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8 Steps to Having the Perfect Marriage Proposal

Proposing to your partner is the ultimate way to show your love and commitment and with that come many emotions like happiness, excitement, and nervousness. Here are 8 steps to help ensure the perfect marriage proposal:


1) Make sure that you and your partner are on the same page. No one should plan a proposal if there is a possibility of their partner turning them down, so take the necessary steps of talking about marriage before you blindside your partner with a proposal. As in any relationship, it is important for both people to be in sync with their life plans and desires. Take time to sit down and have a serious discussion about your lives together before you attempt to make anything permanent.

2) Consider asking for her parents blessing. While some women may think that this is an outdated tradition, many find this as a sign of respect. Your partner might appreciate you asking her parents permission for her hand in marriage before you propose. Some women would find it offensive, as if she is property of someone else. You know your partner the best, so this decision is up to you, but you must at least consider it.

3) Buy a ring. One of the most important elements for a proposal is the ring. Do not jump the gun and propose without one. Not only is it tradition and expected, but it is a symbol of your love and commitment to her. If you want your partner’s input on the engagement ring, find ways to get an idea of what they like and don’t like in a low-key way as to not raise any suspicions of an upcoming proposal.

4) Make a proposal budget. Many people find themselves budgeting for the engagement ring but forget to budget for the proposal itself. One of the first questions women are asked after announcing their engagement is, “How did he propose?” If you don’t give her a proposal story she is proud of, she will feel dread when asked this question. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but you need to create a budget. Budgeting will also help you stay on track with the vision of how you want your proposal to be planned and keep your wallet happy at the end of the day.

5) Have a plan. Whether you are planning this on your own or enlisting the help of a Proposal Planner, it is important to have a plan of your proposal day typed or written out for everyone involved. Make an hour by hour itinerary to lessen the chance of any hiccups throughout the day. Include all details like where you will propose, what time, and who is involved in the big day.

6) Make it personalized. A perfect proposal is one that incorporates special moments and elements from your relationship into it. This is the perfect time to add little reminders of how much you adore your partner and how you came to the decision that they were the one for you. If you forget everything else in this article, remember this tip.

7) Have a Plan B. There is always a possibility of something unexpectedly coming up that could threaten to ruin your proposal day, but how you deal with those chances is up to you. It is important to have a Plan B just in case so make sure to plan ahead in case something were to happen that would deviate you away from your original plan. Think weather, traffic, etc. If something does not go to plan, keep calm and put your alternative plan into action!

8) Document your proposal. Capturing the reaction of your partner to your proposal is one of the greatest things to cherish and show family and friends once they have said “Yes!”. Hire a photographer or videographer to get your entire proposal in photos or film so you can look back on it years from now. If you want more of a private proposal, you can ask them to be discreet or hidden from your partner’s view.

Now that you have taken our 8 steps into consideration it’s time to start planning your perfect proposal! Remember that even if not everything may go to plan during your proposal, your partner will surely appreciate the time and effort you put in to making things unique and special for them.

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