Benefits of Going Incredibly Organized To Insanely Disorganized

By austin goff

June 27, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

What’s so good about being disorganized?

I used to be an incredibly neat freak, always having my room as tidy as possible. My bag was always ready with my books lined up according to the day’s subject arrangement. My drawers were routinely cleaned and organized the minute the school term was over.

It went a bit too far when I would reorganize the colors of my pencils after using them. After playing a card game, I would place the pack of cards in their correct order — ace to king. This included UNO, board games, and my Yu-Gi-Oh! deck.

As primary school ended and high school arrived, so did the enormous workload. All that pressure to complete homework and projects that were obviously not as fun as primary schools or as easy. So, I got bored and lazy and although I completed them all with little effort in, I appreciated that I didn’t fuss over them.

Here’s why:

You become relatable

In high school, when everyone is struggling with marks and work and so drained from it all, to have a conversation about it is refreshing. I would watch as those that did their work in advance were left out of the topic of conversation. Honestly, to us, it came off as bragging when they mentioned they did it days ago.

You appreciate your time

When you are disorganized, you are probably spending your afternoon reading your favorite book, enjoying that favorite series of yours and not at all caring about tomorrow’s painful schedule.

You are simply enjoying yourself and having fun, creating moments you will remember. And then, to the quickest of your abilities, you get done what you don’t want to do in the last minute.

This, I can say, maybe tiring, but those that are organized and did it right after school would spend way more time doing it. It sounds like a wasted afternoon.

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You get through life as a team

In this world of disorganization and not getting things done, you need to do that work on your desk but don’t want to. A simple message would be sent to your friend or someone you know that must do the same work. And you would share the workload or split the answers (without copying of course).

This shows that you have someone to rely on, allowing for a mutual exchange of reliance upon each other. This beats those that are organized and did the work by themselves or had to wait patiently for help because others haven’t started.

You become a tougher person

stand up to obstacles

With the reality of being disorganized, you will possibly get in trouble for forgetting what you were meant to do. In life, we make mistakes and forget things. This is just human, but others will punish you for this, like your teachers.

Getting called out for not doing your homework or finishing a task allows you to face the consequences of your actions head-on. You learn from shame, embarrassment, and awkwardness which we will all have to face somewhere down our lives.

This shows that being organized is not the be-all and end-all to life. A disorganized lifestyle doesn’t need to be looked at through such a pessimistic point of view. It’s all too familiar, the phrase: “an organized mess”.

austin goff

Austin Goff is a first-year college student trying to find his way in life and wondering where it will guide him. He writes all his thoughts in his blog followed with short stories.

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