5 Best Life Coaches in Singapore 2024

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May 20, 2024

Did no one warn you that life would be like this? Welcome to the club…

If you feel as if life is throwing too much at you, you are not alone. That’s precisely the reason why a growing number of Singaporeans are seeking some guidance from life coaches. In 2024, life coaches have emerged as vital resources for overcoming obstacles, be they professional setbacks, personal struggles, or a general feeling of being bogged down.

Consider a life coach to be that wise buddy who can help you figure out a plan when things seem too much to handle. They are the ones that pay attention to you, guide you on the proper path, and assist you in creating goals that are genuinely achievable. Every coach has a different approach; some might be more kind than others, while some will push you harder to reach your full potential.

Thus, a life coach could be just what you need to cut through the clutter and uncover your path ahead if you’re thinking about making a significant life shift or are simply trying to figure out what to do next. All of them are geared toward equipping you with the know-how and self-assurance to face whatever is ahead, assisting you in achieving not only success but true fulfillment.

What does a life coach do exactly?

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In essence, a life coach serves as a catalyst for personal development. Together, you will choose and define your career and personal objectives, and they will assist you in understanding the underlying motivations that drive your ambitions. They help to chart a clear and attainable course forward by helping you identify what is most important to you. This method frequently includes establishing clear, quantifiable goals and formulating plans of action to get beyond any potential roadblocks.

A life coach offers ongoing accountability and support along your path. They support you through obstacles, encourage you, and acknowledge your accomplishments. Because they provide individualized instruction, they modify their methods to meet your particular requirements and learning preferences. A life coach works in tandem with you to achieve your objectives, supporting personal development and progress throughout the process, regardless of whether you’re looking to drastically alter your life or just make some areas of your present circumstance better.

Why would someone use a life coach?

There are many reasons why people see life coaches, but they frequently do so in order to get direction and clarity in their lives. A life coach can assist someone who feels trapped or dissatisfied with their job, personal life, or general direction in identifying their true desires and creating a workable plan to fulfill them. This procedure entails establishing precise objectives, recognizing barriers, and formulating workable plans to get beyond these difficulties.

Life coaches are also excellent at holding people accountable and offering assistance. It might spur you on to keep going forward to know that you have a scheduled appointment when you’ll discuss your progress. They also provide a safe haven in which to examine your ideas and emotions, which can be very helpful while making decisions or going through a transition. A life coach is a committed companion in your personal development journey, helping you achieve your goals of developing a better profession, strengthening relationships, or increasing your general well-being.

What is the difference between a life coach and a therapist?

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While vital, a life coach’s and therapist’s duties accomplish different things. The majority of life coaching is action- and future-oriented. It focuses on assisting people in reaching certain objectives and enhancing their general functioning. Life coaches assist clients in creating and achieving goals on a personal or professional level, creating healthy routines, and cultivating skills for handling certain problems that arise in day-to-day living.

However, therapy frequently addresses understanding behavioral patterns, coping with mental health concerns, and healing and overcoming previous difficulties. Therapists offer a deeper, more clinical setting for clients to examine their emotions, habits, and thoughts. They are educated to identify and treat mental health conditions.

Although life coaches could offer assistance and motivation, they do not treat mental health conditions. On the other hand, therapists provide therapeutic treatments and dive into emotional healing and resolution. Because of these essential distinctions, each may be tailored to meet distinct requirements for support and personal development.

Here are the 5 best life coaches in Singapore:

  1. CCI Life Coach
  2. The Inner Impact
  3. Ryana Yusoff Holistic Coaching and Hypnotherapy
  4. Janel Briggs – Thrive Mindset Coaching
  5. Lifework Global

Looking for a recommendation in 2024? Check out these 5 Best Life Coaches in Singapore

How do you hire a Life Coaching Service Consultant in Singapore? Those who have sought professional advice have often found the use of an inspirational and informative life coach helpful. Please be updated about Singapore’s most successful coaching service! We knew you might have some questions, and we have contacted some of our Life Coaches who will be able to show you some FAQs about Life Coaching.

#1 CCI Life Coach



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Among the best life coaches in Singapore for 2024, Collective Change Institute (CCI) is a top option. Acknowledged as an International Coach Federation (ICF)-approved ACTP coach training institution, CCI is distinguished by its all-encompassing strategy for coach development.

The institution provides a range of programs for professionals, corporations, and people. These programs include business accelerators tailored for coaches, executive coaching, personal coaching services, and coach certification programs.

A top-notch training experience is guaranteed by CCI’s commitment to the professional standards set out by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Among other accreditations, it stands itself as a Level 2 ICF Accredited Coaching Education Provider. This endorsement confirms CCI’s dedication to providing coach-specific training that equips coaches to mentor clients successfully.

As a leading institute for prospective coaches in Asia, CCI combines insights into human dynamics with a profound regard for each person’s particular uniqueness, enabling its coaches to help coachees develop self-awareness and innovative problem-solving skills.

#2 The Inner Impact



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Licensed executive and life coach Claudia of The Inner Impact, situated in Ireland, is well-known for her proficiency in stress and anxiety management. Claudia provides a special combination of business acumen and practical insights to her coaching practice. She has a background in finance and has faced challenges in her personal life that have tried her resolve.

Her experience improving her life after conquering extreme anxiety highlights her capacity to support others facing comparable difficulties. These days, she concentrates on utilizing practical stress-reduction strategies to assist customers in overcoming mental obstacles and improving personal growth.

Her technique is successful and sympathetic for anyone facing significant personal issues, as it is based on her own transformational narrative. Her personal experiences with anxiety sparked Claudia’s desire for helping others, and she now gives her clients the tools they need to take charge of their thoughts and behaviors.

Her ability to talk from experience gives her coaching more depth and credibility while providing clients with useful advice on how to overcome obstacles in both their personal and professional lives.

#3 Ryana Yusoff Holistic Coaching and Hypnotherapy



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Hypnotist and transformation coach Ryana Yusoff is well-known in Singapore for helping people achieve emotional healing and self-realization. Her methodology ensures a customized experience for each client by integrating several techniques such as sound healing, NLP, Polyvagal Theory, and mindfulness.

Ryana is an appealing option for people looking to overcome obstacles in their personal and professional lives because of her past, which is filled with both professional and personal triumphs and personal struggles. Prominent corporations such as Novartis and Google are among her clientele, demonstrating her adaptability to a variety of situations and demands.

Ryana provides skills to reduce stress, improve communication, and increase general life happiness with an emphasis on holistic well-being. She is able to create a safe environment for clients to explore and grow because of her great empathy and dedication to honesty.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, Ryana also conducts seminars and group meetings where she advocates for conscious leadership and balance. Acknowledged as a high achiever in the worldwide wellness scene, Ryana helps her clients reach their full potential and lead satisfying lives without burning out.

#4 Janel Briggs – Thrive Mindset Coaching



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Janel Briggs is a mindset coach and qualified NLP Practitioner who specializes in helping women in Singapore and Australia manage their stress and anxiety. Because of her approach, which is based on both personal and professional real-world experience, she is able to provide resources, online courses, and customized 1:1 and group coaching.

With Janel’s coaching, women may live more in touch with their dreams by identifying and addressing underlying beliefs that obstruct decision-making and alignment with genuine values and objectives.

Janel’s own experience with burnout and extreme stress highlights her coaching philosophies; she has seen directly how a shift in perspective can completely reconstruct a life. Within 12 weeks of seeking professional therapy due to a serious personal crisis, she saw a dramatic shift.

Her enthusiasm for assisting others in making comparable discoveries was ignited by this metamorphosis. She is now committed to encouraging women to develop a Thrive Mindset and make long-lasting improvements in both their personal and professional life.

#5 Lifework Global



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+65 9663 3051


Sam, a life coach with Lifework Global, is located in Singapore and specializes in helping successful women through big life changes. Sam’s background as a corporate worker, wife, and mother of four has enhanced her knowledge of the difficulties modern women confront in balancing their hectic lives with honesty.

Her coaching is centered on fostering an atmosphere that is secure, creative, and supportive so that her clients may attain clarity, freedom, and joy. She also helps them to maintain a positive work-life balance, improve their relationships, and reach their professional and financial objectives.

Sam’s personal marital problems, identity conflicts, and the enormous pressures of juggling work and family life drove her to pursue a profession in coaching. She realized her actual destiny was to assist other women in discovering meaning and knowing what a fulfilling life is after conquering these obstacles.

Her dedication to enabling her clients to look past their present constraints and realize their full potential results in substantial benefits to their personal and professional life.

What are the questions you should ask a life coach?

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When considering working with a life coach, asking the right questions can help ensure that you find a coach who aligns well with your needs and goals. Here are some key questions to ask a life coach:

  1. What is your coaching experience? – Understand their background, including how long they have been coaching and the types of clients they typically work with.
  2. What are your qualifications and certifications? – Verify their professional training and credentials to ensure they are qualified to provide coaching services.
  3. What is your coaching specialty? – Some coaches specialize in certain areas like career development, relationships, or personal growth. Make sure their specialty aligns with your goals.
  4. What does your coaching style look like? – This question helps you understand how they facilitate their sessions and interact with clients, which is crucial to see if their approach fits your personality and needs.
  5. How do you measure progress? – It’s important to know how they track improvements and assess the effectiveness of their coaching.
  6. What does a typical coaching session look like? – Understanding the structure of a session will help you know what to expect and how to prepare.
  7. What are your availability and flexibility? – Make sure their schedule aligns with yours and that they can accommodate any specific needs you might have.
  8. Can you provide any testimonials or references? – Hearing from or reading about past clients can provide insights into their effectiveness and reliability.
  9. What are your fees and terms of service? – Clearly understand the cost, payment options, and any contractual terms before starting.
  10. What is your approach to confidentiality? – Ensuring that your discussions will be kept private is crucial for building trust and openness in your sessions.

What type of person needs a life coach?

Working with a life coach might be advantageous for almost everyone, particularly those who want to make changes or move forward in their lives. People who are feeling trapped or unsure of where to go frequently find significant value in the clarity that a life coach can offer. This includes those who are thinking about changing careers, pursuing personal growth, or trying to live a better lifestyle overall.

Furthermore, those who have clear objectives but are unsure of how to get there can benefit greatly from the direction and methodical approach of a life coach. This encompasses professionals seeking job advancement, individuals seeking to improve their interpersonal interactions, and anybody seeking to better successfully manage their personal and professional lives. In summary, a life coach might be a terrific resource if you’re someone who is driven to develop and do better but could need some outside accountability and support.

Is paying a life coach worth it?

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Your unique situation and your goals will determine if hiring a life, career, and even relationship coach is financially worthwhile. A life coach may be a very valuable investment for many individuals, especially if they are determined to make lasting changes in their lives.

In the end, how much you’re willing to participate in the process and put the techniques outlined into practice determines how valuable a life coach is. Investing in a life coach may be a wise move for individuals who are prepared to work hard and advance both personally and professionally.

Here are a few considerations to help you decide:

  1. Goal Achievement: If you have clear goals but struggle with how to reach them, a life coach can provide guidance, accountability, and support to keep you on track. This can be particularly valuable for career advancement, lifestyle changes, or personal development.
  2. Accountability: Having someone to check in with regularly can make a huge difference in maintaining motivation and commitment to your plans. Life coaches are skilled at keeping you focused and moving forward.
  3. Personalized Advice: Unlike general self-help solutions, a life coach offers tailored advice based on your specific situation and needs. This personalized approach can lead to faster and more effective results.
  4. Skill Development: Coaches can help you develop the skills needed to be successful in various areas of your life, including communication, leadership, time management, and conflict resolution.

How much does a life coach cost in Singapore?

Depending on the coach’s expertise level, the kind of coaching offered, and the number and duration of sessions, hiring someone in the coaching industry in Singapore can have a broad range of costs. In general, session fees might vary from around SGD 100 to SGD 500. Multiple-session packages, which some coaches offer, can lower the cost per session and give more organized help over time.

The cost of a coaching package that lasts three or six months, for example, may range from several thousand dollars to SGD $1,000. In order to help prospective clients determine whether a coach is a suitable fit for them before committing financially, coaches frequently provide introductory meetings for free or at a discounted fee.

It’s crucial to take your spending limit and your desired outcomes into account when choosing a life coach. Because of the individualized coaching and the chance to greatly enhance their personal and professional life, many people decide that the cost is justified.


Getting life coaching services in Singapore is a unique means to get direction, make objectives that can be achieved, and create plans for overcoming obstacles in your personal and professional life. A life coach may offer the direction and responsibility you need to go forward, whether you’re managing professional changes, enhancing relationships, or just looking for a more rewarding life. Investing in life coaching is frequently seen as a significant step toward personal development and accomplishment since it offers specialized assistance that is in line with each person’s requirements and goals.

It’s crucial to evaluate your unique goals and consider your possibilities for coaching before deciding on a life coach. A lot of life coaches in Singapore provide free introductory meetings so you can see whether their style aligns with your expectations. You may get the most out of this life-changing service and possibly reach new heights of achievement and fulfillment by carefully selecting a coach whose knowledge and approach speak to you.

FAQs 5 Best Life Coaches in Singapore 2024

Why would someone use a life coach?

There are several reasons why someone may go to a life coach for assistance. The main purpose is to obtain guidance and clarity when unsure of one’s own objectives or course of action, and even gain self-confidence. A life coach may assist with goal-setting, decision-making skills development, and transition management in all areas of life, including relationships, and personal and professional development. For those looking to improve the direction and purpose of their lives, they are vital since they offer the methods and resources needed to go successfully.

Is paying a life coach worth it?

Depending on your compatibility with your selected coach and your level of dedication to personal and professional development, investing in a life coach might provide major benefits. Achieving both professional and personal objectives may be greatly aided by the individualized assistance, disciplined advice, and responsibility that life coaches provide. Many discover that their investment pays off in the form of increased production, increased contentment with life, and the achievement of certain objectives. But the most important thing is to be totally committed and prepared to put the tactics that are covered in coaching sessions into practice.

What type of person needs a life coach?

Working with a life coach may be beneficial for a variety of people. This encompasses those who are at a turning point in their professional and personal lives, people who want to improve in certain areas like communication or leadership, or anyone who feels stuck and needs guidance. Life coaching is also helpful for those who need help staying motivated and accountable, as well as for individuals who have clear objectives but aren’t sure how to get them. Basically, a life and a career coach may be quite beneficial to anyone who is dedicated to improving themselves.

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