5 Seemingly Good Things That Could Turn Out Badly For You

By Rose Costas

December 16, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Everybody wants to excel at the things they love even if they don’t admit it. Nobody wants to be considered a loser, so most of us give our best to the things we do and, for the most part, we do well.

We all want to see out dreams come true, and so we work harder, longer and sometimes smarter to get to our goals.

Most of us enjoy being motivated because it makes the work easier and it seem we have someone rooting for us. We all want a better live for ourselves and our families.

The only downside to this is that sometimes trying to achieve so much in our lives we end up ruining our chances of success by doing the very same things that should have brought us success.

There is no need to panic now.

Let me explain.

You continuously set unrealistic goals for yourself.

All the hard work you have put into working towards your dreams would have been wasted if you set unrealistic goals for yourself. Setting goals you know, you cannot achieve would be fruitless.

Secondly, you work hard towards dreams that you know won’t be beneficial to you in any way. These could be your dreams, or they could be someone else’s. You might have a dream to become a millionaire, and that is all you think about. You will achieve the dream of being a millionaire, but all you get is the money. You aren’t happy.

You might also be living someone else’s dream. Your parents might encourage you to select a career they think would be good for you or you saw someone do and wanted it thinking that would be good for you too. Unfortunately, unless you choose to do things for the right reasons they would all be in vain.

Some very good things that could also work against you are:-

1. Expecting perfection of yourself.

You work yourself to pieces trying to be perfect and to lead a perfect life. You have this sense of what is normal in your head and you expect it in real life. The perfect client, the perfect work, the perfect family and the perfect self. Unfortunately none of those exist.

It is very good to work to become better but having this mindset that things and people are perfect or can be perfect is a waste of time and doesn’t serve any good. You hurt yourself severely when you are aiming for perfection of any kind.

You should instead be inspired and motivated to become better and expect the same from people around you but do not pressure yourself into believing that things and people can be perfect because that is not humanly possible.

2. Expecting people to behave the way you want them to

You have this unrealistic belief that people should behave a certain way and if they don’t you become disappointed. You are hurt, frustrated and even confused because it is impossible to perceive that people refuse to see things from your perspective. This is not their fault it is all yours. You have these unrealistic thinking in your head and want to live them out.

The best thing to do instead is to accept things you can’t control. Focus on the things you change and those you cannot change, learn to accept them and live with them. People are people and the act and behave differently, and that includes you. They won’t always do what you want them to, but that is fine.

3. Expecting that things always work out at first attempt

Human beings are very impatient, and we expect that things will always work out the first time around. If it doesn’t, we belittle ourselves and fall into depression. We have our minds set that, for some reason the universe is always waiting around to grant us our hearts desires. That is not how things work.

You will have to work very hard and many times fail before you can make a breakthrough. Can you imagine if things worked out the way you want it every time? Where would be the joy in that? That is why people who succeed do so at a higher level. They have paid the price for their success.

Success doesn’t just come to anyone who wants it. It only comes to the few who are prepared to sweat and toil when everyone else has called it quits. They are willing to do and go places that others find it impossible and unnecessary to go and do.

So this is the case, keep trying and do not stop until you’ve had your breakthrough. You must first be willing to commit to it and then keep working until it comes through for you.

Expect to have setbacks and some failures, but remember these are only temporary. You can do anything you want to, but you must be willing to give it everything you’ve got consistently.

4. Finding excuses not to succeed

You might have legitimate excuses why you can’t go after your dreams and why you haven’t succeeded as yet, but your excuses will not help you to succeed. Hard work continuously without ceasing is the only way you will make it.

Complaining and finding excuses are the only two sure way to fail. They will only delay and cause you to abandon your dreams. Look at your life so far and see how many times you have talked yourself out of completing a task or doing something. You continue to go to work and to help build someone else’s dream day after day without excuses.

It’s time you commit to building your dream instead finding excuses not to. Do what you love best so that you will least find excuses to give up.

5. Putting on the Superman personal

Let’s be real, no one can do and have it all. We were never meant to be all to everyone. You might need the husband/wife, career, children, business and to remain gorgeous at the same time and I do believe you can get most of it but doing it all at once is never a possibility. Try as you may you will end up being frustrated, worn out, and angry but you will never be able to do it successfully because, it is not possible.

Instead, take things in stride. Plan your strategy and how you want to achieve all your goals and put a plan in effect. Take breaks to relax and enjoy your life and those things you have achieved. The ones you haven’t achieved as yet go back to them and do things in small segments. Do not bite off more than you can chew. Just do the very best that you can at all times, and that will be enough.

Rose Costas

Rose Costas is a big believer in the power of facing your challenges head on, then boldly showing your scars to motivate others. You can get her Ebook at http://positiveattitudesforlife.com

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