5 Steps for Sharpening Your Mind for Success

By Devin C. Hughes

September 25, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Your success is not in your hands.

It’s in your mind.

I saw you snicker and that’s not some psycho mumbo jumbo. When you make up your mind to be a success, your mind leads your actions. Those actions lead you to success because you become what you think about most.

You know it’s true. Remember the gorgeous blonde you saw in the bar and you fell all over yourself trying to pick her up? It didn’t work. Because you had in your mind that she was out of your league, but you tried anyway. She thought it was hilarious that you couldn’t talk like a grown man, but she wasn’t going out of there with someone who wasn’t ready for her level of class.

It’s a tough life. You didn’t get the girl. But you did get the sale two days later.

You didn’t go into it wondering if you were going to close it. You knew you were going to. You smart rascal, you.

Your mind led your words and your actions when dealing with your customer and you anticipated what they needed and wanted before they did.

So the question is…why do you continue to doubt yourself? Why do you continue to think you can’t, when if all you need to think is you will?


The most powerful two words in the English language: I WILL. Once you KNOW you will, there’s nothing that can stand in your way.

But you have to believe them. Not just say them. Saying them’s the easy part. Believing them is, well, akin to taking out your own wisdom teeth sometimes.

We let our competition make us doubt ourselves. We let insecurity in: Is what we’re doing enough? We let our lack of self-confidence sabotage our actions.

When you get past that “what if” mindset and develop your iron “I WILL” mindset, you’ll become unstoppable. And not only will you achieve the things you weren’t sure you could achieve before, you’ll bolster confidence in yourself so the “what if” mindset disappears.

How to Develop Your I Will Mindset

1. Log your successes and refer to them daily. You’ve made a sale or two, right? (If not, you’ve succeeded at something, even if was asking out that girl that made the butterflies feel like jackknives in your belly or it may have been simply getting out of bed when you didn’t want to.) Write down every success you can think of that you’ve had and read it nightly.

2. Go to bed with the knowledge that you are a success. Never go to sleep on self-doubt. Ever. Make that’s one of those rules you can never break, like not missing a Game of Thrones episode. Because when you go to sleep on self-doubt, you can guarantee that the next morning you’ll still feel like the gum you stepped on in the parking lot today.

3. Approach each and every challenge with the endgame in mind. Think about the task in front of you. What do you want to happen? See it. FEEL it. How does that success feel to you? You’re smiling right now, aren’t you? You should be. It feels like your hard work has paid off. It feels like relief. It feels like you’re wearing your favorite, most expensive suit and the rest of humanity is standing in awe of your greatness. Okay, let’s not get TOO carried away. But it does feel amazing.

4. Use that feeling to develop your confidence. When you envision success, you create chemicals in your brain that make you think you actually achieved your goal. Thus, boosting your confidence giving you a springboard for actually making it happen.

5. Write down an affirmative statement about yourself that envelops the level of confidence and achievement you want. For example: I am worthy of the blonde at the table in the corner of the room. Focus. We’re talking salesmanship. Try that again: I am a successful salesman with the ability to control and close every sale I walk into. Write that statement and read it out loud everyday. Eventually, your brain will begin to believe it. Then? Well. You know know the rest.

What you want most in your life is to win, and as soon as you develop your I WILL Mindset, no one can stand in your way.

Devin C. Hughes

Comic Book Super Hero | Happiness Muse | Diversity Sage | Author of Contrast: A Biracial Man's Journey To Desegregate His Past | Info: http://t.co/Cd2vxaTwul

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