21 Must-Read Tips To Write Better Web Content

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As a full time blogger and freelance writer, writing web content is part of my daily routine. Since it earns me a living too, it’s mandatory for me to consistently polish my skills as a writer and write better content.

I am sure a lot of bloggers and web content creators realize the importance of good content and like me, they too try to write better articles everyday. To help them further, I decided that I’ll scour some of the most well known blogs and sites which include content on blogging and writing in general and list 21 excellent articles which could greatly improve your writing skills.

Although most of these articles are primarily aimed at helping those who create web content, they could be useful to anyone who writes for a living and would love to write better.

    1. Five Grammatical Errors That Make You Look Dumb from Copyblogger
      While we all hope what we have to say is more important than some silly grammatical error, the truth is some people will not subscribe or link to your blog if you make dumb mistakes when you write, and buying from you will be out of the question. 
  • What is Good Content? A Working Definition and Some General Principles from Dosh Dosh
    Good content is a necessary foundation for most successful blogs. High quality content makes it easier for someone to recommend it to friends or other potential readers. Content makes blog marketing a whole lot easier because it naturally supports the push or pull process involved in promoting a website.
  • A Guide to Becoming a Better Writer: 15 Practical Tips from Lifehack
    Becoming the best writer you can be isn’t easy, I won’t lie to you. It takes hard work. But it’s worth the effort. And if it seems like an insurmountable task, there are some concrete things you can do today that will get you on the road to improvement.
    Be concrete, says Roberts; get to the point; express your opinions colorfully. Refreshingly, he even practices what he preaches. His essay is humorous, direct, and almost salty in summarizing the working habits that all good prose writers must cultivate. 
  • 20 Must-Read Blogs For Freelance Writers from Freelance folder
    It goes without saying that in order to become a freelance writer, you gotta love writing. But you should also consistently work on sharpening your skills. And how do you do that? Reading well-written articles and blogs is a very good start! This can help you write innovative and appealing content. 
  • Writing Website Content Headlines from Men With Pens
    Headlines rule the virtual world, from email subject line to blog post title to website page intro. A great headline is the bait and hook that keeps people reading.
  • 6 Foreign Expressions You Should Know from Daily Writing Tips
    Whether you like it or not, foreign expressions represent an integral part of the English language (and of many other languages, too). Knowing the meaning and usage of the most used ones is very important. 
  • 50 Tools that can Increase your Writing Skills from Dumb Little Man
    The values supporting these guidelines are rooted in Poynter’s dedication to teaching and inspiring journalists and media leaders. Poynter is a school that promotes excellence and integrity in the practices of craft and the practical leadership of successful businesses. 
  • How to Become a Freelance Blog Writer from Freelance Switch
    Becoming a freelance blog writer isn’t always easy in the beginning, but I’ve found that it’s vastly more fun and rewarding. It’s worth the effort. 
  • 8 Proofreading Tips And Techniques from Daily Writing Tips
    Whether you are writing a magazine article, a college essay or an email to a client, getting your text free of mistakes is essential. The spell checker helps, but it is far from foolproof. That is where proofreading comes in. 
  • The Most Important Tip For Better Writing from Problogger
    Reading more high-caliber bloggers is one of the most effective ways to improve your writing. What you read shapes how you write. If you read better blogs, you’ll start to see immediate results in your own writing. 
  • 31 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Writing from Write to Done
    No matter how much you love writing, there will always be days when you need inspiration from one muse or another. In fact, I would argue that inspiration is not just a desirable thing, it’s an integral part of the writing process.
  • 5 Killer Ways to Improve your Writing Right Now from Problogger
    One of the hallmarks of producing great content for your blog is writing it so it sounds natural, the way it would if we were chatting with each other over a coffee.
  • Why Great Writing Doesn’t Matter Online from Skelliewag
    People don’t read online. Nor do they scan. They extract ideas, resonating with some and disregarding others. They do so at breakneck speed, only slowing down when a particular idea truly warrants it. 
  • 20 Places to Find Online Courses for Writers from Freelance Writing jobs
    The good thing about the Internet is how you don’t have to leave the house to learn. While it’s nice to be able to take courses at one’s local college, time and money are sometimes an issue. Don’t let either keep you from excelling at what you do.
  • Do You Write From Your Heart ? from Problogger
    As professional bloggers, freelancers or writers, sometimes we tend to be skeptical about our own content. We tend to think more about external aspects like marketing etc (which we can always do after we complete the article) even before we start writing and consequently the quality of the article dips down. 



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