5 Steps to Creating an Inspiring Workplace

By Effie

March 17, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Your workplace is the key to your mood, motivation and productivity, we all know from experience that a space can have an effect on us. If a room is bland, boring or untid,y it could have more of a negative effect on the productivity in the office. Iif someone doesn’t enjoy where they work, are they going to feel the desire to put in extra effort and work hard? No, they’ll simply just complete their work at their own pace and nothing more. So if you’re looking to completely redesign your whole office or just jazz up your desk at work these steps will help you to create an inspiring space to work in.

Clear the Clutter

Having a clean, tidy and organized space to work in is essential. Clutter can not only look messy. but it can be distracting. Don’t let paper keep piling up around the office; get organized and make sure everything is filed appropriately. You’re improving the look of your office and saving yourself time in the long run, because you’ll finally be able to find what you’re looking for in your filing system rather than searching through stacks of paperwork.
Employing a regular cleaner to keep the dirt at bay is another necessity. No one likes to look at dust and dishes in the sink. They say a tidy home is a tidy mind so why not apply this to your office space, too? You’ll have the benefit of being able to relax and focus on your work without feeling like you’re in a messy room. The office will have a more professional look and clients that visit your office will silently thank you, as well.

Go Green

Studies have proven the addition of plants and flowers to the office helps to reduce headaches, and as a result, help you to focus. Texas A&M University found that having plants in the workplace can increase productivity and creative performance by up to 30%. Bringing nature into the workplace also softens the environment, making an office feel more comfortable, calm and homely, and allowing everyone to feel at ease while working.


Different music can have varied effects from person to person, and it can also be the solution to boosting productivity. Your choice of music is the main piece of the puzzle. In creative environments, energetic, motivational music may be favored, whereas it might be worth giving classical music a try in more stressful workplaces to help de-stress and focus. Playing music in the office might not always be suitable, especially in bigger, louder, busier offices. but opting for headphones will fix that issue. Not much of a music fan? Give listening to some podcasts a go—there’s everything from comedy to development experts.


The color and design of your office can have a direct impact on your mood and productivity since different colors can promote different moods. Reds are known to be great for encouraging focus in environments that require a lot of accuracy and attention to detail, whereas blues are great at creating a calming effect and are perfect for environments that are known to be stressful. The color scheme of your office shouldn’t be the only visuals that you think about when designing your office, you should consider buying art for your office, because it can evoke emotions, as well as add something of interest to the space. Why not take it one step further and hire an artist to create a bespoke graffiti wall mural that incorporates your brand? Anyone that steps foot into the office will be instantly impressed.


When it comes to work environments, many of us don’t give the scent of the room a second thought, but you should since they do a lot more than smell pleasant. Scents, such as lemon and peppermint, are promoters of concentration. Peppermint is also a great energy booster, which is ideal when you decide to have a brainstorming session, because it also encourages you to think more clearly. Lavender is perfect for calming your nerves and controlling your stress, while rosemary is a stimulating scent that helps to fight headaches and fatigue.


Effie is a freelance writer and is currently working with AlFresh.Co, a UK supplier of graffiti spray paint cans, supplies and accessories.

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