5 Secrets of Long Distance Relationships

By Anand Srivastava

March 11, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

As they say about a long distance relationship, that a smooth and healthy relationship can prove to be a blissful whereas a suffocating one can lead to intoxication for freedom. Living away from your partner is hard. But maintaining the relationship even while being miles apart is even more stressful. The lack of presence, inability to meet, absence of a face-to-face conversation and not being able to have physical intimacy can have saddening effect on both the partners.


But all these issues are quite common, if the bond between the two is absolutely true. Instead of being apprehended, you should prepare for a healthy environment. If you guys, genuinely and deeply love each other than nothing, absolutely nothing can break you apart.

If you’re going to be in a long distance affair or you already are in, follow up on these useful tips to make your love last till the end.

1. Open Up About Expectations

If you’re entering into a long distance relationship then it would be better to be prepared for it. Spontaneity will only ruin things further. It is thus advisable to plan ahead of time and open up to each other. Well, believe me, the only thing that can actually make a relationship work is a transparent ‘communication’. So, while you are in the same town, go out, have a nice outing and express what you are looking for. Unless your partner is a telepathic mind reader, he/she won’t know what you are exactly looking for. Thus, it`s better to set the ground rules beforehand. It is best if you can share what all you have in mind and find midway to deal with expectations.

Special Tip : Don’t talk about unrealistic expectations that you know the other one won’t be able to keep up with. The best thing would be to keep none, because it`s better to be surprised than disappointed.

2. Talk It Out

The major problem that most couples face in long distance relationship is the lack of communication. It might be due to difference in time zones or busy schedules, but this is something that needs your most attention.

When you talk to your partner and share all what`s on your mind, you tend to strengthen your bond, affection and trust. When you can be yourself and say anything without thinking twice that`s when you feel most connected. So, no matter what, don’t let your grip get loosened on this one. Say thanks to internet and various mobile applications via which you can talk face to face, virtually. Remember, lack of communication in some way or the other, even when two partners are miles can add an invisible toxic nature, which can seriously turn fatal in the long run.

3. Live Your Life and Let Your Partner Do So

It`s hard to be on your own and not have your partner around, but think about the positive side.Now that you have more time to yourself, why don’t you indulge in some self-pampering?

For all you ladies : Go to your favourite spa, go shopping with your girls, watch your favourite sitcom and most importantly, eat as much as you want, without worrying about adding some calories.

For all the men : When was the last time you headed out for boys night out. This is that time. Go ahead plan an outing. Be happy! You can finally play your PS4 and watch action movies.

The more you show your partner, your life has come to a halt, the more the respective partner would feel compelled to release you from it. It is very important to remember that both of you have some important issues, other than your relationship, which needs to be attended as
well, for having a secured life. Basically both of you need to live your own lives; not only that would solve the space issue but also would lead the other one to respect your attitude.

4. Get Crazy With Your Partner

By getting crazy, NO, I don’t mean go all gaga over something and actually landing up at their place in the midnight. Absolutely no!

Obviously you can have that level of physical intimacy but you sure can make use of internet. Have dinners together while on Skype, watch movies together, read to each other, the list just doesn’t end. You can even visit these sites specially made for lovers in long distance relationships and send cute handwritten notes to each other or make funny video diaries.
Get out of your comfort zone and explore a bit, you’d definitely find ways to spice up your love lives.

5. Stay Hopeful

As long as you both are totally committed with each other, nothing can turn negative.
Even when the relationship is going through a rough patch, tell yourself, “We’d make it work, no matter what.” You’d instantly feel a lot more confident and will win over the negativity.

With these tips, get your long-distance relationship in a rocking and of course romantic mode.

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