50 Ways to Save at the Grocery Store


February 5, 2007   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Grocery Shopping

Our friends at the Thrifty Mommy blog have compiled a list of 50 Ways to Save Money on your Grocery Bill. Despite the fact that I already knew most of the tricks on the list, the fact remains that I still have not put them into practice. Yes, we have a case of not practicing what I preach.

So here is my solution. Realizing that I am a compulsive read-it and forget-it type of person, I am going to pick 5 tips from their list and I am going write them down. I will then staple that list to my grocery list so that I have a physical reminder of the things I want to implement.

Here’s my 5:

    • 4) Go alone. You know you’ll spend more if the husband and kids are with you. 
  • 11) Look below eye level. Usually the cheaper brands are on the lower shelves. 
  • 19) Pay attention to the banners/signs above each aisle. Avoid aisles that don’t have something on your list. I’ve been trying this one lately. It seems to be working for me. 
  • 32) Look your cart over before you leave to make sure you’re not being excessive with your purchases. Do your kids really need a bag of chips, pretzels, and Doritos? 
  • 41) Know what you have. How many times have you bought a jar of Miracle Whip, but already had a jar at home? Miracle Whip doesn’t have a long shelf life. 

While they are all good tips and while many will say they are common sense, they are worthless unless you use them!


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