Are You Afraid Of Becoming A Leader? 5 Simple Ways To Overcome Your Fear

By Lynn Foster

July 28, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Being a leader is definitely not an easy job. But this does not mean that you are allowed to sit back and avoid any kind of responsibilities. On the contrary, it is always good to take initiative and get out of the comfort zone.
However, most people have unconscious fears that stop them from taking steps forward. Below, there are some aspects that should be overcome by everyone who wants more out of life; then, you could also read some pieces of advice on how to become bolder.

Three hidden reasons why individuals avoid having important responsibilities:

1. They have no confidence

People are aware of primary feelings like hunger, thirst, sadness and so on. Unfortunately, we cannot perceive subconscious states of mind that make us act in a certain matter. And lack of confidence is one of these aspects. The only way of becoming aware of inner holdbacks is to sit quietly and analyze your behavior.

2. A general fear

For good reasons, people prefer to shut up, than to express their opinions. Think about it – professors may give you a bad grade or hold a grunge on you, parents can scold you forever and bosses can just fire you. So individuals are always afraid to speak their minds. Yes, there is no safety net to ease the fall, and the majority prefers not to jump and not to face the consequences.

3. Routine

Routine is very dangerous – it kills creativity, ambitions and dreams. It is enough to take a look around to observe that people are living on auto-pilot, doing the same things every day, over and over again: wake up in the morning, go to work, come back home, cook, eat, watch TV, go to sleep. In these conditions, it is ridiculous to expect different results.

This is how to break the ice and take control over your life

1) Question everything

Never take things as they are and as they have been for ages. World is in constant change and it needs new rules and solutions. True leaders are always looking for innovative ways out of a problem and do not accept to give up. So sit back, take a look at your life and see what changes can be made. Then, act now!

2) Keep your mind open

Stop having a negative attitude, like “I can’t do that, I’m not good at it, I will never have such an opportunity.” Instead, be open-minded and seize every possibility of improving your life. Business owners are not aliens, they just had the courage of doing something different.
Sure, being a hard worker on a company has its perks. But this won’t allow you to boost the annual income over night. Let’s be honest, most companies just take the juice out of every employer and don’t care about his/her professional career. It’s eat or be eaten.

3) Try being a mentor

Help someone who needs your advice. There are always younger individuals around us, who need valuable guidance, be it personal, educational or professional. Use your life experience and try to show them paths never seen before.
These actions will build up confidence. When he encourages others to take action or to believe in themselves, the speaker’s mind also takes into consideration these indications. As a result, it starts having a positive attitude and it comes up with bold initiatives.
Studying the lives of famous leaders is a good start. Observe their way of thinking, talking, and acting.

4) Take as many responsibilities as possible

When you are new in a company, nobody takes you seriously. On the contrary, employers like to underestimate a newbie and to eliminate him from the company. Yes, the law of survival works at maximum in here.
The solution is not to keep bragging with your past professional or educational records, but to become indispensable. Do this by taking in as many responsibilities as possible.

5) Value yourself

Before accepting another bad paid job or nasty boss, start knowing yourself – what are you capable of, what skills you have, what amazing things you can do, and so on. Then, go out in the world and meet people who are willing to see your true potential. Only accept jobs and challenges that will contribute to your on-going progress. This is the way to success and to a fulfilling life.

In conclusion, working on the aspects discussed above is the first important step towards becoming a great leader. Accept life’s challenges and grow stronger every day!
So how are you, dear reader? Having any subconscious fears that hold you back? Are you fighting them in any way? Are you respecting yourself?
Or are you bold and brave? If yes, share your thoughts on what is inspiring you. Maybe other readers will use your personal example.

Lynn Foster

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