5 Best Feng Shui Master Singapore 2023

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2023

5 Best Feng Shui Master Singapore

Feng shui is a thousand-year-old Chinese art and science. This method demonstrates how to bring any location’s energy into harmony. It is all about metaphysics, both understanding it and applying it in your daily life through the guidance of the appropriate Feng Shui Master.

Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology have to do with recognizing and enhancing positive energy flows. Being mindful of your surroundings and directions is an integral part of feng shui. It will assist you in encouraging positive energy flow to your health.

The idea of feng shui is not about interior design or the placement of random objects. It is about positioning and structuring your home in a way that activates and traps positive energies.

Negative energy has to be minimal. In feng shui, finding harmony between the two energies is crucial. The Feng Shui Masters discussed in this piece are the best feng shui masters in Singapore, and they will perform a thorough feng shui audit using various feng shui techniques.

Best Feng Shui Master Singapore 2023

  1. Master David Tong (Chinese Metaphysics Global Consultancy)
  2. Master Kevin Foong (Kevin Foong Consulting Group)
  3. Master Lynn Yap (3P Fengshui Consultancy)
  4. Master Adrian Lo (Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy)
  5. Master Ken Koh (House of Feng Shui Consultancy Services)

1. Master David Tong

Master David Tong

David Tong is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting (CMG Consulting).

CMG Consulting is a multi-award-winning, leading feng shui consultation organization based in Singapore committed to offering world-class classical feng shui, data selection, Bazi destiny analysis, and other Chinese Metaphysics consultancy services.

David is one of the most famous feng shui masters in Singapore. He founded his company in 2006 and has been featured in all major media outlets and magazines, including The Straits Times, The New Paper, CNN International, AsiaOne news portal, Style Weddings Magazine, and others.

He is not only one of Singapore’s youngest full-time professional Feng Shui masters but also a skilled and acknowledged expert in the subject of Chinese Metaphysics, with a slew of glowing client and public forum testimonies.

David is part of a new generation of world-class Feng Shui consultants that advocate the practice of Classical Feng Shui, the only actual type of Feng Shui with roots in Ancient China.

He distinguishes Classical Feng Shui from the use of Feng Shui ornaments, crystals, and jades, as well as cultural beliefs, religion, and superstitions. He emphasizes that everything you learn about Feng Shui must be reasonable and logically grounded.

David uses a “clean and sleek” approach to Feng Shui. Anyone who walks inside your home will never know it has been Feng Shuied previously. Authentic Classical Feng Shui focuses on capturing beneficial Qi (energy) from the surroundings and within the property to promote the occupants’ prosperity, health, and relationships.

His advisory services do not include the sale of any Feng Shui items, crystals, jades, or other products. He recognizes that this is the most common apprehension laypeople have when considering hiring a Feng Shui master. Therefore he tries to calm your nerves before you hire him.

David has conducted detailed Feng Shui audits for various properties, including HDB flats, executive apartments, condominiums, landed properties, offices, retail shops, banks, shop houses, restaurants, factories, and multinational corporations.

Students, young couples, executives, professionals, expatriates, business people, CEOs, and even celebrities are his many clients of all ages, nationalities, and professions.

His clientele includes Saudi Arabia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. His professional skills complement his exceptional track record of client testimonials and a well-known public profile.

David is also the world’s first and only Feng Shui master to incorporate magic and conjuring arts into his live Feng Shui seminars and talks.

He blends all his passions, producing a highly amusing and instructive Feng Shui seminar/talk, a unique approach worldwide, with over 18 years of experience, interest, and research in the conjuring arts.

Chinese Metaphysics Global Consultancy

Chinese Metaphysics Global Consultancy

CMG Consulting focuses on providing you with world-class consulting services based on their results-oriented Chinese Metaphysical science methodology.

Through the practice of legitimate and results-oriented Feng Shui and Bazi (Destiny) Analysis, the purpose is to mentor you on making informed decisions to improve your life and attain more success and pleasure.

The firm is the first and, most likely, only Feng Shui consultation firm in Singapore to offer a complete Feng Shui Wedding Package to newlyweds. Their famous “Eternity” package includes everything you will need for your wedding and new home at a low price.

CMG Consultancy Services

The company provides professional services in different categories, including; Feng Shui Consultation, Bazi Destiny Analysis, Data Selection, And Luck Enhancement.


Feng Shui Consultation

There are various types of Feng Shui consultation provided, which are;

Fengshui Consultation Annual Assessment

If you want your house Feng Shui to improve for a particular year, you will need to know when and how to harness the positive Qi to achieve excellent health, money, and success.

You must be able to avoid or minimize the negative Qi to prevent serious consequences. “Feng Shui Changes With Time,” as the Chinese proverb goes.

An Annual Assessment is equivalent to an annual investment in improving your home’s Feng Shui, which increases the quality of your life.

Residential Feng Shui

It is essential to have good residential Feng Shui to receive and harness the positive Qi that will help us succeed in our lives.

Feng Shui can help you overcome some of the flaws in your Bazi Chart and provide you with a competitive advantage in life.

Commercial Feng Shui

The feng shui of your business location is just as important as how much work you put in.

That explains why, no matter what you accomplish or how hard you work, your business may appear to be stagnant or declining at times.

A commercial Feng Shui audit includes determining the location of the main door in the correct sector to support the sort of business, the location and sitting direction of significant individuals, activating the wealth sector, property Qi flow, and the location of cash registers.

Depending on the company’s nature, CMG will conduct an audit of the property using the appropriate processes.

On-Site Property Selection

If you want to purchase a newly constructed home, now is the most fantastic time to choose one with good Feng Shui.

Imagine your dissatisfaction and disappointment when you discover that things are not going as planned after you have moved in. That is a sign of negative Feng Shui in the home.

One of CMG’s services is selecting new or resale properties such as houses, HDB flats, apartments, and condominiums.

Property Plans Analysis

CMG may undertake an audit of the property based on floor plans and estate site plans and counsel you on the best unit to buy if you want to buy a house with good Feng Shui while the property is still developing.

This study will be helpful for those who wish to buy a home that hasn’t been developed yet but want to choose a house/block and unit that has good Feng Shui.

Overseas Feng Shui Consultation

The firm now offers Feng Shui consultations for both residential and business properties in other countries.

However, David emphasizes that all Feng Shui consultations should be held on-site to ensure a proper Feng Shui assessment.

As a result, he must travel to your country to physically examine whether the Feng Shui of a specific property or site is excellent or bad to deliver the necessary treatments and solutions.


Bazi Destiny Analysis

There are various types of Bazi Destiny Analysis provided, which are;

Bazi Destiny Analysis for Individuals

Doubts, questions, and decisions abound in life. Understanding your destiny allows you to avoid pitfalls and make better decisions, resulting in more life success, money, and pleasure.

The goal of Bazi Analysis at CMG is to assist you in decoding, understanding, and forecasting your fate and employing this vital information to improve your life significantly.

The ability to manage your future is now within your grasp. If you have a query, we can provide you with an answer.

Bazi Destiny Analysis for Corporate

CMG specializes in sophisticated Bazi Analysis applications for businesses and organizations. There are various types of corporate Bazi Analysis offered, such as;

  • Destiny profiling for recruitment of a new employee
  • Character profiling of employee
  • Allocation of team members and team dynamics
  • Suitability of partnership
Bazi Destiny Analysis for Baby

The following components of a baby’s destiny are encrypted, examined, and presented to you during our Baby Bazi Destiny Analysis session;

  • Study luck
  • Character analysis
  • Suitable subjects to study to prepare for future career
  • Wealth Potential
  • Business luck
  • Partnership suitability
  • Marriage & romance luck
  • Potential health problems
  • Luck cycle (the Ups & Downs of their life)
  • Auspicious colors, directions, and numbers
  • And much more.

Date Selection

There are various types of date selection services provided which are;

Wedding Date Selection (ROM AND CUSTOMARY)

As one of Singapore’s most sought-after wedding date consultants, David was featured in My Paper & Style Weddings Magazine on the topic of choosing auspicious wedding dates.

He has helped several couples choose their ROM & Customary wedding dates because of his unequaled after-sales service.

Caesarean Birth

It is common to choose a cesarean birth date and time for an unborn child by changing the Bazi Destiny chart to ensure that the child grows up to be the kind of person the parents want them to be and has a good life.

Moving House/Grand Opening Ceremony

A new residence, business space, office building, or retail store is a long-term investment. To avoid mistakenly activating the negative Qi or the Yearly Afflictions, choose a suitable date for the commencement of renovations, moving into new premises, starting a business, or holding a grand opening.

If activated, it will cause severe problems for the owners, such as loss of riches, health problems, and relationship troubles, among other things.

Luck Enhancement

CMG offers luck enhancement services using Qi Men Dun Jia.

Luck Enhancement Using Qi Men Dun Jia

Using Qi Men Dun Jia, we can produce short-term luck to give you an advantage in any “fight” you will be facing in the next few hours using a highly advanced and classified Chinese Metaphysics technique called San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia.

David will advise you on the most promising hours and the best route to travel to reach your “target” so that you are surrounded by all good energy when you arrive.


Contact Information:

Website: www.cmgconsulting.com.sg  | http://www.chineseweddingdates.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DavidTongFanPage 

Instagram: @davidtongfengshui 

Mobile: 98299670

Email: [email protected] 

2. Master Kevin Foong

Master Kevin Foong

Master Kevin Foong is a renowned Feng shui Master and Bazi consultant in Singapore who has won numerous awards. He has given keynote presentations on Fengshui and Astrology in over 18 countries and has spoken to over one million people each year.

Master Kevin Foong personally conducts Feng Shui and Bazi courses worldwide, with a big following of metaphysics students and Feng Shui practitioners. Experts and practitioners in Feng Shui from all around the world attend his classes to acquire advanced concepts and best practices.

Master Kevin’s goal is to change a million lives through Bazi and Feng Shui, and he thinks that everyone has a unique method to outperform their abilities and strengths by taking the path of least resistance in the shortest amount of time.

Kevin Foong Feng Shui Consultancy

Kevin Foong Feng Shui Consultancy

This award-winning Feng Shui master in Singapore has been named by the Peak Top 40 Under Forty, with over 1 million global followers. Master Kevin Foong has studied the Imperial Land Form Feng Shui, San He Feng Shui, San Yuan Xuan Kong, and Bazi styles of Feng Shui for over 20 years.

As the director of a famous Singapore Feng Shui academy, he has imparted this knowledge to over 25000 people worldwide.

Kevin Foong Feng Shui Consultancy Services

The company provides professional services in different categories, including;

Bazi Analysis

Their advice is invaluable. Bazi analysis will never tell you what element in your chart lacks, what colors you should wear, or any other technical Bazi jargon that would further confuse you.

The goal is to learn about the issue that is bothering you and assist you in making well-informed decisions.

Feng Shui for Home

When choosing a new house, it is critical to apply Feng Shui to determine which unit is the best. The external surroundings of your home determine the Feng Shui capabilities of how much the tenants can profit from the new place.

Feng Shui for commercial

The importance of a good commercial feng shui or business feng shui at your workplace, business, or commercial outlet cannot be overstated, as it can influence sales, growth, and productivity.

Kevin uses a combination of San He and San Yuan classical Feng Shui methodologies and landforms to generate practical feng shui for commercial spaces.

He can capture the positive energy of the commercial property using traditional feng shui procedures.

Adult Name Selection

In the case of Chinese name selection, Master Kevin can assess if it is compatible or clashes with your Bazi destiny chart by comparing it to your surname, middle, and last name. Your job, fortune, marriage, health, children, romance, and luck are all affected by having a terrible Chinese name.

Baby Chinese Name Selection

Choosing an auspicious Chinese name for your newborn child is crucial since the expression will give them an advantage in life. A good name encourages a child’s development of positive traits and skillsets, critical for his golden years.

3. Master Lynn Yap

Master Lynn Yap

Master Lynn Yap is a renowned feng shui master in Singapore, Founder, and CEO of 3P Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd, 3P Group of Companies.

Master Lynn Yap has over 23 years of experience in the industry. Lynn earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the National University of Singapore in 1982.

With her degree, numerous companies invited her to give a talk, and her fame soared as a result. Master Lynn also applied for and received approval for her trademark “Fengshui Queen of Singapore” in 2000.

Lynn grew her wealth and in the year 2019, sold her landed property earning a profit of s$1.5million and currently still owns 3 properties, and 2 condos fully paid up.

This has made Master Lynn one of the high-net-worth individuals in Singapore and a multi-millionaire and in the year 2022, Master Lynn will be debt-free, without loans.

3P Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd

3P Fengshui Consultancy Pte LtdWith over 24  years of expertise, the Fengshui consultation organization is a top Fengshui specialist based in Singapore.

3P Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd has also become a statutory member of the Singapore Business Federation, thanks to its 500 paid-up capital. At that time, her salary was a 6 figure sum per annum. 

Master Lynn has completed several feng shui projects. For example, when water needed to be returned to the Singapore River, that selection of date was done by her.

Many people wearing red shirts and trying to bank in cash on Li Chun Day was another creative project thought by Master Lynn to help people grow their wealth. This having started in the year 2005, till to date had made many become millionaires over time.

The Fengshui of a foreign bank’s new office building is the most recent example. The company took care of the entire Fengshui project advising them where the CEO, marketing department and other departments should be located. Each year, the CEO would hire Master Lynn’s firm to do a review at the bank.

Under the direction of Master Lynn Yap, Fengshui Queen SG, BBA, they aspire to be the best in the country and the globe.

One of the most exciting Fengshui projects was when Master Lynn was consulted by a company to assist them in their investigation of a plane that crashed in Taiwan years ago.

3P Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd Services

Below is a list of feng shui services offered by 3P Feng Shui Consultancy;

  • Commercial Feng Shui
  • Residential Fengshui
  • Industrial Fengshui
  • Bazi luck Analysis

Contact Information:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fengshuiqueen/

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/lynnyap8888/

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/lynnyap8888/

The Fengshui Savvy Investor Blog: http://www.lynnyap8888.blogspot.com/

4. Master Adrian Lo

Master Adrian Lo

Master Lo is a professional feng shui consultant and the owner and founder of Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy.

Underneath his youthful appearance, humble manner, and pleasant temperament, a master with a wealth of Feng Shui knowledge lurks, eagerly shared with clients and others.

Master Lo’s consultations focus on determining what the client requires, even if they are unaware of it.

His clients’ harmony and health are his major priorities. He believes that once harmony and health are in place, money follows suit.

Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy

Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy

Master Adrian Lo is a famous Feng Shui Master in Singapore. He is a warm, humble, and knowledgeable feng shui practitioner who has assisted thousands of customers in achieving good Feng Shui and positive energy flow, resulting in improved fortunes, job advancements, and a higher quality of life.

Since 2004, Master Lo’s consultancy has served over 8000+ clients, built 17+ years of long relationships, and discovered and employed 10+ different techniques.

Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy Services

The company provides professional services in different categories, including;

Ba Zi Life Analysis

Some of you may be going through a very trying time right now, and you’re considering your future steps in life.

If you do a BaZi analysis, you can tell if you’re going through a destructive luck cycle. To prevent mistakes, you should make more prudent decisions, such as avoiding high-risk investments and changing careers.

The ability to manage your future is now within your grasp. The consulting service will assist you in setting realistic goals and working toward them with Master Lo’s step-by-step advice.

Residential Fengshui

You come home to relax and recover after a long day at work. As a result, attracting the correct energies for good fortune, harmony, and health to your home is essential. You will be able to relax peacefully at home and live a healthier lifestyle this way.

Residential Fengshui is concerned with analyzing your home and advising you on maximizing positive energies in positive house sectors while minimizing negative energies in negative house sectors.

Commercial Feng Shui

Maximizing consumer value, hiring the most incredible people, and constantly innovating are part of commercial Fengshui. What else can you do now that you’ve exhausted all other options for staying ahead of the competition?

Create a favorable work environment that encourages prosperity, productivity, and peace. At first, accomplishing this aim may appear demanding and challenging to comprehend, but business Feng Shui may assist you in achieving your objectives.

Cesarean Birth Date Selection

Calculating the life maps of the parents helps to determine an auspicious birth date, indicating the kid energy that is most compatible with them, as well as the auspicious dates that promote this energy.

During the meeting, feng shui master Lo will present all of the possible cesarean dates and times and the benefits and drawbacks of each auspicious date in terms of the baby’s character, career, riches, marriage, and health.

Renovation Date

Choosing a good renovation and move-in date ensures that work goes smoothly and that you have a smooth transition into your new home. A lucky date will bring you good luck, peace, and health, as well as decrease the effects of negative energy.

Furthermore, a proper strategy is essential for guiding positive energies from the start of renovations. You can evict undesirable visitors and avoid enraging spirits that may linger on the premises, avoiding the potential disaster that could obstruct your remodeling work.

Auspicious Wedding Date Selection

One of the first steps on your path to married bliss is to pick an auspicious wedding date. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that one should take seriously.

This decision will have a variety of consequences for both you and your spouse. After all, it is a big step for everyone involved, whether it is for family, friends, or your significant other.

Master Lo’s expertise with Fengshui, and auspicious date selection will assist you in selecting the perfect wedding day and time.

5. Master Ken Koh

Master Ken Koh

Master Ken Koh has been providing Feng Shui, Destiny Analysis, and Professional Auspicious Date Selection services in Singapore since 1997.

He is the founder of the House of Feng Shui. He has performed Fens Shui audits for individuals and businesses in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Christchurch, Perth, Melbourne, Jakarta, London, and Wales.

Master Ken’s method combines Feng Shui with practical techniques such as Destiny Analysis, Date Selection, Zi Wei Dou Shu, and Qi Men Dun Jia forecasts.

He produces speedy results with minimal effort, and “you get more by doing less.”

A presentation of his views appeared on New Zealand’s Flight FM and Canterbury TV in February 2011. In November of the same year, the International Feng Shui Association gave him the Master’s title.

Master Ken, who is in his 60s, has studied under several masters in the area, including the late Master Lo Ma-Sheng of the ‘Yi Yao Pai Academy.

House of Feng Shui Consultancy Services

House of Feng Shui Consultancy Services

There are categories of feng shui services offered by the House of Feng Shui, which include;

Residential Consultation

Residential consultation necessitates an on-site inspection and a thorough examination of your residence. The expert will start by looking at all of the environmental and external characteristics of your home’s near surroundings.

The consultation will also entail choosing an auspicious date to begin renovations and move in. An on-site review finalizes consultation, which occurs after the customer has moved in and settled.

Bazi and Date Selection

The Ba Zi analysis gives an exact and complete picture of a person’s future. The consultation with Master Ken includes an hour-long face-to-face analysis session to explain and assist you in comprehending your Ba Zi chart.

If you want to use Master Ken’s Ba Zi Consultation Services, you’ll need to know your time and date of birth and the location of your delivery.

Commercial Feng Shui

A personalized Feng Shui consultation for your office centers on your productivity and workplace harmony. It can assist you in becoming more productive and delivering consistent outcomes.

It also generates resources for you to use, allowing you to accomplish more with less effort.

Positioning, fittings, human movement, and the optimal use of existing sources of elements will be recommended without interfering with the office’s overall style, look, and feel.

Retail spaces are examined from a distinct perspective, primarily in their potential to attract and keep customers. The location of the cashier and the connection between the kitchen and the storage area becomes critical.

The ability to turn a visitor’s experience into a purchase situation is crucial to the human flow within a retail space or restaurant.

Master Ken’s custom will choose auspicious dates for various aspects of moving in, official openings, rebooting the Feng Shui energies, and adjustments, additions, and removals of furniture and fittings within that space.

Feng Shui Presentation

A good FENG SHUI presentation serves numerous purposes. It might be a highlight of your yearly dinner or event. Maybe you are marketing a new product or a new property that you are introducing. Perhaps it will be a client appreciation event.

Whatever the case may be, a fun FENG SHUI segment always brightens the mood. Well, maybe if the speaker has enough experience to engage the audience, is fluent and witty enough, avoids controversies, does not impose on their audience, entertainingly presents information, and does not rely on stale jokes on stage.


Creating a thriving home or company establishment is, without a doubt, a significant challenge. A reputable Feng shui master can assist you in accomplishing such a lofty goal.

With the expanding number of Feng shui masters, identifying one takes a lot of research and nitpicking. When done correctly, you can be sure of a thriving house or business.


How do I choose the right feng shui master?

When selecting a feng shui master, it is critical to research a consultant’s expertise in this sector.

Selecting one that turns out to be a hoax can expose your home or business to negative energies that can be harmful to the well-being of those who live there or the future of your company.

Why is Feng Shui so Important?

There is good and bad energy in every room of the house. Feng Shui aims to increase positive energy while reducing negative energy. Also applicable in all aspects of life.

Does feng shui work?

While the idea of a clean, uncluttered home with colors, forms, and textures that work together to produce calm and balance may sound far-fetched to some, it is not that far-fetched. Many of the techniques used to achieve domestic peace are feng shui-oriented; thus, it works!

Is feng shui Real?

As previously said, feng shui principles can assist in making a home more comfortable and pleasant. Its methods may be foreign to us, but it is a very genuine practice for those who believe.

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