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7 Ways to Create a Workplace That Breeds Success

Once upon a time, people went to work just for money. Now, so many go to work for purpose and meaning. So if your team isn’t performing the way you hoped, ask yourself if you’re fostering that sense of self-actualization, that sense of purpose/belonging that ‘ole Maslow taught us about back in the day.

You’ve heard about Zappos, Beats and all the game changers in their industries. They’re not game-changers because they maintain a stone-age mentality. They’re game-changers because they promote their employees to be their best.

They encourage them to do things differently. They open the door to positivity, creativity, and innovation.

And their profits soar because of it.
There’s More to Business Than Just Your MBO

When’s the last time you high-fived someone in the office? Played music before a meeting? Or simply let them be?

It’s been a while, right? You’ve been so caught up in your “to-do’s” that you lost sight of the things that matter most, like being human.

You’re a rock-star. Yes. You live a different life. Your livelihood is based on the green that’s coming in, so you can’t afford to focus on anything else.


You can’t afford NOT to focus on other things. Because when you put that kind of pressure on yourself, it seeps into your office. It drains your energy and your positive vibes (you know, the ones that make you so successful to start with?) and sucks the life out of your staff.

It’s time to change that. Mindset Matters

Let’s shift your mindset so you can shift the mentality and RESULTS your team generates.

1) Foster that sense of positivity in yourself first. Relax a little. The more you relax, the wider the door to success opens. No matter what you feel about a situation that’s bringing you down, shift your perspective and let it go.

2) Play music in the office. Play something that lets them really get into their work so they are focused on the process, rather than the result.

3) Show motivational videos before meetings and challenge them to come up with a new and innovative approach to the tasks you’re working on.

4) Hold pre-meeting creativity sessions that have nothing to do with your business and have fun seeing what everyone comes up with. A finger painting contest? You’re NEVER too old for finger painting. Whatever you do, let it be fun, ridiculous, and completely disconnected from your meetings, your money, or your motivation.

5) Do something that no one expects. Evernote, back in 2012, implemented a twice-monthly professional housecleaning service for all employees. The goal was to get the spouses and significant others to fall in love with the Evernote culture, too. Develop your own side perk that has nothing to do with your employees, but everything to do with their families so they’ll encourage them to do their best, too.

6) Water Cooler Friday. Fridays are hard days to function in the office. It’s the day everyone gathers around the water cooler jabbering about the week’s struggles and gossip. Turn that into a positive energy boost, rather than a time suck. Water Cooler Fridays are the days you stand around talking about the amazing that went right and how you’re going to ride that wave into next week.

7) Give some incentives that matter. Throw an office parade for a nominated staff member, like Zappos does. Give them all a way to recognize someone that has gone out on a limb for them that week. Or a way to recognize someone who’s gone above and beyond their required duties to help a customer. Whatever. And at the end of the week, see who’s received the most kudos and throw them a parade – complete with cape and dancing music.

These steps feel silly. They feel unprofessional. But the fact is, they’re excellent ways to get people in the office engaged and in love with their work, themselves, and your organization. Build a work culture people love to be a part of and they’ll move mountains to make you more successful.

Have you ever been a part of a team that focused on a positive work culture? What were the results? Do tell…

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