5 Mistakes Men Often Make In Their Love Relationships

By Aditya Soni

July 2, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

If at least one of the partners shows some degree of prudence, on most occasions the majority of untoward circumstances can easily be avoided in a relationship. When you are in a relationship, and you know that you have some nasty habit whether it’s smoking, alcohol or any other that is not liked by your partner, changing yourself for your soul-mate can go a long way towards building a strong bond of trust and love.


However, it’s not uncommon for most men to make mistakes in their love relationships. As per temperament goes, men are wired differently, so it’s not entirely their fault. But, regardless of the cultural or regional background, there are some common mistakes made by men that often lead to failed relationships, broken engagements, and failed marriages.
Here is a list of some common mistakes men often make in their love relationships:
1. They fail to show empathy.
Women are very emotional, and it doesn’t matter what’s their age. When something is bothering them, they tend to express their feelings and they want someone to listen to what they have to say. Men, however, have a tendency to go into a fix-it type of mode rather than just listening. Women desire to have their feelings understood and validated, and men should value this.
2. Making major decisions without consulting the partner.
This can be a big relationship killer. This is because a relationship with your spouse or live-in partner is all about a shared leadership. Where men fall into a trap is the scenario when they consider themselves the one who leads the relationship. It should not be this way. Instead, the couple should work as a team in all things.
3. Not understanding your partner sexually.
This is another big mistake made by men. As a matter of fact, women need more than men do in-order to get turned on. Men view the act of sexual intimacy as a means of getting and being close. However, for a woman to be ready to engage in intimacy, she needs to feel that closeness prior to the commencement of sex. It is often easier for older men to understand this than it is for the younger ones.
4. Not listening in the right manner.
Men have a tendency to offer solutions for the problems that women may talk about. However, women often simply want their man to listen while they talk things out. Simply demonstrating an interest in what your partner is saying and caring about her emotions with trying to fix it can often go a long way for a man.
5. Arguing the wrong way.
Let’s face it: all couples argue from time to time. You may never know when a heated argument turned into a spat of mutual insult. Your job is to make sure that the argument does not get worse. If you need time to cool off, please do so.
Thus, it is important to take care of your relationship. A new found relationship is like a tender sapling that needs to be cared and nurtured with love and affection before it can bear fruits and spread the message of sweetness all around.

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