6 Signs to Know That He Wants to Marry You

By Anand Srivastava

December 23, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Understanding women is difficult, at least in terms of relationships or when any man needs to know if the girl is in love or not. But at the same time, it is also quite troublesome to know if the man too loves or rather wants to marry any girl.

Undoubtedly at least for men, it is very easy to claim that he loves you. But when it is about commitments like marriage, only true and real men come forward. In case you too have that someone special in your life and you are keen to know if he is interested in having a life term relationship with you, by marriage, here are some signs that will help you getting this idea.

Introducing his family-

Taking you back his home, while he is alone isn’t a big issue. But if your man takes you back at his home and introduces his family members to you, then you must understand that he is keen in making you a part of his family. If he invites you or calls you up for every or rather most of the major family occasions or gatherings, irrespective if it’s big or small, he is all ready to have an official relationship with you. At the same time, if his family members welcome you whole-heartedly, it means that he has already spoken about you. This shows that your relationship is on the right direction.

Part of decisions-

He needs to have a better job for a better career and he is planning to move with you. He is asking which apartment could be better for investing for a long term basis. Or if he is planning a family, kids or deciding any other important stuff and he includes you all along these plans, then it’s a clear sign that your guy planning to have a long term future with you. And that itself clearly shows that he is planning a marriage.


If you see he doesn’t hide anything from you or is sharing almost every significant thing, then it’s sure that he considers you as a very important part in his life. Only those guys are reliable, not just in marriage, but also in serious relationships, who share almost everything. If he hides anything, then it’s seriously not a good sign. The more he shares, the more he shows that he is proud to have you.

Sticks with you-

This does not mean that he always sticks with every now and then. It in fact means that he is with you in your difficult times. As you notice that he is with you even in your most difficult moments, then it is sure that your guy does not want you only for fun. He is actually serious in sharing all those possible difficult situations that may come up in your future.

No room for jealousy-

Most of the men often feel jealous when their girl talks or jokes around with some other guy. But if you see your man is absolutely comfortable while you are talking with some other guy, other than him, then it’s for sure that he completely trusts you.

Small signs of proposing-

In case you see he often passes small comments saying about marriage, of course with you, and asks how would you like to be proposed, it’s definitely a true sign that he is all for you. Showering love and calling you as his “only one” show how much you mean to him.

In case you have seen some of these signs in your guy or even all, then make a mental picture that a beautiful marriage proposal can come up any time. After all, fun is for small boys, when it’s about true commitments, only real men will be there.

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