10 Small Steps to Achieve Your Goals faster and Have Way More Fun Than The Neighbors

By Diana Reid

August 6, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

1. Spend time around positive people

This. Is. Key.

I mean for real. I want you to test this out – Here’s how:

Begin to notice how you feel when you are around different types of people, negative people will make you feel heavy and tired, oh and then you will begin to say negatives things they are saying too.

Positive people who support your goals and ideas, who are cheerful and carefree will give you energy, make you feel good and more determined to live a better life. You have fun with these people and they don’t take things too seriously.

2. Have great goals to work towards

Write your goals down. The best way to do this is project yourself into the future 3 years, write out what you are doing in the present tense, Include different areas of your life – for example your relationships, money, health and business.

3. Dress up look after yourself

Give your confidence a boost and make yourself look good, dress up and walk tall. Your posture will determine how you feel.
Look after yourself by eating healthy food and doing exercise.

4. Give gratitude

Be grateful for even the smallest things.

When you begin to feel real heartfelt feelings of gratitude it can change your life because the more things you think of that you are grateful for instead of focusing on what you cannot get, you allow yourself to be satisfied and feel good.

5. Recognize your thoughts & change them

You probably let your thoughts run on autopilot.

Here’s the deal – when you think of an event, you feel an emotion, your mind creates images and you are now imagining the event as being real. The sad truth is we have far more negative thoughts than positive ones. Oh did I mention those negative/positive thought = results in our lives?


6. Be a giver

Give without the expectation of getting something in return.

Giving creates a feeling of happiness, doing good for someone and seeing them happy will always make you feel good. Give to others by being kind, saying nice things, giving gifts, or even a smile. Don’t worry about what other people do for you because this creates lack. Give freely and know you will always get back in abundance what you give to others.

7. Visualize your dreams

Have your goals you have written down, now ‘see’ it & ‘feel’ it. Be there, be where you want to be in the now use your imagination – what can you hear? Who’s with you? Make things even more powerful and quicker by creating a vision board.

8. Believe in yourself

You have what it takes to succeed.

Often you are held back by our own beliefs and limit what you can really do. Imagine doing a workout at the gym on your own Vs when you have a trainer, the trainer makes you realize you can push yourself further than you could imagine. It’s like that with life you are always getting in the way of yourself by your own beliefs.

Answer these questions:

What do you want?
Why do you think you cannot achieve it?
Is that really true? (Usually a no)
So how will you get it?
What are your first steps?
Now you are on your way. Great stuff!

9. Relax

Sometime you just need to relax.

We get so caught up in our daily lives often just being busy and not doing the things that are actually important. In other words you are keeping busy from doing what you really should be. In other words procrastinating. Take a break. Put your feet up, or do something that will take you away from the busyness so you can find some focus, it’ll do you good.

Ideas: spa, massage, long relax in the bath, walk in the park, reading the book you’ve been putting off with no distractions, movie in with a glass of wine. ANYTHING that will help you relax!

10. Have more fun (than the neighbors)

By doing what YOU love. Notice I didn’t say while copying other people with their lives then thinking you should do exactly what they do. No. find out what you love to do, what your family loves to do.

If it’s staying in watching a movie on a Friday night, then do that. If it is skiing on the Alps then go do that, travelling the world? Go ahead. As long as you are not trying to please someone that’s fine.

Maybe your ‘Neighbors’ or anyone else for that matter may appear to be living a better life, my look they have this thing called life all figured out but I’ll let you in on a secret…. They probably haven’t. The fact that you can go away after reading this post and taking action you will be one step ahead. Trust me.

Are there any more ways you can think of that will make you get to where you want to be faster?

Diana Reid

Diana is a beach lover, who is all about helping you find purpose & why she created The Personal Freedom Project blog. Subscribe to her Happy Triggers Guide at http://thepersonalfreedomproject.com

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