By Mahnoor Tahsin

March 17, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

It’s quite common that the advice we all get from our elders most of the time is to be yourself and we try to do that. But nobody tells us how exactly we should do that. I tried to solve the mystery of who I really am, but realized that my brain is a very noisy place. It says so many things at the same time and it confuses me which one of those personalities are truly me. So, I tried to jot down the things which can help me unlock my true self and they actually did help. I found some positive and some shocking results out of it.

1- Spend Time with Yourself:

The most helpful point of all was spending alone time with myself. I remember when I use to get so bored whenever I was alone, but now I enjoy it, because what you are in your alone time is who you really are. I think when I am alone; I try to get into the depths of little things which help me know myself better. It’s like making a friend in your own self and you are the best friend you’ll ever have!

2- Note Your Reactions

The second thing I did for knowing myself better was noting my reactions toward different situations. I try to figure out what makes me angry, what makes me happy, how I deal with tough times, and what gives me pleasure. We all know these things all along, but we don’t admit it. It’s actually helpful to know yourself and admit that, “yes, criticizing pisses me off”. I felt lighter and then I knew what I needed to change in myself.

3- Note Your Confusions

We all have some confusions about things, but we keep ignoring them because we thinking those confusions don’t bother us. Yet, sometimes they confront us in tough situations and then we aren’t sure how to proceed. Try to seek answers for things you don’t know about yourself. Don’t hang in the middle; choose a side. Either good or bad, just do it!

4- Ask Your Closest Friends About Yourself

Ask your close friends and family how you look from their eyes, because sometimes we have a different picture of ourselves in our heads, but in reality we aren’t perceived that way by others. You might get bitter answers to this question. but you have to absorb it,because this is how to walk in the world. Nobody knows how nice you are in your head. You have to show it out loud.

5- Listen/Watch Yourself Talking

This step will give you a bit of depression but you’ll get over it. We don’t sound or look like what we think we look like while talking. I realized this after I recorded a video message for my friend and honestly I wanted to apologize to every single person who ever heard my voice. But with time I got use to it like this is my voice, I can’t change it. This is how I look and it’s fine because its who I really am. Good luck finding you!

Mahnoor Tahsin

Mahnoor Tahsin is a media student who loves spirituality, capturing beauty and spreading positivity. Event Organizer, motivational writer and a media person,she tries to write articles which can benefit the readers.

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