20 Ways to Stay Motivated

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I don’t think any of us can read (and hopefully absorb) too many ways to get motivated. Whether is a project you have to start, or an addiction you have to stop, your motivation level will dictate how you start and end.

I’ve gone back and forth with Leo at the Zen Habits blog and with permission I’ve listed his top 20 “Motivation Hacks”. Each hack links back to Zen Habits where they fully explain the concept or the thoughts behind the statement.

  1. Always think positive. Squash all negative thoughts
  2. Make a big public commitment. Be fully committed
  3. Create a friendly, mutually-supportive competition
  4. Keep a daily journal of your goal
  5. Visualize your goal clearly, on a daily basis, for at least 5-10 minutes
  6. Make it a rule never to skip two days in a row
  7. Become aware of your urges to quit, and be prepared for them
  8. Have powerful reasons. Write them down
  9. Get a coach or take a class
  10. Find inspiration, on a daily basis
  11. Reward yourself…Often.
  12. Break it into smaller, mini goals
  13. Give it time, be patient
  14. Make it a pleasure
  15. Just get started
  16. Get a workout partner or goal buddy
  17. Post a picture of your goal someplace visible — near your desk or on your refrigerator, for example
  18. Join an online (or off-line) group to help keep you focused and motivated
  19. Hold Yourself Back
  20. Chart Your Progress

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