. Typically, a new company, credit union, or lender will pay off federal student loans, which you plan to refinance. After that, you can get a new loan according to your credit history and income characteristics.

It’s essential to consider student loan refinancing even after having a fair and excellent credit score. Moreover, stable income and current loans also include interest rates allowing you to get the maximum benefit from a low rate. The different credit union offers student loan refinancing with maximum loan amount and repayment term and fixed rates.

Besides this, Student loan refinancing is undoubtedly a smart policy that helps manage student loan debt. You can work with a private lender and take a loan from existing debt allowing you to decrease the interest rate. It also reduces the monthly payment helping you to pay off loans early.

Whether you select federal, private, or other kinds of student loans by refinancing them, it will help you lessen the student loan debt while allowing them to manage payments and fulfill financial goals.

How does student loan refinance work?

Before selecting a student loan to refinance lender, you can a student loan refinance options to determine whether you are availing the best rate you currently qualify for the best student loan refinance for automatic payments.

On the other hand, you also have to compare the repayment options of the lender and the flexibility they are offering for those struggling to make the payments on time with any type of credit history. Four different options are available to repay your student loan once you have taken it.

Co-signers also accepted. If you are a potential borrower, you can check for pre-approval, and then the loan decision will be made for you instantly after completing the online application.

The online application is simple, and there is nothing complicated in that. It means you can easily be fitted out within a matter of minutes, and then all you have to do is to wait for your loan to get approved, and then it will be in your bank soon.

These refinance your student loans offers the best match for you to make federal student loan payments. Most companies offer student loan refinancing with a minimum credit score of at least 660 to get private student loan refinancing.

The best part is that there are no prepayment penalties for this fixed interest rate loan, and it means that you can pay the balance of your loan whenever you want without being charged for the federal loans. It is a convenient option to have, especially for the students.

Student Loan Refinance vs Student Loan Consolidation

Have you heard about student loan consolidation and refinancing? Both words are interchangeable, but they are different repayment options. With refinancing, both private and federal student loans are available. You can also select refinance federal student loans.

Different private lenders will refinance private loans. However, refinancing federal loans is different as you will not get the benefits like income-driven repayment plans and other programs. Private loans don’t include such options; therefore, this consolidation is easy if you get a low rate.

In addition to this, loan consolidation will not reduce the interest rate. You can get the weighted average of loan rates that you consolidate. The private lenders offer loans and repayment terms based on the financial profile. It will automatically reduce monthly payments and repay the amount.

There is no way to help people pay for a federal loan. For instance, you cannot consolidate the undergraduate loans with parent loans to take out. Moreover, refinancing enables you to take off the loans. It will also remove co-signer from private loans.

What are Variable rate and Fixed-rate Loans?

Let’s compare the fixed and variable rate loans! The variable interest rate loans include the interest charged on balance, and it fluctuates on an underlying benchmark that changes periodically. However, a fixed interest rate is where the loan remains the same for the whole time.

Besides this, variable rate loans can get an advantage from borrowers while declining interest rate as the loan payments will reduce with time. And you know what? When the interest rates increase, borrowers can hold a completely variable loan amount due to loan payments that also enhance reliability.

The variable loan rate is a 5/1 adjustable-rate mortgage that can maintain a fixed interest rate for five years and helps adjust the interest rate. The ARM is a good option for different borrowers who plans to sell the home after at least a few years or want to refinance them for a short term. That’s how these loans work!

The borrowers will likely pay less interest within a variable rate loan. The variable interest rate offers effective repayment terms and helps students refinance loans accurately with fewer origination fees. The borrowers have to look for an amortization period for a loan.

Who specifically does student refinance best for?

Do you know not everyone can get qualified for a refinance student loan? YES! You heard that right. Typically, you require good credit, degree, and income options that will help you afford the expenses and payments comfortably. When students refinance, the lender pays off the loans with new ones at a low rate. It will save maximum money in the long run.

You don’t have to wait to get perfect credit for refinancing, as you can also qualify for a better rate than before. That’s because if the lender includes a loan refinance bonus, it helps boost the savings more. It becomes intimidating to predict multiple payments from a variable rate loan, particularly with low rates.

But wait! You can also consider refinancing with a fixed rate, and it will help you qualify faster. If you get student loans, it offers you to refinance that debt. You can refinance the student loans if you want to save money, and it helps qualify the financing by making it stable. If you qualify for the lowest rates, an excellent credit score with a beneficial credit history and income is required.

Final Verdict

The best student loan refinances companies will advertise different interest rate options on the websites allowing students to start. Different lenders offer rate check facilities enabling users to prequalify estimated student loan refinance rates. Moreover, the loan terms also include soft credit check features that won’t damage the credit.

Student loan refinance rates vary depending on the credit score and lender, along with market and loan terms. Fixed interest rate also includes a monthly payment option for better reliability and maximum loan amount.

You can also refinance the loan while having bad credit. However, it might be a different and intimidating process. Most lenders require a credit score above 600; that’s the minimum credit score to get the maximum loan amount.

SoFi is our top recommendation as one of the best loan refinance companies that offer competitive interest rate while helping students save money with different monthly payments and minimum credit score options. It offers better loan terms and convenience.


Is refinancing a student loan smart?

It is more likely to refinance student loans as soon as possible. Refinancing makes it possible for the lender to pay off the existing loans and a new one with little interest rate. This helps you, from your first payment, to save money in the long run.

Student loans can be refinanced often. For instance, if you have already improved the credit by refinancing, you shall do it again to lock in lower interests. Refinancing does not cost much as there aren’t any application or origination fees required.

What Does It Mean to Refinance or Consolidate a Student Loan?

You can combine numerous federal education loans in only one loan with the help of a Direct Consolidation Loan. No need to make multiple payments as one monthly payment is enough. With Direct Consolidation Loan, you are access to many other forgiveness programs and loan repayment plans.

The main point to refinance a student loan is trading a current loan with a private lender for exchanging new loans with an agreement for you to pay off. Private lenders pay off existing loans to replace one with a new repayment schedule and interest rate.

How Can You Refinance or Consolidate Student Loans?

To consolidate or refinance a private loan is the means to replace numerous federal, private student loans and consolidate two with a single, private, new loan. There isn’t any credit required for a consolidated federal loan, offering potentially low payments and a single loan benefit.

For refinancing, call a lender then ask them to introduce you to their application process about loans. See what the qualifications and average rates across multiple lenders are. Pick a lender of your choice according to your goals and needs. Fill an application after you are done with the preparation of your documents. To avoid fees and late penalties, you need to keep up with all your payments.

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