The Dos and Don’ts of Asking for A Raise

By Dave

December 27, 2018   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

When you ask for a pay raise, the answer to this question is quite simple; it will either be a “yes” or a “no”. There is nothing in between. Despite that, however, you shouldn’t take it lightly. A proper plan and strategy are necessary when it comes to the pay raise issue.

Let’s take a good look at some of the dos and don’ts of asking for a raise.

The Don’ts

Let’s start with the Don’ts part first. Take a look and try to avoid these things when requesting a pay raise.

Do not compare yourself to your colleagues

You just noticed a guy in the office that earns more and you need a better package, right? Never include his name in the talk, because that is a very unprofessional way of asking for a raise. Access your own merits and achievements and present them to your boss as proof that you deserve better pay.

Do not be too harsh or demanding

Go ahead and swear if you are willing to lose the job. But, if all you want is a pay raise, then be patient and professional. Never ask like you are demanding for it. Instead, just speak confidently yet politely to stay on good terms (just in case they refuse the raise request) and prove to them why you deserve a pay raise.

Do not ask at a stressful time

The best time to ask for a pay raise is when the business is going well. It increases your chance as your boss will likely be in a good mood. However, you should remember to never ask for a raise during the high-stress times. Wait out that tough time if you can and wait for a good opportunity.

The Dos

Among all the things that you should avoid when asking for a pay raise, here are some points to focus on to increase your chances of hearing a “yes”.

Ask after a personal achievement

The best time to hit your boss’ office is after a significant personal achievement of yours. It’s a good way to set yourself from the rest of your colleagues. Exploit the momentum created by your persistent success and accomplishments to ask for a pay raise.

Give them a solid reason

Salary is based on your role in the office and your performance, so spare some time and figure out all the possible ways you can improve your output. Your performance is going to be the decider of your salary. Take additional work and complete that in time and you might not have to ask for a pay raise in the first place.

Ask in a professional way

After all of the brainstorming, planning, and hard work comes the most important part — how would you ask for a pay raise?

Many people just write a short email begging for it, use a generic template they found on the internet or tag their boss in the hallway and guess what? They fail miserably.


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