4 Success Secrets That Every Successful Person Knows


December 9, 2012   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Are you someone who’s striving to achieve success in work, love, or life?

Do you crave more than your current lot?

Maybe you want a better career.

Maybe you want to start up your own business but you’re not quite sure how.

Or perhaps you’re looking for that perfect love match, but just can’t seem to “find” him or her?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, because most people ARE striving for more in life (it’s just part of our human nature).

So today we’re going to make sure that you’re one of those successful few who not only goes for your dreams, but who actually achieves them too!Here are 4 success secrets to help guarantee that you not only go for your dreams (whatever they may be) – but that you also achieve them just as you’ve always wanted:

#1 – Get clear about what you want.

If you truly want to achieve your dreams in work, love, and life you need to be incredibly clear about exactly what you want:

  • Where exactly do you want to work?
  • How much do you want to earn?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • With whom do you want to live?
  • What does you ideal life look like?

These are all questions you need to answer before moving forward, because to make the right decisions during your journey, you need to know with 100% clarity where you want to end up.

Write your answers down on an index card and carry the card with you everywhere.

It works.

#2 – Don’t give up.

Chances are that you are way closer to your dreams than you think you are.

Nothing amazing was ever achieved without persistence. And no goals were ever achieved by people who gave up midway through.

Bottom line: once you commit to your desired destination, don’t sell yourself short by giving up. Especially because most people tend to stop or give up right before they’re about to arrive at their dream or destination. Then later they look back and say “Why did I do that?!… I was SO close!

Don’t let that be you.

Make sure you persist and follow through until you make it. Olympic athletes, millionaires, billionaires, and really anyone who’s living their dream will tell you that you have to persist: There’s just no other way to achieve the success you desire and deserve.

#3 – Keep it rationally positive.

It turns out that our brains function better when we’re positive. That’s because negative thinking releases stress hormones into our brains. This clouds our thought processes and prevents neurons (brain cells) from communicating.

That’s why achieving your goals requires substantial levels of optimism.

But, we’re not talking about delusional optimism that has no basis in reality. We’re talking about rational optimism.

So what’s rational optimism?

Rational optimism is genuine positivity that’s grounded in fact and reality – and that also allows you to see life as it truly is: GOOD, but balanced. That’s the kind of optimism that keeps you incredibly happy, but that also keeps you sane and successfully responsive to reality!

We know, we know. You look around and see genocide, slavery, the Holocaust, tsunamis, personal pain, and tragedies and think:  “You’re just trying to sell me some BS.”

Well, yes and no. We’re not trying to sell you anything as much as we’re really trying to get you to have the positivity required to invest in your own future. This is how every successful person thinks …from Bill Gates to Oprah…you name it.

#4 – Feed your spirit.

Yes, life can be difficult. Yes, striving to achieve your goals can be cumbersome.

But there is something that has the power to make any grey day look sunny and any challenge or obstacle suddenly seem “do-able.”

That special ‘something’ is spiritual sustenance – also known as spiritual wisdom. So, don’t starve your spirit as you strive for your success.

Spiritual wisdom not only ensures good physical health along your journey, but it also leads to better (wiser) decision-making, which ultimately speeds up the rate at which you achieve your success anyway.

So whether it’s a specific religion you love or just some enlightening wisdom that you appreciate, feed your spirit regularly, because THAT’s what really feeds your success during key moments of emotional (and even physical) strain.

Here’s an extra tip for the road:

Always remember, if you’re looking for a better career, more pay, a juicier love life, or a happier family, there’s always a way to succeed and reach your dreams.

Just refer to these 4 powerful success secrets when in doubt, and you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

Success….here you come!

Written on 12/9/2012 Cece Suwal & Mark Brener, coauthors of the national bestseller, A Guide To Your Supreme Power, and cofounders of The One World Initiative, where you can discover your path to money, love, power, success, life purpose, and meaning using their four powerful success secrets. Photo Credit:

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