6 Steps to have a Stress Free Travel including Yoga.

By Erick Clifford

April 15, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

yoga101We all know that making a trip can be a little stressful, especially at the beginning. Vacation time is all about traveling. Here are some tips you can follow to have a great trip from the beginning to end.

1. Book flights and accommodation with a couple months of anticipation.

Location and comfort are essentials here. If your hotel is near the airport and some tourist attractions, is definitely a great choice. For the flight tickets, time is essential; searching for them with anticipation will give you better deals and offers. There are many websites that could help you with it, too.

2. Do some yoga the night before your trip and during it.

This way you will feel more relaxed and you’ll definitely sleep better and wake up ready to go. There is always a way to practice a little yoga; you can find some tips and routines online.

3. Pack light and print boarding pass to avoid long lines and waiting time.

Make the check in at home before and take just a carry-on bag (if you can) and your yoga mat. You also should check the weather before and pack the correct outfits; try to wear comfortable clothing every time.

4. Don’t worry about driving and traffic problems.

Call a taxi or car service to pick you up and transfer you to the airport or any place you want; this way you won’t have to drive there and worry about traffic, parking and other problems. There are many agencies that provide those services like Shuttlewizard, Uber, SuperShuttle. This way you just need to call them and let them know about your itinerary (flight departure and arrival) and the space you need for your luggage (including yoga mats and everything). and they take care of the details.

5. Get access to the airline lounges and relax.

Some airlines have free or private lounge areas. You should ask if the one you chose has it and if it comes at any cost. Lounge areas provide you with comfortable waiting places, food, beverages, and entertainment. It is definitely a good way to make the waiting time of boarding enjoyable and you can practice some yoga here!

6. Eat healthy all the time.

First, you need to have a quality breakfast every day. If you do this you will feel great and ready to start the day and you definitely won’t be starving and looking for junk food later. Look for healthy food places with clean preparation methods. You also need to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

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