3 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Drop Out Of The Race, Here’s How To Prevent It.

By Rosemary Nonny Knight

October 12, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

It is so easy right now to start a business working out of your home but it is not actually quite so easy to make that business, start making you money.

And this is where a lot of entrepreneurs find themselves.

And this is why a lot of entrepreneurs quit.

How can you make sure that you do not become one of these people that this happens to? Do you know these three major issues that cause entrepreneur to drop out of the race?

1. Stuck in Reverse

Are you stuck looking back at all the mistakes you have made and the reasons why you think you cannot succeed as an entrepreneur? Maybe you think that because no one in your family has ever done it, then it becomes impossible for you.

Or maybe you think that the government is not supporting new business, the taxes seem too high, the cost-of-living is too high and how you wish you had been born in some previous time when everything was so much easier.

Well, I suppose you can stay in that place of lack and poverty and backwards thinking or you could choose to be the person that looks forward and finds ways to succeed despite whatever challenges other people decide to allow affect them.

As an entrepreneur, you have to get rid of victimhood. And everything described above is an example of victimhood.

You are no victim, you get to take full responsibility for whatever you want to create and get to work creating it. Will you? Or will you stay feel trapped in a life that you no longer actually enjoy. The choice really is yours.

2. No Big Reason Why

Why are you building this business? Do you know or are you just doing it because it seems like an easy route to some quick cash. I think you may have found out by now that there is no such thing as quick cash, is there?

A lot of entrepreneurs find themselves in maintenance mode when the going gets tough on their business and then they degenerate into the ‘quit’ mode because it seems impossible and they do not know what to do. Usually, the real problem is a lack of a big enough reason why. They feel beat down and they wonder why they do not return to the relative comfort of their old job, or ANY job. And of course, they have a posse of supporters who wondered why they started the business in the first place and so now they are positively encouraging the wannabe entrepreneur to quit and come back to the ‘real’ world.

If you want to avoid this sorry state of affairs, you must figure out your huge reason for getting this business off the ground. Why do you want this to work? Is it for your kids? Do it fulfill a deep need within you for significance and legacy? Is it because you want the freedom to see more of the world and you feel this business will help you do that? What is your big reason why?

Write it out and keep it at the top of your mind and keep moving forward.

3. The Lone Wolf Syndrome

Are you doing this? You have always found it easy to be successful and so you think your business is no different. Except you forget that you have always been surrounded by people who were doing the same thing and so, you were never completely alone. However, in building your business, you realize that your own drive can only take you so far and when you have questions, you have no one to bounce anything against. You are different from people around you and yes, it is great to be able to do things on your own, it leaves you open to internal attack that you begin to think is the truth and also external attack when people, who are still doing what they have always done, try to get you back into the clique.

And consider this; is there any athlete out there who wins the Olympics without a coach, mentor and team that are completely on their side? I think not so why then do you think that it makes sense to build your successful business alone?

Usually, the lone wolf syndrome is a result of misplaced pride. Please get rid of it. Yes, you are strong and capable but this journey is not one to take alone. Find a coach, a mentor and/or a mastermind of people you trust and benefit form the objectivity that comes from not being attached to your results in any way. Their objective support can be the difference between success and failure so take this last point seriously.

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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