Benefits of Having God


July 26, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

How it pays to have faith in God, religion or the associated paraphernalia (let me call it ‘it’ for the remaining part)?
• ‘It’ frees up time, energy and motivation since you’ve offloaded a part of your mental baggage to a third party vendor. This saved time can be reinvested in something productive or interesting.
• ‘It’ helps you to uphold your self-confidence that you’ll be protected, no matter what comes in your way.
• ‘It’ helps coping up with critical life and death situations. As it’s often said, when medicines fail, prayers are the only resort.
• Less stress due to uncertainties means less prone to diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac arrest; in short, a healthier lifestyle.
• When you experience injustice or wrongdoing on you or anyone close to you and you can’t control it, having faith in a supernatural power is beneficial for mental peace. The procedural hazards of logging a complaint to ‘it’ are less.
• After a day of worldly pleasure-seeking which may or may not include ignoring legal, ethical or hygiene norms, ‘it’ is the best way to unwind the mind and release any fear or guilt of law or conscience. After an active life of materialistic decathlon, ‘it’ offers tranquility and relaxation many fatigued souls look forward to. Cleansing of sins, liberation of mind from prejudices, wiping out of vices are claimed to be favored in the presence of ‘it’. When you’re tired of all that mattered to you so long, ‘it’ is your dream holiday destination.
We should ideally fall for it then. Where is the catch that keeps the jury divided?
• The outcome of any test remains uncontrolled with or without ‘it’. Randomness is so powerful that it eventually raises its head among all of ‘it’. Sometimes losers or luckless gamblers give up on ‘its’ support. You may not wait to lose in order to feel ‘its’ irrelevance from success or failure; some read the wall fast. Pray and buy protection, ‘it’ offers an insurance scheme that’s easy but the claim settlement rates are not impressive. Miracles are so low in probability, even if you count on ‘it’.
• The history of bloodshed on a cause associated to ‘it’ statistically overshadows any disaster or epidemic ever existed. The facts reveal unusual dirt and filth attached to the business of ‘it’. All feel-goodness or sacredness seems superfluous if you dare to acknowledge truth.
• ‘It’ is far too undefined. There is no end to the confusion on the definition, texture and form(s) of God, or the innumerable varieties of religions and zillions of mainstream as well as alternative schools of facilitators. The business of faith is so big that it’s impossible to understand who, how and what the real method is. ‘It’ is the biggest and most successful business empire in front of you who can open their eyes and stretch their mind. The parasites who make a living out of ‘it’ are out in the open and it’s no rocket science to identify them. The noise around ‘it’ is manmade, if you take a closer look.
• Questions are bound to rise if you have a logical bend of mind, either momentarily or lifelong. It fails to answer questions satisfactorily, if you lose interest in blind faith for a change. Once you’re on an asking spree, ‘its’ house of cards loses its ground in no time.
• Not knowing the answer gets more valued than knowing a vague or wrong answer, as a human brain matures, at least for a few of you.
• Psychology plays the most important part of a human life. If you appreciate this little truth, refuse to rely on ‘it’ for happiness; even if you fail to find a key to happiness in something else.
• Modern life is too complex and fast to feel secured. Irrespective of resorting to it or any other technique or practice or relationship, it’s getting increasingly hard to keep your nerves cool. Stress is a compulsory element in today’s life, whether you admit it or not. Isn’t it wiser to choose a different stress-buster if ‘it’ doesn’t work for you?


The commentator, as I started calling myself a few years back, is an amateur in vague blogging.

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