5 Best Limousine Services in Singapore 2024

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The scene of luxury transportation in Singapore is entirely about comfort and design. Whether you live nearby or are simply visiting, there is a limousine service that will improve your experience and help to make any event particularly memorable. You have many choices from high-end cars that glide over city streets to stretched limousines that draw attention.

Choosing the right limo service is important. It’s about leaving an impact and loving the trip, not only about going from point A to point B. Choosing a limo service that distinguishes itself for quality, comfort, and fantastic ratings is crucial because the best one can transform an everyday trip into a remarkable luxury experience. Selecting the correct limo will make all the difference whether your event is a business conference, a big night out, or a spectacular arrival at a wedding.

What is limousine service?

A limousine service offers luxury transportation alternatives, frequently using expensive, stretched cars known as limos. These services appeal to customers seeking a great degree of comfort, discretion, and style for different events including weddings, business meetings, airport transfers, or memorable evenings out. Limousine services often include experienced chauffeurs, privacy partitions, updated sound systems, and, on occasion, extras such as built-in bars or entertainment systems.

The fundamental attraction of a limousine service is its capacity to give an improved, personalized travel experience than that which regular taxi or car services offer. Customers prefer limousine services for that additional luxury and uniqueness whether they are riding in a stretch limo, a luxury sedan, or a smart SUV.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Limousine Services

When choosing a limousine service in Singapore, there are few main criteria that could either enhance or ruin your trip. Here are some things to consider:

  • Safety: This is non-negotiable. A first-rate limo service puts your safety first using vehicles with the newest safety technologies and well-trained drivers. Make sure their safety record is always clean.
  • Reliability: Timeliness matters whether they are picking you up for a trip or to an important function. Testimonials and reviews can help you to get a reasonable sense of the reliability of a business.
  • Customer Service: Look for services that go above and beyond with attentive, competent drivers and staff who make bookings and rides flawless and fun.
  • Modern Amenities: Today, a limousine is more than simply a symbol of luxury; it is also a symbol of convenience. Modern conveniences including Wi-Fi, sophisticated music systems, and climate control may transform a basic trip into a luxurious, pleasant one.
  • Well-Maintained Vehicles: The condition of the limo is important. Not only does it reflect the service’s standards, but a well-maintained vehicle is also less likely to encounter mechanical issues. Always opt for services that pridefully maintain their fleet to the highest standards.

5 Best Limousine Services in Singapore 2024

  1. Top Limousine SG
  2. JW Limousine Services
  3. LIMO Z
  4. Maxicabnow
  5. K.5 Limousines Pte Ltd

#1 Top Limousine SG

Visit their website:


Send them an email:

Reach out via phone:

+65 9751 1911


Top Limousine SG has established a place in Singapore’s limousine scene by providing dependable and comfortable travel options. Both visitors and residents find this company appealing as it values flair and timiness. Top Limousine SG has a solution whether your needs are for a hassle-free trip to the Changi airport or you wish to impress at a business function.

From airport shuttles to luxury transportation for special events like weddings, their service schedule is really broad. Their emphasis on providing a flawless, luxurious experience at a fair price separates them. They provide roomier choices like the Alphard/Vellfire and high-end models like the Mercedes Benz E and S Class to suit varying group sizes and tastes. Top Limousine SG can help you get around Singapore in style without spending a lot of money.

#2 JW Limousines Services

Visit their website:


Send them an email:

Reach out via phone:

+65 9669 1588


JW Limousine has established itself as a major participant in Singapore’s premium transportation sector, with a strong reputation for safety and smooth service. JW Limousine takes great satisfaction in providing top-notch limousine cab services directly to your door, always changing to suit different client demands. Emphasizing honesty and comfort above all else, they serve a broad spectrum of customers from businesspeople to visitors, therefore guaranteeing a first-rate travel experience in Singapore and West Malaysia.

From airport transfers to business conferences to special events to tourist trips, JW Limousine provides a full spectrum of services. Their dedication to hassle-free, opulent transportation—which is easily available and catered to match every need—from a cross-border journey to Malaysia to a drive across town—defines them. From scheduling to guaranteeing minimum traffic delays to offering professional chauffeurs who professionally manage any kind of difficulty, every service is carried out with great attention to detail. For individuals looking for a trustworthy and sophisticated limousine service in Singapore, JW Limousine is a top choice because of its commitment to maximizing safety, dependability, and comfort with a touch of elegance.


Visit their website:


Send them an email:

Reach out via phone:

+65 6963 9339


Offering a customized transportation service marked by honesty and a dedication to quality, LIMO Z stands out in Singapore’s packed limousine industry. From airport arrivals to special events and sightseeing adventures from the Changi airport to the Singapore Zoo, to the Botanic Gardens, LIMO Z has concentrated on offering flawless limousine transfer services since its founding. Their claim to glory is their fleet of the best and most luxurious limos, world-class with cutting-edge amenities meant to guarantee an unmatched travel experience.

Beyond simple transfers, LIMO Z provides a range of specialist services meant to satisfy the great needs of various customers. From private chauffeuring to corporate limos and city travel, they offer dependability and convenience at reasonable rates. LIMO Z’s distinctive selling points are their painstaking attention to detail in planning and execution, which guarantees quick arrivals and departures by considering traffic and client schedules. With cars like the Mercedes E-Class, S500, and Toyota Alphard among others, the fleet is not only trendy but also flexible, meeting different group sizes and preferences. For people looking for a dependable and luxurious means of transportation in Singapore, LIMO Z is a recommended alternative because of its diversity and safety and customer satisfaction policies.

#4 Maxicabnow

Visit their website:


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Reach out via phone:

+65 9 6161 241


Offering dependable and quick taxi services, MaxicabNow is unique in specializing for group travel needs. Whether you’re a group of toruist looking for a convenient and spacious vehicle, or a business professional searching for a dependable and luxurious mode transportation, MaxicabNow claims they are the best option for you.

In a city like Singapore where travelling in a group and traffic management can be difficult, MaxicabNow’s services are extremely helpful. They recognize the importance of planning and getting you safely to your destination, and they have developed a reputation for dependability and simplicity by promising straightforward and stress-free service for consumers.

From business travels to airport shuttles for big groups, the company’s extensive fleet is designed to meet a range of demands. For smaller parties, vehicles include the classy Mercedes Sedan; for capacious Toyota Alphard & Vellfire 6-seater; the flexible Mercedes Viano 7-seater; and the large 13-seater Toyota HiAce Hi Roof Combi. Every choice is made to fit certain group sizes and needs, therefore assuring that there is a vehicle ready to go whether clients just want a nice trip or have the need to transport huge items.

For those looking for quick and flexible group transportation needs in Singapore, MaxiCabNow is a preferred choice thanks in part to this adaptability and low price, which ranges from only $50 and hourly reservations from $55.

#5 K.5 Limousines Pte Ltd

Visit their website:

Send them an email:

Reach out via phone:

+65 8946 2105


K.5 Limousines, which started in 2018, has grown rapidly to become a leading provider of premium limousine service options in Malaysia and Singapore. K5 Limousines, which is known for its quality and first-rate customer service employs only the best chauffeurs who are dedicated to timeliness, and safe driving. This painstaking attention to detail guarantees that K5 Limousine not only satisfies its customers but also offers service that is beyond expectations, therefore defining new benchmarks for what a limousine service can provide.

From airport transfers to weddings to corporate events, K5 Limousines has an amazing range of services meant to meet a variety of needs. All accessible at reasonable prices, their collection features luxurious vehicles including the newest Mercedes Benz S and E Classes and flexible MPVs.

K5 Limousines distinguishes itself by offering first-class hospitality combined with round-the-clock transportation services, guaranteeing that every trip is not only a ride but a magnificent experience. K5 Limousines offers customized choices to make luxury available to a wide audience, therefore improving the travel experience with every journey, regardless of the client’s budget or ultimate taste in luxury.

Tips for Booking a Limousine in Singapore

Knowing the right steps can help you book a limousine in Singapore rather easily. Here’s how you ensure you pay the best price for the greatest service:

  • Book Early: Early booking can help you avoid last-minute availability problems, particularly for major holidays or huge occasions like weddings. Booking at least several weeks ahead is a smart idea.
  • Compare Options: Never settle for the first limousine service you come upon. Invest some time comparing several companies to learn about their offers, available vehicles, services, and packages. This will enable you to choose the ideal fit for your requirements and financial capacity.
  • Check for Packages and Deals: Many limousine companies have bundles or promotional offers, particularly at off-peak periods or for specific events like airport transfers or city and sightseeing tours. These might offer more value than average reservations.
  • Read Reviews: Review past customer comments before making starting the booking process. This can provide you understanding of the dependability and caliber of the service. Review websites, travel blogs, and social media are among good sites to visit.
  • Confirm Details: Once you choose a service, check sure all the details match. This covers the date, time, pickup and drop-off sites as well as the kind of vehicle. Clarify also what the price covers—that is, tolls, waiting times, or even refreshments.
  • Discuss Special Requests: Inform the service provider ahead of time whether you have any unique needs, such as kid seats, room for more luggage, or a taste in particular kinds of music or temperature settings.
  • Understand Cancellation Policies: Inform the service provider ahead of time whether you have any unique needs, such as kid seats, room for more luggage, or a taste in particular kinds of music or temperature settings.


Using a first-rate limousine service in Singapore is about enhancing your travel experience to a degree of luxury and comfort that is beyond the usual, not only about going from one destination to another. Modern cars, expert drivers, and first-rate customer service help to guarantee that every trip is seamless, safe, and elegant. Whether you’re celebrating a big event or just want to travel in elegance, a limousine service provides a sophisticated touch that can help any day to be unforgettable.

Have you lately enjoyed the comfort of a limousine service in Singapore? Or maybe you’re considering hiring one for an upcoming event? Either way, we would be quite happy to hear from you. In the comments below drop your experiences, advice, or any questions you might have. Let’s work together to find the top limousine companies Singapore has to offer!

FAQs Best Limousine Service Singapore

What is a private limousine service?

With an eye on privacy and a comfortable ride, a private limousine service provides unique, luxurious transportation. It boasts luxury facilities on top of premium cars including SUVs, sedans, and extended limos. Usually employed for VIP travel, corporate reasons, or special events, these services include expert chauffeurs.

How much does a limo cost in Singapore?

Renting a limousine in Singapore can cost somewhat differently based on several factors like the kind of vehicle, the length of the hire, the particular amenities offered, and the time of year. You would normally expect to pay anything from SGD $50 to more than SGD $300 each hour. To get the exact price, it’s advisable to go through certain limousine companies’ websites or get in touch with them directly.

What is the best car for limo service?

The demands and tastes of the client will choose the ideal vehicle for a Singapore limousine service. Stretch limos like the Lincoln Stretch are classics for sheer elegance and room. Luxury sedans including the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or BMW 7 Series provide comfort and elegance for smaller parties or business usage. SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade or premium vans like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter give enough room for bigger groups without sacrificing design.

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