5 Reasons to Join a Sorority

By Mercedes Alexandra

May 12, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

sororityWe’ve all watched movies with a typical sorority house throwing a real banger or hazing the crap out of their pledges. But does this really depict the reality of what sorority life has to offer? Speaking as someone who has some first hand experience being apart of sorority life, I can safely say that although sometimes we do party a little too hard, there is more to sorority life than meets the eye.

1. A home away from home

Attending a college or university in a new city can be very overwhelming especially when you are constantly meeting new people. Joining a sorority will allow you to have a group of women who share the same interests as you to share in a common bond. Personally my university was over 30,000 undergraduates and joining a sorority was a way for me to make lifelong bonds and feel like I was apart of a tight knit community.

2. Duh … SISTERS

A dream come true for many of us girls wishing that our parents would have had a girl for us to call a sister. But when you join a sorority you gain TONS of sisters. Need a tampon – here have 20. Need advice on that boy that has been blowing you off – there is always a sister that is willing to lend an ear. Moral of the story is that there is always someone there for you when you need them… especially their closet, because come on, who wouldn’t like to have 60+ closets to share clothes with.

3. Networking

When you join a sorority you will become apart of a larger Greek community of all the fraternities and sororities on your campus. This means you will have the opportunity to constantly be meeting new people and creating new connections. Even after graduation, there are alumni groups that get together to simply chat and talk about opportunities that have arisen that may be to your benefit.

4. Helping you to become a leader

When you join a sorority it will bring out the absolute best in you. Being around such a diverse group of women from different cultural and academic backgrounds and seeing them succeed truly is an inspiring force that leads you towards that same path. Once you are a senior you will be part of the group of older members that younger members look up to and aspire to be for the leader you have become.

5. Girl power

As Beyoncé would say: Who run the world – GIRLS. Being in a sorority goes to show just what women can accomplish in a setting that allows them to be treated as equals. Need help writing that English paper that is due tomorrow – a sister with an expertise in English can be sure to lend a helping hand. Or what about that organic chemistry you are having a hard time understanding – there is a sister to help you get through. So girls, ‘LETS GET IN FORMATION’.

Mercedes Alexandra

Mercedes Alexandra is a Canadian bred university gal who is a member of an all women's sorority. In her spare time she loves to watch Netflix, eat pizza and empower women across the globe.

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