10 Ways to Stop All That Drama in Your Life

By Tanvi

April 10, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


1. Choose – Diplomacy or Silence? 

As you grow up you realize that being honest and straightforward doesn’t mean you blurt out everything that comes into your mind. You have two choices, either you learn to be diplomatic or if that route is too political for you, then learn to keep quiet! If you choose neither then you will only create trouble for yourself.

2. Do not give advice unless asked for

While we can never watch our near and dear ones suffer.  Unless you are a parent you better keep your opinions to yourself. No one likes to hear how he or she should lead his or her life. Plus, the advice would always be better received when the other person is open and asking for it.

3. NO! You do not know what is best for everyone around you

All of us think we know best how the world (which includes our friends and family) should operate, and what is wrong and what is right. Reality Check – You don’t! God gave everyone brains for a reason and there is something called destiny.

4. Do not over-commit yourself 

When you try to please everyone and be everywhere – all the time – you end up making a lot of people mad. Do not commit to more than what you can handle else you end up with frustration and disappointments.

5. Prioritize

The solution to #4 would be to learn to prioritize. For example, Parent’s anniversary comes before your girl friend’s boy-troubles. Brother’s birthday *should* come before a date with your boyfriend … etc. etc. They seem like common sense but seldom are. When you don’t prioritize, you ask for trouble.

6. Be Honest

It is not always easy to be honest and sometimes one might indulge in false praises and promises but in the long term both have the potential to land you in trouble. It is better to say nothing at all than to sing false praises.

7. Mind your own business

In addition to #2 you should also not poke your nose in everyone’s business. If it doesn’t concern you then do not try to solve the problem. Let go of that Super-Man/Wonder-Woman Complex. You are not sent on this earth to solve everyone’s issues. Just focus on improving yourself and the world will be a better place.

8. Learn to say NO!

Now, this requires special skills because even when someone asks for advice (#2) or is requesting you to poke your nose in their business (#7) you have to be smart enough to recognize when to say NO! and politely retract yourself from the situation.

9. Be Kind & Courteous 

So far it might seem that you have to be a real cold-hearted human being to keep your life simple. That’s not really the case. More often than not just by being compassionate, yet firm, you can keep yourself at an arm’s distance from the unpleasant encounters. Case in point – Not everyone is your best friend. You are not about to die for every second person. The world will not come to an end if you are not at the beck-and-call of each one of your friends. Maintaining a courteous distance can go a long way.

10. Most importantly, don’t gossip! 

This is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require an elaboration. Gossip leads to rumors and miscommunication.


Tanvi Rastogi blogs at ∞ tanvii.com ∞ where she shares her sartorial experiments, food recipes, fitness tips, travel stories and musings from everyday life.

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