A Look into the Educational Impact of LOC Scientific Education

By Taylor McKnight

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

A Look into the Educational Impact of LOC Scientific Education

Some rules are not supposed to be broken if you want everything to take place seamlessly. Some of the places where you need to adhere to all the rules that have been put in place include a chemistry lab. The rules ensure that you’ll be safe at all times and you won’t incur any injuries.

Since LOC Scientific Education has partnered with different institutions while also donating lab equipment, we’ll look into their impact in the educational sector.

We’ll also look into some of the lab safety rules that you should adhere to according to LOC Scientific Education.


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⓵ Always Read Through the Safety Information Present on the Chemicals

There is always a safety data sheet that comes with each chemical to be used in the lab. Ensure you have read through all the recommendations such that you’ll manage to use the chemicals safely. The chemicals should also be disposed of accordingly.

⓶ You Should Not Pipette Using Your Mouth

You may assume that it’s safe to pipette water using your mouth. Well, the water may be clean; the only issue is, how clean is the pipette? Are the pipettes in use in the lab disposable? They may be disposable; however, there are many people who’ll clean them and use them again. Always use a pipette bulb.

⓷ Wear the Appropriate Clothing

You should not wear sandals while in the laboratory. Instead, you should wear closed shoes and long pants. If you have long hair, you should tie it back. Ensure you’re also wearing safety goggles and lab coats. Regardless of whether you’re clumsy or not, it is important to adhere to the safety regulations that have been put in place. It’s also advisable to always be an excellent example to other people.

⓸ You Should Not Sniff or Taste Chemicals

When you sniff the chemicals present in the lab, you should know that you’re exposing yourself to danger. You should be keen on the safety instructions. If the chemicals are supposed to be used while in a fume hood, you should adhere to such instructions. Also, you should not attempt to taste any of the chemicals.

⓹ Don’t Play the Role of Mad Scientist

You shouldn’t attempt to mix chemicals haphazardly. Always be keen on the order you are adding the chemicals. You should understand that the instructions should be followed to the letter. Even if the chemicals produce a safe product, you need to be careful. For instance, when you mix sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid, the end product is saltwater. However, you should know that the chemical reaction can break the glassware.

⓺ Never Dispose of Chemicals Down the Drain Casually

Some chemicals can be disposed of by being washed down the drain. However, others should be disposed of differently. If the chemicals are washed down the sink, you should wash them away thoroughly to avoid any unexpected chemical reactions.

About Automated Laboratory Monitoring

Technology has brought about some significant changes such that automation is possible. Currently, the laboratory environment has gained significantly from automation. With increased automation, there is improved repeatability and accuracy.

With automation, it is possible to get valuable insights to increase productivity and efficiency. Automation helps to eliminate manual checks that are time-consuming. Remote work is also supported by automation, and there is increased flexibility.

If you want to witness all the benefits that accrue from automation, a laboratory should have a monitoring system that works all through. Such systems should keep track of all the parameters in the facility, such as humidity and temperature.

Why Should Lab Monitoring be Automated?

When you monitor lab equipment and instruments, facility, and environmental parameters, it is possible to ensure the data quality has improved together with the workflow. The valuable samples should be kept safely. Nonetheless, when you want to monitor all the parameters in a lab setting, you should know that handling everything manually will be time-consuming.

Manual documentation and monitoring are insufficient if you want accurate information on different trends and sample conditions. When you keep track of things manually, you’ll experience a false sense of security. Additionally, when you rely on different discrete systems, you’ll have a data silo, and you’ll realize it’s insufficient. Also, you won’t get a clear picture of all the parameters that are relevant.

An automated monitoring system that is comprehensive will ensure the efficiency levels have improved. With an automated system, it is possible to eliminate manual documentation and checks. It will also be possible to get relevant notifications and alerts such that the skilled staff will focus on complex tasks. If the monitoring system is large enough, it is possible to accommodate all parameters into one platform while also ensuring you have access to predictive insights, which means you can get custom reports.

The monitoring systems come in handy when it comes to offering insights; however, you won’t understand the entire picture about the fluctuation. For instance, the freezer monitor can issue alerts about temperature fluctuations. The alerts usually come in handy; however, there is the need to understand the root cause of the fluctuations. For instance, is the compressor the main issue? Are the doors of the freezer opened frequently? Which other factors are involved?

With LOC Scientific Education, you understand the importance of adhering to different safety requirements while in the lab setting. LOC Scientific Education has also partnered with different institutions, which means the impact is quite significant and positive at the same time.

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