ASMR Relaxation and Tingle Braingasms

By Mr OmegaPhi

August 2, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Do you get tingles when you stare into a drawing, or when you hear a type of repetitive sound? Are you burnt out from long days at work or essentially bored out of your mind watching the same fast paced and extremely jolting television commericals? ASMR is a new entertainment style on youtube and other video sharing sites. When people listen to artists brush hair, or watch them fold towels, they are triggered into a type of euphoric relaxation where tingles melt their minds.

The phenomenon is Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response and many people say the tingles in their heads and spine began as early as childhood. Sometimes with a teacher drawing on a chalkboard, or in a library listening quietly while pages turn crisply.

Gentle Maria began with whispering lightly into the camera and from there grew one of the more loyal fanbases due to her warm nature. She has over 100 million views and is continuing to grow.

Roleplays are extremely popular within the ASMR community. Sensdoradi is seen here doing a roleplay of a Russian television healer that at one time in history was a very popular spiritual healer.

In todays entertainment world people are spending more time with an artform that is nearly the complete opposite of what one may find on popular loud and fast paced Television game and reality shows. ASMR is centered on the idea that quiet, whispering voices, and slow, easy motions are relaxing with everyday people.

The ASMR movement began as a whispering movement, and from there expanded into many other genres. The Reddit community, ( includes all types of ASMR videos ranging from unintentional clips from cooking shows, all the way through into experimental.

Some artists such a 3D whispers combine positive motivational hypnosis and 3D motion art with ASMR.

What exactly triggers ASMR is different with everyone, as the range of triggers is vast and everyone is unique. In many instances the ASMR may be felt as only a tiny tingle, something reminiscent of an Oreo chocolate bar melting inside the top of your head, other times it may be felt as surges of tingles throughout the whole body. With time, the more videos watched, the more relaxed one is, the better the experience.

ASMR University ( attempts explaining what science is involved and what physiological processes are invovled.

ASMR.FM ( is a popular website featuring the more upto date videos from the community and includes a radio broadcats over iTunes. Artists are encouraged to sign up and participate. It has grown from a collection of asmr’tists into a smaller community outside of Youtube.

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