35 Reasons Why You’re Succeeding At Life (Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It)

By Daniel Philben

May 8, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

In order to measure how successful we have been so far in life, we need to look at the little things instead of focusing on the big things such as being millionaires or having a fancy car.

Feel like you haven’t succeeded at all? Here are 35 reasons that you are actually succeeding, even if you don’t feel like it:

1. Your relationships are not as dramatic or complicated as they used to be.

Your relationships have become far easier for you as compared to previously. There are no unnecessary fights or arguments.

2. You confidentially ask for help and support when needed.

You know how important it is to ask for support and help because one person alone cannot achieve everything. Therefore, you ask for it when needed.

3. Your standards have raised.

You have no tolerance for negativity or bad behavior, and you make sure that other people are held accountable for their actions.

4. You leave the negativity behind.

Negativity just drags people down, and what your focus in life has been is to uplift yourself and your soul.

5. You understand the importance of failure and setbacks.

Failures or setbacks are not a threat to you anymore. Rather, you know the importance of learning from these experiences.

6. You don’t complain all that often anymore.

You realize that complaining brings more negativity and hinders constructive action. You would rather be doing something about the situation as opposed to whining.

7. You get happy for other people’s successes.

Being happy for other people not only uplifts them, it uplifts you too. You have started sending out positive energy all around this way.

8. You have future goals and passions that you anticipate dearly.

You know what you want to achieve in life and you work towards those achievements.

9. You are empathetic.

You love spreading positive energy and love in this world and being more open to listening to other people.

10. You don’t care about what others think.

You have stopped bothering with the negative behavior or thinking of other people and are especially aware that this thinking should have no impact on you or your personal growth.

11. You’re always optimistic and happy.

You are always full of optimism and know that things will go right no matter what.

12. You love and allow yourself to be loved.

There is no limit to the amount of love you can spread.

13. You never let yourself be the victim.

You realize that life is a consequence of how you want it to be. You always work towards ensuring a better life instead of complaining.

14. You try being present in the moment as much as possible.

Mindfulness helps individuals live in the present moment. You know how important this is instead of thinking about the past or the future all the time.

15. You never judge.

People are often too quick to judge others when they have no business doing so. It always pays to place yourself in someone else’s shoes before passing judgments.

16. You don’t allow guilt to gulp you down.

A lot of people face emotional guilt for not doing something for others. You have stopped letting that get the best of you.

17. You have stopped trying to please everyone around you.

You do things for yourself now instead of for other people.

18. You have a strong support system.

You have people that you can rely and seek help from.

19. You keep moving forward, no matter how tough life gets.

Moving forward, even though life becomes tough is what will keep you truly happy in the long run, and you already know this.

20. You have become much stronger on the inside.

You have this strength on the inside that you never knew you had before, and this helps you accomplish even more tasks.

21. You love others more than you used to.

All you have to spread around now is a lot of love for other people.

22. You recognize all your accomplishments.

You know all you have accomplished so far and you are proud of it.

23. You know you have a path to follow, and you follow that.

For you, your path alone is what you are concerned about.

24. You work daily towards overcoming your fears.

We all have fears. However, you have made a conscious effort into making sure that you slowly remove all your fears.

25. You are always grateful no matter what.

You remain grateful for your life, no matter how tough it seems to get.

26. You are more determined than you ever were before.

You have this strong internal desire and determination to excel in all avenues that you pursue.

27. You have started surrounding yourself with the right people.

A good life is all about finding the right people. They help to instill positivity in your life and uplift you completely.

28. You feel happy when you see yourself in the mirror.

When you see yourself in the mirror, you get happy and feel proud of yourself.

29. You know the importance of saying ‘no’.

When you do not feel like doing anything, you do not hesitate to say no.

30. You have stopped comparing yourself or your life with other people and their lives.

Comparing yourself to others is the worst thing that you could possibly do. Each individual should only focus on their own lives.

31. You look forward to leaning something new as much as possible.

With new learning comes new experiences and you always get excited about that.

32. You have overcome most of your obstacles.

Everyone face obstacles in their lives. However, you know you are far more successful if you have overcome most of them.

33. You don’t whine over the things that you cannot change.

You remain happy and are more acceptant of the life that you have.

34. You love yourself instead of the idea of everyone else loving you.

The first step to truly being content with yourself is loving you for who you are.

35. You bring a smile to people’s faces.

The mere presence of you is so uplifting that it brings a smile to people’s faces.

Daniel Philben

Daniel is the founder of Entrepreneur Abroad, father, coach and passionate about motivating and inspiring others to start something that matters . Check out entrepreneurabroad.com

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