6 Ways to Find Joy in Everyday Life

By Alisha Ellis

September 21, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

For some reason we’ve eliminated joy from our lives only to become the overworked, tired, and grumpy version of ourselves that nobody (even we, ourselves) would enjoy being around. The feeling of “joy” has been reserved for once a lifetime moments such as love, marriages, babies, or unexpected surprises. However, joy can be deliberately found in everyday life. This may sound ridiculous, especially if you’ve been experiencing a “down” in life. You may think to yourself,
“Joy? I’m not lucky enough to experience it—ever.”
“I’m too busy to experience joy”
“Isn’t that for kids?”
“I don’t deserve joy.”
Sadly, we tend to keep our minds focused on negativity rather than positivity. Thanks to our evolutionary extinct, we immediately point out what could be a “danger” to us and ignore the rest of places or moments in life where we are actually safe.
But what does that have to with joy?Essentially, everything! This “instinct” or attitude, or whatever you want to call it, is exactly what prevents us from intentionally noticing joy in our everyday lives.
Remember that unusually perky individual who always had something good to say about everything? She probably mastered it because she found her daily dose of joy! You can too with the following X ways…

1) Re-Write Your Story:

You can start with writing your own story—and one that you like. Stop selling yourself short every time by undervaluing your accomplishments! There should be a lot you have already achieved in life that you’re thoroughly pleased with. For example, I’ve always been a dedicated and hardworking individual throughout my life which is why I have always managed to surpass people’s expectations of how valuable I can be. Counting your achievements and blessing and create a new “me story”.

2) Find a Joyful Hobby:

Think of that one small activity or hobby that gives you extreme joy? It could be reading a mystery novel, watching a sci-fi series, mastering a new recipe, or even collecting error coins. It could be anything at all! Seek this favorite hobby and aim to enjoy it more often.

3) Be Silly:

Remember those days in kindergarten when you wished life was all about “fun” and “play”. Even the slightest thing such as finding a cute ladybug on a flower was exhilarating! Sometimes, we envy our kids for being so full of life and not having anything to worry about. But that’s probably because they also find ways to enjoy such trivial moments in life and focus more on the positive than we do. We can’t be kids again, but we certainly try to be “kids at heart” every once in a while. Laugh, play, joke around, eat noodles with pick, jump on a bed,blow bubbles, make snow angels, and just learn to have crazy, random fun once in a while.

4) Re-build/Replace your Belief System:

Reality if completely based on perception. And, this is not just some “theory”, it’s a scientific fact! So, in a way, how we perceive things is just how we see them. See, where we’re getting at? A large part of your happiness, contentment, and joy experienced in life has to do with what you consciously perceive as joyful moments.

Challenge your thoughts and beliefs that set a negative tone in your life and choose replace them with new, stronger, and more positive ones. For example, if you have habit of believing that “you’re just not good enough” for something, you can choose to challenge that belief with other thoughts such as, “Who else unexpectedly succeeded in this area” or “what else have I accomplished which no one thought I could?” Flushing away negative thoughts and beliefs from our mind is the first step to breaking the opaque windows of neglect that keep you from seeing the good stuff.

5) Love the pets:

You know what puts a huge smile on my face every single day? Having my furry little friend greet me at the door the moment I walk in home from work! It’s as if my little kitty has been waiting for me all day! A pet’s feeling of excitement and joy after it finally sees its owner again somehow transfers—suddenly we’re both happy to be together again.

6) Help out:

It’s amazing how doing even a small favor for someone brings joy to our lives! Perhaps it’s the kind words we receive or the feeling that we matter or can impact people’s lives in positive ways that makes is so satisfying. Do it more often!

I’m sure this list is not an exhaustive one and there are properly millions of ways you can bring joy to your life! Just remember that, that bringing joy to your life is always a choice – one that you are deliberately making. Commit to joy, and joy will commit to you.

Alisha Ellis

Alisha Ellis is an author and an expert assignment writer. Being an author he loves to write blogs which benefits the students and the reader.

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