10 Useful (and Innovative) Windows 7 Productivity Tips

By Abhijeet Mukherjee

January 17, 2011   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Windows 7

I’ve already talked about why you should switch to Windows 7 if you haven’t yet (Mac users, spare me the sarcasm). Windows 7 is without a doubt the best Windows version yet, and hence the sooner you get started with it, the better.

Now, for those who are reading this post on a browser that’s installed on a Windows 7 machine, I’d like to share some neat tips and tricks that could skyrocket your productivity while working on your PC.

Yes, I have already written about how you can work productively on your Windows computer, but these tips are different and cater specifically to Windows 7 users. So, if you own a Windows 7 PC or someone in the family who has one, these techniques are for you. Check them out.

  • Windows 7 Shortcuts
    Keyboard shortcuts can significantly enhance your productivity. Even if you love using the mouse and can’t even dream of dumping it altogether for that bland keyboard, there’s no harm in getting yourself acquainted with some shortcuts to speed up certain daily tasks. Here’s a list of some relatively unknown, and really cool Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts.
  • Customize Jumplists
    I love the jumplists feature in Windows 7. It allows me to quickly open the folders and windows I use frequently. Here’s a guide to further customize jumplists to boost your productivity.
  • Use Reliability Monitor To Fix Issues
    The Reliability Monitor in Windows 7 helps you analyze and troubleshoot problems that are preventing you from getting the most out of your machine. Learn how to use this tool to fix errors and other issues in Windows 7.
  • Use Ninite to Install Multiple Software
    Ninite as such has nothing to do with Windows 7, and it works in other versions of Windows too. But I just couldn’t withhold myself from mentioning it in this list. Why? Because it’s awesome! You can install a huge number of popular software at one go with this tool. Super useful.
  • Disable Aero Snap or Aero Shake
    Both Aero Snap and Aero Shake are nice features introduced in Windows 7 to help you quickly alter the placement of program windows on your screen. While the intention is to make people more productive, some of you might find them irritating. In that case, disabling aero snap and aero shake is the best option.
  • Customize Notification Area
    Windows 7 brought along an overhauled notification area (or the system tray) to help people better manage those tiny icons. If you want to enable or hide certain icons there, check out this customizing Windows 7 notification area article to get yourself acquainted with the steps.
  • Using Checkboxes
    This is a simple, yet innovative new feature in Windows 7 that can go a long way in enhancing your daily productivity. You can enable checkboxes for files and folders in Windows 7 so that selecting them in bulk becomes easier and quicker.
  • Pin Any App or Folder to the Taskbar
    The new taskbar was the first thing that attracted people towards Windows 7. It was a big improvement, and the ability to pin programs to it came as a godsend for many. But do you know that you could pin just about any app or folder to it? This tutorial will teach you how to get that done.
  • Multiple Monitors
    Windows 7 also proved to be a better option for people using multiple monitors. Check out this guide to make the most of your multiple monitors in Windows 7.
  • Taskbar
    Yes, I already told you how good the Windows 7 taskbar is but forgot to mention that there are a ton of things you could do with it apart from pinning any app or folder. This Lifehacker guide demonstrates some of those tips and tricks.

Hope the above tricks help the Windows 7 users among you to speed up everyday computing tasks.



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