Autumn is the time for Cheap Trees – Plan your Landscape Now


September 28, 2006   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Autumn is by far the best season to add to your home’s landscape. Not only are the weather conditions generally prime for planting, but all of your local nurseries are in liquidation mode. If they don’t sell their inventory, it dies and is ultimately lost revenue. In fact, if you were to drive past a nursery, I would almost guarantee that you’ll see a sign offering anywhere from 20-80% bushes, trees, and plants.

BUT – before you pick up some green on the cheap, you need to know where you intend on planting it. Do not do what we did last year and let it sit on the back porch for weeks while you make up your mind (it gets cold fast).

Planning a landscape is tough for me because I have a difficult time making permanent decisions. However, it really is easy to do. A quick Google search will share a lot but your chances of getting good information quickly is so-so.

Here are some tips from some Dummies that are more popular than we are.

Draw the base plan:

  • Measure the lengths of all edges of your property and draw the outline of your yard on paper.
  • Measure and draw in the outline of your house.
  • * Be sure to place the house exactly where it sits on your lot.

  • Measure and add the garage, tool shed, greenhouse, yard barn, outhouse, chicken coop, or whatever other outbuildings currently exist.
  • Measure and draw in whatever paving is already in place and that you want to keep — the driveway, front walk, basketball court, and so on.
  • * Don’t assume that right angles and parallel lines that are formed by walls, fences, driveways, and property lines are always perfect. Verify the distance between objects with as many measurements as you can.

  • Measure and draw existing fences, big trees, hedges, perennials, vegetable garden, and any other current features you want to keep right where they are.
  • * Indicate the precise location of a tree trunk or plant by measuring the distance from it to two known points, such as two corners of the house.

You will eventually choose the types of plants to populate these areas but if getting it done cheaply is the most important thing, I would take the plan to the nursery and make your choices while onsite. Referring to a book on trees may not be the best option because you will naturally choose things that you cannot afford – regardless of the liquidation at the nursery.

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