10 Characteristics of A Good Friend

By Rynaldo Papoy

December 28, 2018   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

It’s easy to say that you’re a good friend. Proving that, however, can be quite difficult. You can go and ask your friends if you’re being a good friend or you can just sit down and assess yourself.

If you choose the latter, here are 10 characteristics you should be possessing.

You do not solve the problem of your friend, you help to solve

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When we have a problem, we immediately ask for help from friends. Some may help, others do not.

However, as a friend, you’re not really expected to solve all of your friends’ problems. Instead, you offer suggestions or solutions.

If you can’t help your friend, be sure to explain why. And even if your friend doesn’t directly ask for help, it’s good if you can check on him from time to time and ask if he’s dealing with anything you can help him with.

You hear your friend’s problem without judging

There is nothing worse than venting about a problem and receiving a bad judgement from a friend. That will only make you feel a lot worse.

For example, if your friend had an unexpected pregnancy, she wouldn’t want to hear a judgment about it, much less a religious judgment. She just wants her friend for support.

You don’t ask  for anything in return

A real friend will stick with you in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer. If your friend tends to disappear when the going gets tough, he’s probably not a true friend.

It happens and you should be aware of it. And when you consider that, a true friend should not only be present volume of the of the wallets of friends.

You remember your friends from time to time

If you happen to migrate to another country or move to another place, keep your connection with your friends. Don’t abandon them just because you’re far from each other.

There are a lot of ways to keep your communication lines open. The internet is one good example. You can use different social media platforms to stay connected.

You speak more fun things than sad

There is nothing worse than people who only see the bad side of things. No one wants to have a pessimistic or bitter friend. If you are having a bad day, do not go bothering friends. Talk to friends only when you have something nice to say.

You do not give opinion unless requested

Your friend shows up with the most ridiculous pants in the world. What you say? Nothing. That’s because he does not want your opinion.

However, if your friend asks your opinion, you can give it delicately. You can say that it’s not something you like, rather than saying that his pants are the most ridiculous ones you’ve seen in your life.

You like being by your friend’s side

have fun with friends

Why do you want to have many friends if you don’t like inviting them to go out? And if you don’t like hanging out with them, don’t expect them to feel the same way towards you.

You take care of the cat

Friends do favors for each other and they do that without complaining or saying anything negative. They look after each others’ pets when needed and they even volunteer to do errands for each other.

You are a good influence

Nobody wants to have a friend who is dishonest and lazy. Nobody wants a friend who gossips and shows violent behaviors, too.

No one will accept as you are, unless you are a person of integrity. So, do your best and be a good influence to your friends.

You share information

Your friends are not your competitors. And as someone has said, you get back what you give to the world.

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