5 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job


March 20, 2008   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Quit Your JobWritten on 3/20/2008 by Alan Johnson of TheRatingBlog.com.

Everyone that I know has a job; some are good some are bad. I’d imagine that most of you have jobs as well. At some point or another, you will get the itch to storm into your boss’ office and leave, once and for all. However, is there a good reason aside from the, “I don’t like it” mantra repeating itself in your brain? Perhaps.

Today we’ll discuss some reasons why it may be acceptable to leave your current job. Next week, we’ll flip the script and discuss reasons why you won’t quit.

So with that, let’s go through five situations that may cause you to quit. While none of these may be strong enough to hold water on its own, those of you that go 3 outta 5 may be at the tipping point.

    1. You Hate What You’re Doing
      Do you really want to spend the next years doing something you absolutely hate? Will that make you happy? Sure, your paycheck could be decent, but I’ll tell you this much: if you currently hate what you’re doing then, as far as your potential is concerned, you are leaving a lot on the table by not quitting your job. 
  • It’s Not Challenging Enough
    A lot of folks, due to the fact that they’re as lazy as it gets, prefer to limit themselves to a job that allows them to coast through each day unchallenged. You cannot be one of these people (could you?). Look deep down inside yourself. Challenging doesn’t equal stressful to don’t be afraid to open yourself up to more responsibility. 
  • You Don’t Like The People You Work With
    As your personal productivity level is concerned, it will be very difficult to maximize results if you are not exactly thrilled about the people you work with. We all have quarrels with people at work but if going to work becomes a chore simply because of the people, it’s time to give it some thought. We could be talking about fellow employees or we could be talking about your boss, it really doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that if you are not able to get along with them then you are most likely better off trying something else on for size. 
  • You Are Not Satisfied Financially
    Are you not satisfied with your current paycheck? Do you know how it stacks up with other people in the industry doing the same thing? While money is not the key to happiness, it’s nice to know if the company across the street would pay you an extra $10K for doing the same thing. A site named Indeed has a comparison tool that will give you some preliminary data comparison for your position. Check that out but the point is that you should never make the mistake of sticking around simply because you are afraid or lack the confidence. When it comes to this point, knowledge is power. 
  • There Are No Promotion Opportunities
    Does the thought of doing the same thing over and over again and never taking things to the next level sound all that appealing? Of course not, and you can rest assured that, if there’s absolutely nothing which motivates you to become better at what you’re doing, you simply won’t.No matter what angle you choose to view the situation from, you will never be truly happy with a job which doesn’t motivate you enough. As a result, I’m sure that it’s more than obvious what you should be doing next. 

So what do you think? How many of these apply to you? If it’s 4 or 5 are you already looking for a new job or planning to start a business? If not, what is holding you back?



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