9 Things You Must Stop Doing Now If You Want To Live Free In A World That Can Bind You Up

By Rosemary Nonny Knight

July 27, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Most people want to be free to do what they like when they like. Unfortunately, this never becomes a reality for a whole host of reasons that always seem sensible at the time. We live in a world that makes it tough to be free or should I say, that the way we go about living in this abundant world causes us to long for freedom but never truly achieve it.

If you are determined to live free then realize it is possible and here are a few ideas to you must stop doing in order to make it a reality.

1. Stop being so loyal

And when I say loyal, I mean loyal to your old ideas of what works and what does not work. The chances are that with age and time, you have discovered new ways of thinking but you keep holding onto the same ways you thought ages ago.

You may not even realize it but you are trapped by your past because you feel you must appear to be a solid individual even if that means that you hold onto ideas that do not actually agree with you anymore.

Find the courage to question everything until you find a belief system that empowers you, rather than keeping you stuck…

2. Stop pretending you are small

You may be going through life mistakenly believing that there is nothing special about you.

And you know what? It is a weird paradox, in that though you are special, you are also not special. The truth is, everyone is special, everyone is unique so in some ways, it can makes you feel like just a number.

But… we are also not the same. We each have something special to do…

You have something special to do & to be and when you act or play small, you become the very thing you fear – one of the masses. You do not have to stay there. You have something amazing to create. You, being you, is part of a planetary jigsaw puzzle – One where we each fit together because we are different. We each have something special to do because we are different.

And crazy though it sounds, I completely believe that the planet is waiting for you to wake and be your powerful self. Will you?

3. Stop caring what anyone thinks

One of the biggest reasons why people stay stuck in an un-free life that they do not like is because they are so worried about what others will think of them. Does that apply to you? Your first response may be ‘no’ but think about, really think about some of the recent choices you made. And then ask yourself if you made it completely clean of someone else’s opinion.

And when you see the reality that a lot of what you do is because you want to come across a certain way, then ask yourself another question… “Do I think that this will be a good enough reason at the end of my life to have played a small game?”

Even now, you know that you are limited by your fears. How long will you let that carry on? Freedom is yours for the taking but you actually have to take it!

4. Stop working for someone else

OK, I know you think you know what I mean – Time to give up the job and jump straight into being an entrepreneur. And yes, the truth is, I personally believe that the most free people are entrepreneurs. And maybe, it is your path. In which case, get on with it!

But, if you do not feel it is your path, then still realize that you are working for yourself. Your time on this planet is certainly not to be spent bowing to the whims of someone else. Carve out a role that makes you feel good inside and out and then make sure you act as though you are working for yourself and give it your best. As humans, we are created to work, it gives us a sense of purpose and fulfilment so ensure that yours does that too.

None of that crazy defeatist employee thinking for you, my friend. If you must work for them, then make sure it suits you well.

5. Stop creating hell in your head

How amazing is it that two human beings can experience the exact same situation and have completely opposing views about what actually happened?

Heaven or hell is a choice you have the ability to make about your existence on this planet. You can choose to think only bad, hellish things come your way or you can realize that as equally as you create hell, you can create heaven if you so choose.

Why choose to make yourself miserable when you could be incredibly happy and free? Stop creating hell in your head. Choose to look for the good!

6. Stop trying to save the world

As noble as it sounds, just stop it already! You are not the savior of the planet, ok? Your best chance of saving the world is to learn how to be your very best self deliberately.

You cannot solve everyone’s problems and when you try, you set yourself up for a fall and a breakdown. As I mentioned earlier, we all have our own part to play, we are all parts of a jigsaw puzzle, differently shaped in all ways and yet as we completely immerse ourselves in being our very best self, things magically get sorted anyway and you start to do the work you are created to do. Fulfillment follows when you do things this way.

7. Stop thinking there is a limit to the amount of money you can make.

Too many go through life thinking poverty and lack is all they are good enough for. What if you realized that there really, truly is abundance everywhere on the planet and all you need to do is avail yourself of it.

There are so many ideas floating around, waiting for a self-aware & free person to grab a hold of and run with, so why not you? There are 7 billion people on the planet which means about 7 billion problems exist that could be solved. Do you think you could find ONE? And then go on to monetize it?

I think so but as I said, heaven or hell is created by your choice.

8. Stop waiting for someone to come save you

You are not a victim, you are a creator – Create something good already. Take full responsibility for your life and stop waiting for someone else to tell you what to do.

Whatever you need, you already have the resources to create if you avail yourself of everything within and around you. So, stop pretending you have no choice. This could be linked to number one where you stay loyal to ideas that keep you bound. Give up those ideas and allow yourself to explore your true creative nature.

9. Stop saying yes to everything!

I know, I know, you are a positive person and saying ‘yes’ can open you up to new experiences.

However, I am talking more about the kind of ‘yes’ that you say when you are too worried to say ‘no’. The ‘I should say YES’ that people do when they try to keep people around them happy or when they are caught up in the ‘trying to save the world’ fallacy.

If you find it hard to say ‘no’ regularly, then it is time to start practicing. For one, it will leave you more available time to do the work that YOU are supposed to be doing rather than running around trying to keep everyone else happy while allowing your own soul to die.

Be choosy about your ‘YES’es.

Listen, we live in a world where freedom must be fought for and created and only those who realize this will fulfill their calling on the planet. The fight that I mention is not one that happens externally, it is more the one that happens inside of you. The norm has been to live trapped but now, I ask you to open the cage door and walk out into the vast expanse of abundance that can be yours to experience.

Will you?

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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