5 Tips to Spice Up Your Life with an Exciting Passion


March 8, 2013   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Life can get pretty dull sometimes.  It’s easy to get caught in a routine of waking up, going to work and watching TV every day.

The bad thing about a routine like this is how easy it is to let it overcome your life.

Before you know it, you’ve been doing the same thing for weeks or even months.

Then you wake up one day and realize that you need a lot more excitement in your life.

Fortunately there are a lot of different, fun activities you can do to spice up your life.

That’s often just the thing you need to break up your routine and insert some excitement back into your days.

If you’ve been stuck in your same boring routine for a long time, you might not know exactly where to start.  Breaking out of your routine can be difficult, but starting a new exciting pursuit you know nothing about can be even more intimidating.There are things you can do to make it a little easier though.  In fact once you read these tips, you’ll see that finding an exciting passion is a little easier to do than you expect.

1. Find out what’s available in your area

Some passions are going to be a lot easier for you try than others.  For example, someone in a warmer climate won’t be able to go skiing on a regular basis.  But someone who lives in a colder area, this could be a viable option.

Take a look around to see what’s available to you.  Are there communities of people who share exciting activities?  Do a web search on the internet for hobbies or groups.  Websites like Meetup.com can give you a great idea of exciting things going on in your area.

If you really want to get into an activity that’s not readily available in your area, you can still try it.  That could involve a lot of traveling, but you can make it work.  It’s just easier to incorporate a passion into your life if it’s in your area.

2. Just go for it

As you search your area, make a list of anything exciting you’d be open to try.  While making the list, keep your definition of exciting open.  As long as it’s exciting to you, that’s all that matters.

Order the list from the one you’re most interested in doing to the one you’re least interested in.  Try to get a list of at least five things.

Once your list is complete, you just start with your top choice and investigate it.  Read about it to see what you like or don’t like about it.  Is this something you could honestly see filling up a significant portion of your time?

It’s important to make time to actually go out and try your activity.  No matter what activity you’ve chosen, there should be somewhere you can go to learn about it.  There should at least be an introductory class you can take to get into it.

3. It’s OK to be a “newbie”

It can be intimidating to start a new hobby.  You look like you don’t know what you’re doing while other people are around who are so good at it.

On my first attempt surfing, I was surpassed by other people who obviously knew what they were doing.  It made me feel inadequate.  I wondered if I was a hindrance to the people around me.
But it’s ok to be new.

Everyone has to start somewhere.  Most people won’t get annoyed with you; many will even want to help you out.  As I learned to surf, I had many experienced surfers lend their tips.

4. Try each one a couple of times

I’ve learned that trying something new once is good, but it’s really the second or third time trying it when you really learn about it.  You have to try things several times to see if it’s something you really like.

Don’t just try something once and forget about it.  You have to give it several attempts to see if it is really a good fit for you or not.

5. Get rid of any activities you can’t stand

Of course, some things you’ll try just won’t be a good fit for you.  Even if it was something at the top of your list, it just might not be right for you.

Don’t try to force it.  If you tried it several times and it’s not working, get rid of it.  Move on to something else.

It’s good to be open to new activities, but don’t feel bad if it doesn’t work out.  You might have an expectation of what an activity or hobby is like before you try it, but that could all change once you actually start doing it.

Written on 3/8/2013 by Steve Bloom. Steve is the writer behind Do Something Cool where he blogs about travel, motivation, personal growth and adventure. He’s always looking for ways to make life more interesting. Get tips on living life to the fullest through Facebook and Twitter. Photo Credit:

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