5 Questions To Catalyze Big Change

By Jessica Heslop

April 22, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

No matter what you want to change:- career, relationship, body, mind, the catalyst always comes down to one thing:- you. You, and you alone, are the vehicle driving the force of change in your life. Trust me when I say that you would be completely amazed by the power you have within you to create miracles in your life.

If someone had told me that 2 years ago, I would have cried with relief.

I was working in a highly competitive job in Investment Banking and high-octane stress had become second nature to me. I had a busy social life filled with superficial relationships that did not fulfil me. I had all the financial security everyone tells you to work so hard for, yet nothing it bought me truly made me happy. I couldn’t have been living further from my joy, my authenticity and my calling.

Only 2 years later, my life looks completely different. I live in the beautiful countryside, surrounded by mountains, woodlands and rivers. I do what I am passionate about; I write a blog that inspires people to live the life they love and I coach people to make that happen. Every day I meditate, exercise, express myself creatively and choose my own working hours. Most importantly, I am 100% authentic in living the life I was born to live, I feel free and deeply joyful in my heart. Sure, I don’t have anything like I did by material standards, but I feel richer now than I ever did.

So how did I go from miserable to living the life of my dreams?

My Transformation

Well, in terms of the physical events that occurred, I can tell you that in 2012 my world came crashing down.

To summarize briefly, I got M.E. and became bed bound. I gave up my job and eventually regained my health. No sooner had I recovered fully and my amazing father died of cancer. 3 months later my favorite person in the whole world, my sister, also died of cancer.

My heartbreak was agonizing and I hit absolute rock bottom.

Yes, these events catapulted me into asking the big 5 questions that changed my life. But more than the events that occurred, it was how I responded to these 5 questions that really determined the change in my life.

The fact of the matter is that, after what happened, I just could not take anymore unhappiness. I had hit the point of no return – I knew that I could never go back to living a life that was anything less than the life I had always dreamed of. Change was the only option left for me in my mind:- big change. And I was ready to meet it head on.

5 Questions To Catalyst Your Change

No matter where you are in your life right now, whether you are quietly miserable or clinging to a cliff edge, it is time to ask yourself these 5 big questions and be as honest as you can in your answers.

1. Are you really willing to change?

Before you can change, you have to be ready. I mean you have to be really ready. It sounds obvious, right? Of course you want the dream job, the improved health, the inner peace but when the reality of what that would entail hits home, are you actually willing to change?

Because it is the willingness to change that is the key.

Even if you don’t know how you will get from where you are to where you would love to be, the mere willingness to change is singularly the most powerful transformative force there is. It is your willingness that opens locked doors and enables the Universe to deliver the miracles that you desire…

2. Are you ready to let go?

When you stand on the cusp of change, you are faced with internal resistance. If there was no resistance holding you back, you would already be at the place you desire.

This resistance is a wall of different limiting beliefs that you have about yourself and the world. These beliefs may be something like ‘I can’t’, ‘It’s impossible for me’, ‘I will fail’, ‘I don’t deserve it’, ‘I’m not good enough’ etc.

All of these negative beliefs are a product of the Ego mind and are fundamentally false because they are based on fear instead of love. However, these thoughts have been with us for so long that they have become our habits and our engrained beliefs. What’s more, they feel safe because they are well known to us, so really ask yourself:- ‘are you prepared to face your fears and let them go?’

Letting go of your old negative beliefs is imperative to your ability to move on. By plucking out the weeds, you create space for change and for new, beautiful seeds of joy to grow within you.

3. Are you ready to do the inner work?

Each time a thought that does not serve your greatest good arises, you can replace it with a new positive thought. As you do this more and more, these positive thoughts become powerful new beliefs in your life and they become stronger and stronger.

But when we first start doing this inner work, it can be time-consuming and it can touch many raw nerves within us. That is good because it is a sign that we are changing.

‘I am good enough’, ‘I can have the life I love’, ‘amazing things are happening for me’, ‘I love myself’, ‘I am great’. Are you really ready to begin thinking these thoughts about yourself and the world?

Thinking in this way is like planting new wonderful seeds in the fertile soil of your mind. As you water and encourage them, they grow strong and create miraculous blossoms in your life. You begin to feel the joy that you were born to feel, deep in your heart, and your life will give you many reasons to feel it!

4. Are you prepared to believe?

Having faith is crucial to making change happen. Faith is believing that you can have a life that you love. Faith is that sense that something outside of yourself is working with you, in your favour, helping you to bring about your desired change. It does not matter whether you call it the Universe, God, your own spark of the divine, your Higher Self – what matters is that you believe.

Are you prepared to believe that positive change can actually happen for you in your life? To open yourself up to the feeling that something magical is taking place around you and within you that is shifting things for the better?

When you trust and believe that miracles can take place in your life, you give them the space to manifest. You open your heart to wonderful possibilities and they fall like shooting stars right into your lap.

5. Can you surrender?

When we think of change, we often think of putting on our trench warfare coat and preparing for action. And being proactive in our change is important – in this way we take responsibility for our lives and we make steps to move forward with the change we are manifesting.

However, it is also important to surrender.

When you surrender to the perfect way that your change will unfold to you, you trust that the Universe knows exactly what is best for you and that you are lovingly guided. In this way, you allow your change. It does not have to be a struggle, rather it becomes easy and effortless.

Your Answers

Whatever your answers to these questions have been, be at peace with them. Know that, whatever stage you are at in your journey to change is exactly where you are meant to be.

Just know that miracles await you.

Jessica Heslop

Jessica Heslop is the founder of www.ilivethelifeilove.com which provides inspiration and tools that support people to create a life filled with authenticity, abundance, infinite love and joy.

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