Why Having a Side Hustle Can Make You a More Valuable Employee

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

Why Having a Side Hustle Can Make You a More Valuable Employee

While being employed in a 9-5 job can suffice your financial needs every month, getting yourself a side hustle can be another source of supplementary income. 

Many think a “side hustle” is a real hassle, especially if you’re studying and working full-time. You’ll likely need to overhaul your current schedule and compromise. However, the benefits of a sideline job don’t stop at the extra income it yields.

Most of those applying for sideline jobs perhaps think their current income is insufficient or just because they need a diversion from their routine jobs. However, many others are hunting for a side hustle to gain new skills and experience, thus gaining a competitive edge as a more valuable employee. 

Let’s discuss the gains many side hustlers could get from their gigs.

Enhanced Time-Management Skills

Enhanced Time-Management Skills
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You can possess time management skills by performing multiple jobs. Employers are specifically observant of a worker’s ability to use time efficiently. 

In your 9-5 job, you will get used to clocking in and out after sufficing the 8 hours and never get late for work. But with an additional job to commit a few of your remaining hours in the day, you will likely need to adjust your schedule without sacrificing other routines like your rest and family time. 

Of course, don’t forget to spend time on healthy distractions. Whether you want to explore the great outdoors, watch sports, or play roulette, among other hobbies, see to it that you’re giving yourself a breather from your seemingly heavy workload.  This way, you can learn to reestablish your priorities and ensure you get enough time for each. 

Moreover, while punctuality is an ingrained character for some people, this can also be learned through your side hustles. This is the ultimate green flag for recruiters, and you’ll likely get hired if you can commit to attending the office on time and completing all the assigned tasks right on the target deadline.

Strengthened Networking and Communication Skills

Regardless if your current job entails customer interaction, just being in a team of workers can help you develop strong interpersonal communication skills. 

If you get a sideline hustle that requires you to deal with clients, you can acquire a deep understanding and empathy towards other people, aside from those you’re working with. Good communicators are also good motivators and role models. With their presence in the workplace, rest assured team members will be more driven to work towards goals.

What’s more, communicating with supervisors and managers from your two jobs could help you improve valuable soft skills like active listening, verbal and non-verbal communication, adaptability/flexibility, and teamwork. 

Lastly, confidence comes with great communication skills. With self-confident employees, companies can guarantee positive brand perception. 

Increased Initiative and Drive

You unconsciously become proactive when juggling your time between two or more jobs. Working for different employers makes you move in a fast-paced environment. Thus, you will have no choice but to plan ahead to cope with multiple tasks strategically you must complete simultaneously.

Furthermore, you will be more thorough in the tasks you deliver, thus heightening your attention to detail. If you show these traits in the workplace, your employer will notice how you are willing to go above and beyond what they expect from you, making you a valuable asset in the company or organization.

Strong Work Ethic

Side hustlers are familiar with different work processes and systems. With such solid backgrounds with diverse setups, they know how to blend in, making them easy to approach and collaborate with. 


In addition, management doesn’t have to observe while they work because they know what they must deliver on time. The delegation of tasks doesn’t have to be so stressful for part-timers with admirable work ethics. 

Also, they are always willing to learn and ask questions. Because they have broad experience in multitasking, they know that seeking help and asking questions is essential to perform their tasks efficiently.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

There are side hustles that will allow you to gain entrepreneurial skills. For instance, if you’re hired as a part-time marketing staff, you will have first-hand experience with logistics, market research, and brand management can help you get a better view of what it’s like to manage a business. 

Additionally, dealing with clients can improve your customer service skills. This way, you can be flexible in handling different types of customers and provide the best service possible. 

Increased Productivity at Work

Research shows that part-time employees are more committed and productive than full-time workers. 

Side hustlers value their jobs greatly, especially if they’re given enough compensation and a healthy working environment. As a result, they tend to hit targets and continue exceeding what is expected from them. 

High Emotional Intelligence

Working for different bosses and work environments can help you manage your emotions well. It’s true that the more experience you have, the better team player you will be. 

You will learn different working styles and be able to adapt them so you can coexist harmoniously with fellow workers in the office, regardless if it’s virtual or physical. 

 In different environments, you can develop a strong relationship with colleagues and develop empathy which is an in-demand value sought from employees. 


Given that you only have limited time to dedicate to your side hustle, you must complete assignments within those periods. Because of the flexible time arrangement, you are aware of how many hours you have to finish specific tasks, and you will be motivated to get it done on time because you don’t want to sacrifice the rest of the day doing the job that was supposed to be done within paid working hours. With this, supervisors find it easy to assign tasks to side hustlers because of their commitment level.

Final Thoughts

To achieve a fair life-work balance, even with an extra job, you must ensure that you enjoy what you are doing and feel like the work is rewarding and not just exhausting. Before accepting a side hustle, be mentally and physically prepared. Also, showcase the best traits you have as an individual and commit to learning more once you’re hired.

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