5 Business Propositions Worth Looking Into


March 6, 2008   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

In my last post, we discussed various business propositions that an online business owner or blogger should avoid. Today it’s time to look into 5 propositions that hold great potential.

When used correctly, each of these will have a positive impact on your site’s brand, your visitor stream, and eventually your income. However, and as many can attest to, being aggressive with these ideas will test your time management and prioritization skills.

Proposition 1: “Would You Accept An Interview?”
After your website starts to become popular, you will, without a doubt, receive your share of interview requests and yes, looking into them is always recommended. Interviews are a great win-win situation for all parties involved: the person who publishes the interview gains content for his or her website, the person who is being interviewed receives exposure and the visitors are able to take advantage of great information. Why not make things work out for all parties involved?

Proposition 2: “Would You Accept A Guest Post?”
You may also receive your share of guest writing offers and analyzing them never hurts. You have the opportunity to publish even more content on your website, the person who is writing the article gains exposure and the visitors, as with proposition 1, will appreciate the guest post. If the quality of the article makes this arrangement worth it, go for it.

Proposition 3: “Would You Be Willing To Write A Guest Post?”
Some webmasters who appreciate your articles may ask you to write an article or two for their resource as well and why wouldn’t you look into this proposition? As with the previous two, it is a win-win situation for all parties involved: you, the webmasters and, most importantly, the visitors. You can share your 2 cents with other people, quite a few of them will take a look at your website as well and return if it is worth it, doesn’t that sound like a more than decent deal?

Proposition 4: “Would You Be Interested In A Long-Term Advertising Partnership?”
Certain companies can contact you in order to ask if you are willing to establish a long-term publisher/advertiser partnership and hearing them out never hurts. Who knows, it may just work if you manage to reach a mutually beneficial agreement and in that case, you will definitely end up congratulating yourself for looking into the proposition down the road.

Proposition 5: “Would You Be Willing To Write About My Project?”
As a well-known webmaster, you will definitely receive a lot of emails where you will be asked to write about a certain project or event. While more than a few such propositions do not deserve to be taken into consideration, some are definitely worth it. If you are certain that the product or service in question is something your visitors will find useful and if it is also relevant to your niche, I see no reason why you shouldn’t take it into consideration. After all: you would be letting your visitors know about something they may find interesting while also helping a fellow online entrepreneur out.

Sounds like common sense, doesn’t it? If you have time, why not invest it in these areas?

This guest post was written by Alan Johnson, the author of The Online Business Handbook.


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