Video Tutorial: 10 Excel Tips that Speed up Spreadsheets

Image via Creative Commons, AJ Cann’s Flickr photostream. (Source)

After using Microsoft Excel for at least 15 hours a week since birth (it feels like), I thought I knew most of it’s capabilities; I was mistaken. Even the simplest Excel tricks get missed and the following short videos go through 10 tips that can improve your spreadsheet skills.

In video 1, get ready to learn about:

  • Master the Art of Bulk Entry
  • Quickly Inserting Rows & Columns
  • Moving Your Data Around in One Shot
  • Utilize the Format Painter & Format Copying
  • Taking the “Work” out of Worksheets

Ah, there is more. Video 2 takes you through:

  • Utilizing Quick Charts
  • Easily Remove Repeated Data
  • Inserting Line Breaks & Today’s Date in a Cell
  • Insert a Picture in a Comment
  • Manipulating Strings with Functions

The videos were created by a blog that I subscribe to named The Closet Entrepreneur.
Photo: JuaraDeArdilla

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