8 Best Email for Business • Top Email for Business Products of 2024

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Best Email for Business

Creating a digital appearance of the business is not enough. Because you need storage space to save the data and hosting to promote the content.

This is possible due to the email service provider. And in the market, many email hosting providers provide both storage space and business email addresses.

Therefore, in this article, we will only tell you about the best email hosting providers that provide business email service at a low price.

Also, with email hosting, you can get website hosting too. So do not miss any of the business products that we mention below.

Best Email for Business in 2024

8 Best Email for Business

Here is the list of top emails for business products. All are available at an affordable range and provide multiple features. So have a look at them and find the one that you need.

#1. Top Consumer’s Choice: Bluehost


In the world of free email service and hosting, Bluehost is the most popular name. Because it is packed with multiple features including hosting services, unlimited storage, domain name, and other tools.

But the noticeable feature of Bluehost here is that it provides an email hosting account with free email hosting services.

The reason why many users prefer this platform is that it keeps sensitive business data secure. In the basic plan, you only get 5 free email accounts.

Moreover, you will get a free domain name, one-click WordPress installation, free SSL certificate, and drag-drop site builder.

All these advanced features show that you get great value for your money. But to get unlimited email addresses you can subscribe to a better plan that costs more money.

In the premium plans, you will get the following features with unlimited email addresses.

  • Free Site Builders
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Cloudflare Integration
  • Fast loading time
  • Email Address matching

How does it work?

Designing a website is not enough. Because you have to host the website. So that viewers can view it. As without hosting people are unable to open the website.

Therefore, many hosting providers display your websites by renting you some space. Bluehost is one of those platforms.

Here you can upload any type of data including videos, photos, computer code, and text. So that people can view this data on your website.


  • Business email service provider starts the plan with a small value like $2.95 per month
  • Provide the best custom email address according to the pricing plan
  • Can integrate with the third party free email services platforms like Outlook, Gmail, and Apple
  • Provide free custom domains


  • To get access to the features you need to subscribe to the long term plans
  • Without web hosting, you can not take services for email hosting


Basic Price: $2.95 per month

Advanced Price: $19.99 per month

Premium Price: $79.99 per month

Check out Bluehost here

#2. Best For Beginners: ActiveCampaign


With the in-built sales CRM, ActiveCampaign becomes the all-in-one marketing solution. By using this email hosting service you can nurture potential leads and create automated campaigns.

Also, it provides a drag and drop builder that helps you to build and edit emails easily. Therefore, it tags itself as the best customer experience automation platform.

Moreover, it provides a huge range of features that can help you to build loyal relationships with customers. Besides that, here are some features of an active campaign that you will love.

  • Email Campaigns
  • Sales & CRM
  • Landing Pages
  • Funnels
  • Marketing Automation
  • Chat & SMS

How does it work?

To simplify the working process, Active Campaign is divided into three simple steps. First, it understands the technology and how it works.

In addition, it determines all the opportunities that can benefit your business. Lastly, it uses technology to attract all these opportunities.

That’s it, by using this free email service you can communicate with the customers and build a strong relationship.


  • Provides a robust automation builder
  • High email deliverability to fulfill campaign goals and objectives
  • Keep the marketing and sales team in sync
  • Provide analytical data in the form of a report


  • Beginners need some knowledge before using its services
  • When the number of contacts grows, the price of each plan increase automatically


Basic Price: $9 per month

Advanced Price: $49 per month

Premium Price: $129 per month

Enterprise Price: $229 per month

Check out ActiveCampaign here

#3. Reliable Email Hosting: DreamHost

Dream Host

For reliable email hosting, DreamHost is famous. But the best thing about DreamHost that not all people know is that it comes at low prices.

Yes, you heard it right. By paying less money to email hosting providers you can get free email accounts.

And you do not need to purchase the website hosting when you only want the email hosting service. But if with the free business email you need the website hosting then consider the WordPress package.

Besides that, there are some features of DreamHost that you will love. So have a look

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Strong security
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • WordPress staging
  • Domain management tools

How does it work?

Businesses that only need the email hosting service can subscribe to the DreamHost. Because of its low cost and better facilities.

In a simple package, you do not get web hosting. But if you want you can upgrade the package and get two solutions in one package.

Also, by using the one-month fixed plan, users can take unlimited business emails even for the whole organization.


  • At a lower rate, this business email provider provides services
  • With one year warranty, you will get unlimited free email service and business email
  • Free business email with low price and web hosting
  • Can connect with third-party providers like Outlook and Gmail


  • Do not provide extra word processing tools
  • Monthly plans do not give a free domain


Email Only Price: $1.99 per month

Shared Web Hosting Price: $4.95 per month

Unlimited Web Hosting Price: $8.95 per month

Check out DreamHost here

#4. Best For Both Professionals And Beginners: ConvertKit


ConvertKit is new in the market as compared to other email hosting services. It comes with an easy user interface that allows beginners to start the services immediately.

ConvertKit was originally made to remove the frustration of other free email service providers. Therefore, it has all the features that help users to get a free account for unlimited email messages.

Here are some noticeable features of the Convert kit that users love to use.

  • The email editors
  • Email sequences
  • Personalization for emails
  • Split testing
  • Email templates and many more

How does it work?

According to the split testing, the convert kit will test the subject lines on 30% of the first emails that it sends.

And the subject line will be used for the remaining 70% of the emails that get more opens. This is one of the coolest basic features that email hosting provides.

To access all these features, you just have to install the ConvertKit plugin on the website. In your account settings, activate the plugin and integrate it with the API key.


  • Easy WordPress integration
  • Live chat and email support
  • Regular updates
  • Tag-based subscriber system


  • You can not customize the whole template
  • Limited A/B testing


Basic Price: $0 per month

Creator Price: $9 per month

Creator Pro Price: $29 per month

Check out Convertkit here

#5. Top Professional’s Choice: Google Workspace

Google Workspace

For professional use, the best google service provide is the Google Workplace. It is an upgraded version of the simple email service Gmail.

The reason why it is the top choice is that it allows you to send top-notch professional-looking emails using the custom domain name.

Furthermore, it collaborates with Google Docs and modern productivity tools. So that you can have better admin control.

In addition, you can also use more than hundreds of third-party email apps and tools per month. Some people thought that Google Workspace works same as the Gmail.

But this is not true as it has some interesting features that Gmail does not provide.

  • Collaborate in realtime
  • Make fast decisions
  • Secure both your data and device
  • Store and share files in the cloud

How does it work?

Due to the availability of multiple services this business email provider is the first choice of entrepreneurs. It protects email and information from different kinds of viruses and hackers.

So that you can keep the integrity and confidentiality of the data. And you can get the hosting service from this email service provider.


  • Easy to use and setup
  • Hundreds of apps and integrations are available
  • Come with productivity and collaboration tools
  • Provide security features and admin controls


  • Do not come with bulk email cleanup tools
  • The attachment size is low


Basic Price: $6 per user per month

Advanced Price: $12 per user per month

Premium Price: $18 per user per month

Check out Google Workspace here

 #6. All-in-one Marketing Solution: Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail

To connect with the custom domain name, Zoho mail is one of the best email service providers. It comes with cheap packages so that you can easily send emails.

In the free plan, you can send 5 different addresses a free business email. But if you want to send emails to more professional email addresses then you can select the basic pricing plan.

Because in the basic email, you get access to amazing email services and web hosting at only $1. Amazing isn’t it?

But remember that at $1 you have the lowest storage and attachment limits. Therefore, this plan is only best for the users who do not depend on the free email services heavily.

Zoho mail just helps to make the professional email address for business purposes. Furthermore, here are some features that you use can access after subscribing to Zoho Mail.

  • Online Office
  • Organized Inbox
  • Anywhere Acess
  • Email and CRM
  • Control Panel

How does it work?

To get the free business email account with the custom domain you can contact Zoho mail. By buying the premium package, you can get addresses for all the members of the organization at the same time.

To do so you need to complete the Zoho setup and once you do the entire custom email address setup. You can access the admin console as the super admin.

And the best thing is that only a super admin can control the free business email accounts. So that no one can change the integrity of the organization.


  • You can freely use the email provider for up to 5 business email accounts
  • Built-in marketing tool
  • This business email service provider gives free analytics tools
  • Pricing plans have low cost for the users who need more than 5 email addresses


  • This email provider does not integrate with Gmail
  • Small storage and attachment limit


Basic Price: Free for 5 users

Advanced Price: $1 per month

Premium Price: $4 per month

Check out Zoho Mail here

#7. Best For Small Businesses: Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the best email service providers due to its advanced features. It is currently famous for its contact management and reporting functionalities.

All of the features that this email service provider has you can easily understand. Therefore, if you do not have any marketing and email hosting experience.

Then you can subscribe to the constant contact and start your work. Here are some of the amazing features of constant contact that you will love to use.

  • AB testing
  • Content management
  • Data analysis tools
  • Customer surveys
  • Auto-responders
  • Contact database and much more

How does it work?

Having a website is not enough until you promote it and build relationships with the customers. To do so you need good email service providers.

And constant contact is one of those. It helps small online businesses to promote their services, encourage sales with discounts, offer guidance, and create trackable and real-time results.

Therefore, it is the choice of many side-hustlers, individuals, and nonprofit users. But the pricing plan does not have a free trial.

And the basic packages have some high cost which shows that it is best for professionals and high brand businesses.


  • Easy to use features
  • Interactive user interface
  • Email deliverability rate is high
  • Integrate with the third-party email hosting providers


  • Not all the templates provide flexibility
  • There is no facility for multi-channel automation


Basic Price: $20 per month

Advanced Price: $45 per month

Check out Constant Contact here

#8. Best For Professional Use: Office 365


For people who want a business email hosting provider and Office products, Office 365 is the best business email provider.

It includes all the office tools including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and many more. When you subscribe the office 365, you will know its work is similar to Google Workplace.

And the only difference is in the price. Because the office 365 basic package starts from $5 per month for a single user.

This business email provide integrates with the cloud to provide you 1Tb of storage. It means in one drive you can store all your data.

Besides that, there are some features of Office 365 that you will love.

  • Real-time co-authoring
  • Resume reading feature
  • Power map in excel
  • Communicate with coworkers
  • Microsoft planner with workflows
  • Self-decluttering smart inbox

How does it work?

Professionals who want to send large amounts of data with email accounts and want huge storage can subscribe the Office 365.

Because it provides services in the bulk amount. This platform not just provides a professional email address but also a productive solution through Office tools.

Therefore, for large firms office 365, is the most reliable solution.


  • Provide the email hosting service at a low rate
  • Gives the 1TB cloud storage at business p[ackage
  • It is included in the Microsoft Office suite
  • Allow high rate email attachments


  • Annual commitment is needed before using the services
  • In the basic plan, you can not use the desktop version of the Office apps


Basic Price: $5 per month

Advanced Price: $12.50 per month

Premium Price: $20 per month

Check out Office365 here

How We Rank the Best Email for Business?

To find the best email hosting provider for business we analyze the price, features, and amount of collaborations tools.

Because all these features will decide, whether the email hosting service is right for you or not. If you run out of budget, then the Convert kit is the best option for you as it is available at $0.

If we talk about the features then all the email providers that we mention in the list have a variety of features. According to your requirement, you can select the best business email providers.

Lastly, collaboration with other google tools will help you to attach files with an email with different platforms. So select wisely.

How to Choose the Best Email for Business?

Each office suite has different requirements that not all the hosting providers can resolve. There are some provides that provide productivity tools and unlimited storage.

If you want high space then you can select Office 365. Because it not only provides high storage space. But also the creative solution of the marketing with the help of Office tools.

In our opinion, the best email for business is the one that is fast, reliable, and keeps the message’s integrity safe.

There is some small business that only needs on business email address. And the other company wants the professional address for business. They can both subscribe to office 365.

Conclusion: Best Email for Business

That’s all folks, according to our research. The email providers that we mention in the above list are the best.

They all are available at affordable rates and have all the features that you need like web hosting and email hosting. It means by subscribing to only one email provider you can take double benefit.

So review all the email hosting providers carefully and make a decision. If you do not have time to do so. Then we will recommend you to use Office 365.

First, because it provides both website hosting and email hosting. In addition, it provides access to Microsoft features including Excel, MS Word, and PowerPoint.

By using these additional tools you can solve many marketing solutions. So what are you waiting for? If you do not want to use Office 365 then you can give it a try to Google workplace.

Email for Business FAQs

Before purchasing the email hosting providers, people usually get confused among many providers. In this situation, they thought about many questions.

And without getting the right answer they do not subscribe to any platform. Therefore, here we try to answer the frequent questions that most people ask.

So have. a look at the following questions and we hope that you get a satisfactory answer. And if you have some more questions you can confidently ask and we will give you the best solution.

What is the best email for business?

Business needs to have better relationships with their customers. So that they buy your products and refer to other people.

The best way to do that is through email marketing. And for email marketing, you need the hosting provider.

According to our research, office 365, is the best solution to all website hosting problems. So give this hosting service provider a try and start making money.

Which email is best for small businesses?

Small businesses usually have fewer employees. Therefore, they can do work with 5 business emails.

Due to this reason, you should use the Zoho services. Because at the low rates you can access the 5 business emails free.

But if you want to upgrade the number of email addresses, you can update the package.

What is the best free email service provider for a start-up?

For a startup, you can use the Zoho mail options as it allows you to use 5 business email addresses without paying any cost.

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