22 Winning Ways That Will Make You A Stronger Person

By Ane Krstevska

November 16, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


Everybody wants to be strong, powerful, and invincible. This applies to one’s personal life, family, and career. Who wouldn’t want to become such a person?

Here’s a list of fun and surprising ways to help you achieve all that. I hope this list helps you to become truly strong within and without.

1. Stop caring what people think

Caring about others’ opinions is one of the biggest obstacles to success. No matter how confident you think you are, if you have a fear of people’s thoughts, you won’t go that far.

To feel strong, you need to stop worrying about whatever it is that people think of you. They will have their thoughts either way. It’s up to you to either get affected by them or not.

2. Never miss an opportunity

Be cautious and focused. Never let yourself miss an opportunity even if you don’t feel ready. You may never feel ready so don’t let yourself pass up any opportunity. The outcome will be you feeling good about yourself and never having regrets that held you back.

When it comes to these golden chances, you can’t just sit and wait for them to show up magically. You need to take some action and create them.

3. Find time to workout


Yes, working out is not just going to make you physically feel strong, but it can also improve your mental health. Don’t be lazy. Workout regularly. Invest in your body, in your strength and most importantly, boost your confidence.

4. Follow your dreams, not others’ dreams for you

If you listen to what other people think you should do because it’s the best option in their point of perspective, it does not mean it’s the best one for you. Focus on your dreams, and on the things you want to do. The only way for you to succeed and feel powerful is if you do what you love.

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5. Learn from your mistakes

We all make mistakes but there are two kinds of people in the face of their failures. The first is the person who feels hopeless and gives up. The second is the person who tries over and over despite what everyone says until this person finally achieves success.

Which person will you be?

Take the failure as an opportunity and an experience you can learn from, even be thankful, rise and move on. Don’t let it get the best of you.

If you manage to think of your failures as an experience, not setbacks, you will feel strong and unstoppable.

6. Start meditating

Meditation is perfect for you because at the end of the day, you need some quiet time to relax and be able to process your day and your thoughts. Meditation will not only improve your mental strength, but throughout the day, you will feel a lot more focused and in control of your mind and thoughts.

If you start meditating, you will stop worrying too much and not waste energy on unimportant things.

7. Stick to the goals you set for yourself

Never lose sight of your goals. Always have the big picture in mind. You will feel even better during your struggle when you see results starting to show.

Forget about doubts and fear. Find your purpose and your ultimate goal, and strive for it.

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8. Improve your body and verbal language

Start caring about your appearance. Try to work on your posture, and the way you walk, stand and sit. Care about the way you talk and interact with people. Try to give the best of you.

It may be hard to believe, but body and verbal language have a significant impact on other people and how they see you. There is no doubt that improving your verbal and body language will also make you feel confident about yourself.

9. Pack your bags and go travel!


Start perceiving the world as your book. Would you want to stick to one page? Of course not. You need to travel. Not only to enjoy, but also learn and see many amazing places.

Gain some experience, meet new people, and acquire new ways of thinking. It will make you proud in the long run because eventually as you get older, you will be left with all these unforgettable memories.

10. Stop watching TV and playing games

How can virtual games even make you feel strong? They can’t. You need to stop wasting your time doing things that don’t improve you. You are just wasting your life on something that is not even real.

There are oh so many things to do with that time. Go workout, travel, start a new hobby, learn coding, whatever. Be productive, not lazy.

11. Invest in your wardrobe

There is nothing a brand new, tailored suit can’t fix. You need to dress smart and look sharp. And it’s not just about the way you will look. But, you will feel strong and be more confident if you dressed up to your potential.

12. Get a new haircut

Believe that getting a new haircut, and doing it more often, can affect the way you feel. People will see you as someone who cares about his image. And change cannot hurt you, but only improve you.

13. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Start to eat and drink right. Not just for your overall health, but eating healthy can also improve your performance.

You will be more energized, concentrated and focused. Feeling strong and in shape will put you in a much better mood. Trust this.

14. Work your optimum

Give 100% of yourself in everything you do. Work your ass off. The results will be inevitable, and they will make you proud. They can motivate you to push yourself even more and more.

15. Listen music

But not just any kind of music. Listen to motivational music. It will keep you psyched, pumped and make you feel ready for whatever is that you are doing. It will make you feel unstoppable. Do it while working, exercising, and traveling. Feel the difference.

16. Do new things every day

Don’t waste your day by doing nothing. Use the free time you have to try some new stuff no matter what it is. It doesn’t have to be something huge or too important. It is a way to reduce the risk of being lazy and waste the time you can’t take back.

17. Wake up early


We know it can be hard sometimes, but why oversleep? Wake up early and seize the days. If not anything else, you will for sure get an extra couple of hours to prepare for the day and organize your day.

18. Get your adrenaline high

A dose of adrenaline can never hurt. Adrenaline is amazing and getting a thrill once in a while can make you feel strong and energized.

It is a great opportunity also to face your fears. You will end up feeling more energetic than ever. So, our advice is for you to face your fears and get a rush of adrenaline.

19. Train yourself to observe

Observation is a crucial skill if you want to succeed in whatever. You need to learn it. Observation has mental power. Not just because you see everything around you, but you see the actual truth, and you see things for what they are.

20. Don’t be afraid of embarrassment

Embarrassment is an obstacle. Being embarrassed makes you feel uncomfortable and act like you normally wouldn’t.

It also affects your interaction with people and keeps you from trying new things. To feel strong, you need to stop fearing embarrassment and embrace it.

21. Make sure to have the last laugh

The fact that there are people in the world who are not at all ambitious and have boundaries is true. Not only do they not have any dreams of their own, but they laugh at others’ dreams also.

You shouldn’t listen to anyone laughing or making fun of you while you are trying to do the impossible. These people don’t have any mental drive or imagination and creativity whatsoever.

Don’t by any means let them get to you. Stick to your plan, and later prove them wrong. Let them laugh at you now, but keep the last laugh for yourself.

22. Show appreciation for your loved ones

Never take for granted someone’s love for you. Having the honor to be loved is a unique thing. Express your love and deep appreciation for the ones who are beside you and believe in you. You don’t know for how long they will stay.

Being loved can make you feel strong. So take love, and give love.


Ane Krstevska

Ane Krstevska blogs about self-improvement and her blog SelfDevelopShop.com focuses on personal productivity, motivation, and self-education. For the past 12 years, she’s been working as an HR professional for the US Government and the private sector. She is dedicated to helping people make positive change and help them stop getting so down about themselves that they feel life is not worth living. Her formula for living is quite simple - live simply, give generously. Come waste time with her on Facebook

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