5 effective ways to reduce your stress levels

By David Gomes

January 27, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


The 21st century has led to our lives being exposed to the constant stress. It is attributed to the different issues that we deal with on a daily basis. It includes the health issues, the financial freedom, issues in relationships, a bossy boss, and so forth. We are all aware of the effects of stress in our lives. It can lead to a lack of concentration at work, relationship issues with your partner, and at times suicidal thoughts. It can also lead to depression. It is important to seek the help of a health practitioner when you realize that your stress is taking a toll on you. Your willpower can be damaged by stress. It can prevent you from reaching your goals. However, you should not be stressed up as the article helps to show you how you can reduce your levels of stress.

You cannot control everything

We all make mistakes at one point in our lives. However, this should not be a reason to be stressed up. The ability to learn from our mistakes is important. It allows us to move on. We cannot be able to control everything in our lives. The fact that we make mistakes shows that we are not perfect. Learn to accept you the way you are. Stop worrying about your girlfriend and whether she is cheating. You will realize that there is nothing that you can do if she attempts to sleep with every Tom Dick and Hurry. You cannot be stressing yourself over accidents on the road. You will never know what is coming when you are on the road. The primary reason for stress in our lives is the habit of constant obsession. It is in the things that we have no control over. Therefore, the things that you can never influence to change will remain that way regardless of whether you stress about them or not. It is important to learn to be at peace and not stress yourself concerning these things. It will help you reduce a significant amount of stress.

Change the things you can

Most times we are not aware of the impact that we can have on reducing our stress levels. Some things are within our control. Stop underestimating yourself. Stress that are related to your health is some that you can change. You can choose to have a change in your lifestyle. You will find that you will have reduced the stress that is usually related to it. When it comes to stress associated with money, you can choose to have different funds. For instance, you can have a fund entirely for the cases of emergency. You can also form a habit of saving. It can help in the plans such as your wedding or buying of your dream car. The stress resulting from relationships can be reduced by our efforts to choose our partners carefully. You should not be driven by lust or infatuation. You should be able to distinguish between real feelings and obsessions. These can help significantly in reducing your stress. Ensure that you keep a good company around you. These assist in offering advice that can help you reduce your stress levels. The sharing of your stress with your friends can contribute to reducing stress as some of them may have gone through what you are facing. Some of the lives problems are predictable while others are spontaneous. Therefore, it is important to prepare adequately in advance before we get into those stressful events. Preparing in advance helps to reduce the stress.

Be choosy in your means to reduce stress

We are all culprit of using methods of reducing the stress that don’t work. Research shows the methods that we regularly employ to help us reduce stress are ineffective. They include smoking, watching TV, having ice creams, overdrinking alcohol and so forth. You may then wonder what can work for you. The answer is simple. It includes exercising, taking a breather and walking, doing your favorite hobby as well as surrounding yourself with real friends. Whenever we are experiencing stressful situations, our brains tend to assist us in reducing the stress. However, it cannot predict exactly what works. Train yourself to adapt the habit of having effective ways of dealing with the stress. You can choose to have regular exercises. You can even join a class of yoga or painting. You can have traditions that help you reduce your stress such as inviting your friends for a barbeque every Sunday.

Choose to remain stress-free

Your ability to remain stress-free is tied to your willpower. It is one quality that puts people apart. Successful people have control over their lives. Their willpower guides them. They do not allow stress to take a significant part of their lives. Stress reduces our ability to use our willpower. Ensure that you guard your mind.

No is also an answer

Most times we are overwhelmed by the various issues of life. You have to assist this person, help in another place and so forth. These can leave you emotionally deprived. You cannot help everyone. It can only lead to stress. If you want to help out, do it but not under obligation.


Life is an opportunity that we are all given to enjoy every moment. Never allow anything to take away your peace despite what it can be. Learn to put yourself first and check the areas that lead you to be stressed and avoid them.

David Gomes

David Gomes by profession a Freelance Writer. He loves to write on a variety of topics such as sexual health, fitness, and workout for blogs and online publication sites. He is passionate about helping others and toward his work. In his spare time, when he's not writing, David enjoys watching action movies, listening music, reading anything that comes into his hands and planning his dream vacation.

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